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As higher temperatures
warm our atmosphere, they could have an unexpected consequence: more snow in some areas. And that’s because warming in the Arctic, might actually mean colder
winters for some of us. That’s right. Even though it may be very
cold and snowing in one area, the rest of the world,
particularly the Arctic, is warming at a steady rate. Global warming creates hotter air, which holds more moisture than cold air, meaning heavier precipitation in the form of intense rain or snow. Snow cover is the area
of land that is covered by accumulated snow at any given time. These giant white blankets reflect heat back into the atmosphere, regulating the Earth’s
surface temperature. And because sea ice is white,
it also serves this purpose. But when huge areas of sea
ice melt in the Arctic, darker patches of water are revealed. These dark patches absorb more sunlight and can cause further warming. This process is called
“Arctic amplification,” and the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth. Changes in the climate also
affect how much snow falls and influence the timing
of the winter snow season. Producing greenhouse gas
emissions is the main action we can do to limit global
warming to acceptable levels and reduce the occurrence
of extreme events and abrupt changes.

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  • I been going to the beach 4-5 times a year since I was born. I’m almost 36 and the ocean still looks the same at our dock. So someone’s lying or raising my peers on my dock..

  • So your saying more storms and less storms are signs of global warming? This is what counts as data analysis and Science?

  • All I hear is the teacher from Charlie Brown. "Wahh wahhhh waahh wah wahhhhhhh wah whaaa"

  • Warming causes more snow. Well here in south east VA. We must have had global cooling, because last winter we had not a flurry of snow all winter. But in 2017 we had about 24 inches during. So I wonder what that was.

  • It's getting warmer. So….get ready for more snow?
    This just in – Studies show women are seeing a rise in infertility. Get ready for more child births.
    Polls show Hillary has a 95% chance of winning the election….Get ready for 8 years of Trump.

  • Don't believe the hype. Just live your life and be a good the planner. We will come and go. The planner will survive.

  • climate was changing before man, will be changing after man…..

  • The warming they are talking about is the new taxes they want to levy on mankind, making us fuming mad, as you shovel more snow from your driveway.

  • Comedic Gold……..oh wait they're serious?

  • "Global Warming" after a while hit the question mark range..
    so the sheep followed words like "Climate Change"
    What next from deep state media of our once great nation?
    How about "Seasonal Changes" or "Weather Transformation"..
    Record rains, record droughts as dry as leather
    Guess what folks, that too is called weather.
    The rainy season is wet, The desert can't be drier
    Gore made billions from being a liar.
    Summer days in shorts just couldn't be better
    On cooler evenings we just may need a sweater. 
    Record winds, record snows, record highs record lows
    Record humidity ,record sleet & record precipitation..
    Oh how scary is this "Weather Transformation"
    Weather has been unpredictable for thousands of years
    But your Government wants you to buy into false fears…
    Yes, they want us afraid, every son and every daughter..
    LOL! A decade ago we were supposed to be under water
    Wake up people, do your homework, don't be SHEEP
    For the corrupt UN your tax money they will reap.
    Greta's forced & phony agenda make the believers look like jokes
    Sadly brain dead, idiots still don't know it's a HOAX. 
    Now the corrupt , political Pope comes up to bat
    Hoping to convince the same sheep that thought the world was flat.
    Yes record torrents of rain to winds light as a feather
    Four seasons bring joy and only YAHWEH calls the weather!
    Over 30,000 scientists say 'Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming' is a complete hoax and science lie

  • Let’s save the world

  • Welcome to the new era of the ice age

  • Total BS. We are in cooling phase due to the Grand Solar Minimum. Lies. lies, lies.

  • The video title is misleading because this is climate change not global warming

  • I’m tellin u , this shit is a natural occurrence

  • All those trillion dollars seaside investment deals: hahahahahahahahahahahaha…come stay on our islands and witness global warming firsthand for the next thousand years.

  • Solar minimum anyone

  • That’s how it works some places get more snow some places get dryer and hotter I knew this since a kid

  • There's a reason climate scientists are pushing towards using "global climate change" instead of "global warming." It's confusing, as the comments show.
    It's "warming" because the average global temperature is rising. But, as the video says, this can have varying effects on the micro (weather) scale. In some places drought, in some places heat, in some places snow, and in some places hurricanes. The climate is an incredibly complex system, so the effect of a global average temperature raise isn't so simple as every place getting hotter. But it does mean more extreme weather everywhere, whether that's heat or snow or otherwise.

  • In 1987 as NASA Scientist who completely believed in global warming predicted that the West Side Highway in Manhattan would be under water in 30 year. How are the row boat rentals going to NYC??? Been going to the beach in NC for 30 years, it is exactly where it was 30 years ago.

  • I can't wait to see all your faces in the future. We are doomed.

  • This video: "the more the artic melts, the more water vapor in the air, meaning more land mass getting snow"

    also this video: "the more snow, the more sunlight(heat) bounces off of it and back into space"

    ok i might sound like an ultra-retard for this, but anyone else smell something fishy abt this?

  • What a load of crap.

  • Yes the existential threat we face is dying from the cold caused by the warmth! GTFOH! We are not the dumb Greta!

  • Please eat your children, idiots

  • And the bullshit goes on ……….

  • Mr trump should watch this video..

  • Easy just ask them how the Great Lakes were created…
    Better yet ask them if they know about the scablands of southern Washington. Tell them global warming melted an ice damn that emptied a lake instantaneously. Tell them as the waters gushed out it ripped up chunks of earth the size of many city blocks. Tell them the canyon it created can be seen from space.
    Tell them had they been around during these times they would have been far more effective.

  • Literally makes no sense. This is all BS it’s the natural cycle of the earth.

  • Can't have it all possible ways, freaks

  • You idiot global warming drones=Just That…IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! A Few years back, you IDIOTS said our Grand Children would NEVER SEE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the SUN you IDIOTS as it's Called Grand Solar Minimum You Globalist Socialist Communist One World Gov. DRONES!!!!!!!! Get a Real Life You PUKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starve with the rest of the AOC's as No Crops Coming Your Way IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JMHO

  • “Global Warming “ has become unfalsifiable!!?

  • OMG! Global warming means more snow. At least the the polar bears will be happy. Will these idiots ever make up their minds? I'm guessing not.

  • Cold is warm…men are women…up is down. If you don't believe this you're a racist !

  • yeah we know black is white , up is down, left is right , college is not a scam , yes sir . Someone please tell Soros It's 2019 propaganda don't work no more

  • Where’s Noah? We need to build that Ark!!

  • Unexpected consequence means we throw $ and I mean hundreds of billions of $. No accountability with the $$$$!!! That's why climate change doesn't matter to me.

  • Science: can't predict the weather 3 days from now…or tomorrow…or today.
    Also Science: we are predicting the weather 12 years from now and also 50 years and 100 years from now…and we are Definitely absolutely right….and if you even remotely disagree with us we will have to banish you and your family's family for 3 generations…although we wont live that long because the world will end in 12 years…..bleep…bleep…repeat this message every 12 years, then mind wipe….bleep. Where am I?….how long has this been going on….? Beep….bleeeep! Oh, I feel better now. Thank you for letting me serve, master Hillary.

  • Shut u p maga 2020

  • Who’s ready for their wasteland adventure?!?!?!?????!!!!!! ??????

  • Nice attempt trying to explain the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum. Show me where scientists predicted this 10 or 20 years ago with the "settled science". It seems anytime the climate does the opposite of your predictions, you come up with a new reason to explain it. Let me remind you that Al Gore said my kids would never see snow.

  • Is it Gullible Warming or Primate Change?
    Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Apocalyptic Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Total Nonsense. Natural Orbital Cycles And Solar Cycles Has Controlled The Climate For 4.6 Billion Years And Will Continue To Do So!!! Stop The Doomsday Propaganda!!!

  • Oh my god!!!!! Not colder winters!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! ?

  • "We need nature, nature doesn't need us."

  • Yeah, but Antarctica is gaining ice and global warming won't necessarily translate to more snow as a whole. The whole thing about more snow, is just more precipitation due to increased temperatures. They use the word snow to make it more controversial and newsworthy, as areas still below 0C, but warmer than the past will have increased precipitation. since snow will still fall, you will see more snow, as it will be warmer out, but not quite warm enough for rain. Global warming exists, but they are misleading and leaving out crucial information about it. Arctic is melting yes, but Antarctica is gaining ice (at a slower rate than the arctic melting I think) Not to mention largest sources of pollution in general are places like India, China, Indonesia, Philippines. CO2 emissions don't even necessarily correlate with higher global temperatures anyhow, so I'm not quite sure why this is still being told. During the Cretaceous period CO2 was at 1700 ppm (today its around 415), average global temp was 18C, now its 14.9. During the Jurassic CO2 was 1950ppm, yet mean global temp was 17C, 1 degree less than the Cretaceous, but yet had 250ppm more CO2 than Cretaceous.

    I highly doubt reducing CO2 emissions in half would have any significant effect on global warming tbh. Focus on pollution of the oceans and such, that's significantly more important than CO2 emissions from just a health and environment standpoint.

  • Sorry to make another comment on the SAME video…but, holy #$%!……practically NONe of this is based on facts or science!!! Craziness! I mean, where are they getting this stuff from?! Snow and ice reflects the sun and makes the Earth cooler, but dark patches of ocean make world hot….this makes more snow…..becuassseee… duuuhh…ummm… we play more ominous music and talk about how we need to cut greenhouse gasssssss….uuuughggh… My goodness….really?!! I made a flowchart based on this video to try and make some sense of their logic…….and it looked like my youngest eating her 1st bowl of spaghetti…and made about as much sense.

  • Good more snow days!!!

  • STFU already!

  • I'll worry about this The Day After Tomorrow ?

  • Temperatures are normal today and CO2 levels are historically LOW even with our emissions. Remember that hole in the ozone layer? Hmm they must've forgotten about that once is started shrinking back.

  • I've been waiting to die for awhile, how do we speed this up?

  • If the world is gonna end you can find me at mcdonalds stuffing my stomach with food. Especially the fries.

  • Sweet! Maybe I'll get more snow where I live in Texas. Cooler summers would nice too.

  • Just stopped in to down vote. Biyeeeeee

  • Global warming COULD bring more snow, but it COULD also bring less snow.

  • why would global warming bring snow, how dumb can you be , it would bring rain

  • Ok, so you just re-explained global warming but didn't explain why other areas will be getting colder. Click bait af

  • We r already seeing snow now lol I'm in denver

  • yay more snow finally it was mad hot in ny last year

  • Bullshit Fake News!!

  • yawn……….

  • not scared.. got new snowblower and big old diesel tractor to run it.

  • I swear all these people be worrying while I’m just here looking forward to starting my wasteland adventure.

  • USA Today: notice thumb down ratio. Take your heads out of your ass.

  • bullshit and fear…this is the perfect example of these shitbags trying to explain away the reality that "global warming" is a big fat lie. Nothing more than a money-grab by governments. It is a never-ending scam and they all see it as a way to tax and redistribute. Massive scam.


  • BAN DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE! A greenhouse gas responsible for the deaths of thousands of people a year!

  • Surface temp of all planets has gone up on same scale as earth. Your seperated recycled plastic is a mountain in Malaysia. Stop falling for it

  • Thankfully, we aren't going into another Ice Age. Many good Scientist do not agree with the gloablist Scientist, and can't get their side of persuasion heard. Others follow the money trail. ?????


  • So, everything is normal. Thanks.

  • Only fools that can’t think their way out of a shoelace knot believes that the earth is warming up. We’ve had more snow in more states in the first week of October here in the USA. Fools.

  • Even if the world does end due to global warming, most of us will probably have been dead by then. Rip my grandson lol

  • Looking at the comments, it appears America's education system has failed for the vast majority. It's ok though, the reactions when their house is consumed by sea if they live by the coast, or burned down by a forest fire as the forest die-offs will be priceless. I just hope I can get myself into some vault or the remaining land, so I don't have to become a climate refugee.

  • Lololol the sign saying, the end is near. The end is near!!! Repent check your carbon, the end is near! Pffft been hearing this for over 60 years. Begone!

  • Eat the babies!

  • Give me a break.

  • This propaganda is crap, they are getting lazy. Your going to have to do better than that to trick dumb people into accepting a carbon tax.

  • So you're saying the glaciers are migrating.. who cares

  • Everyone knows the climate-change fear mongers are political dupes of the Globalists.

  • My question is. How do you know this so good?! Where do you get this information Vox?! I’m amazed

  • I don't believe anything regarding global warming anymore. Iy just feels like a ploy to control the population.

  • Funny how sophisticated science believers reject basic biology.

  • Maybe while the artic gets warmer people can move there and get away from climate change activists.see there’s a bright side to everything

  • American Government just keep doing chemtrails so then ya unbalance the weather even more in the U.S. …

  • Cast your minds back in time to a place where you actually read books and one of them was Geology 101.
    Remember ?? Billions of years. Ice- Thaw- Temperate, Hot, Hotter, Start over. One time it rained for 200 (?)thousand years . Sometimes the ice was a thousand feet thick.
    Not opinion, but scientific facts. Sure as heck not the crap we are all arguing about now.
    Want to help cool the planet ? Stop blowing smoke up our A'" !

  • Eat the Babies! Lol

  • Why did they the scientists nuke the ozone back in the 50s?

  • The humans in this posting section are very ignorant.
    They prove they have no ability to think. They only parrot what has ben told to them. This proves how trump got elected.

  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: the obvious evidence that the global warmin… err… climate change agenda is trying to trick us (i.e. "warming" is actually "cooling") is just your imagination!

  • Thought mo moisture meant longa summas?

  • But trump say's it's fake, sorry world we are outnumbered by idiot's.

  • 12 years!! WE F !!!! SO why would OBAMA buy a BEACH HOUSE???

  • Muh melted sea ice

  • But y'all too busy looking at FB

  • Time to revisit scifi and deploy solar shields to block the sun light and heat in the arctic refreeze the ice caps. Then rebuild the surrounding cap with picreate

  • Wow. Reading these comments makes me glad I live in Japan where people aren't stupid. Glad to be out of the US, for fuck's sake you people are idiots. Good thing I can still vote in US elections from here! P.S. the rest of the world hates the US. Have fun ignoring science and sucking Trump's tiny mushroom dick.

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