Global warming speech in english for climate change speech best speech for environment Vidhi Patel

Good morning sir, good morning madam I’m Vidhi and we are going to present a model of melting of glaciers due to global warming. as you can see that, this is the Sun there are mainly 3 types of rays coming from the Sun ultra violet rays, infrared rays and white light rays ultra violet rays are very harmful to us and absorb by the ozon layer infra red rays and white rays come towards the Earth they have to pass through the layer of atmosphere which is made up of different gases like nitrogen, oxygen and other green house gases like carbon dioxide methane etc. when these rays pass through the layer of atmosphere they can come in but can not go out 75% of100 are absorbed by the Earth and 25% are reflected back to the sky but they are trapped and the normal temperature of the Earth is maintained but now these days there is much air pollution and much gases are releasing and the density of layer of atmosphere is increasing and more rays are trapped inside and the temperature of the Earth is increasing. this increasing in the temperature due to gases is called global warming Now Fanil will speak thank you so with the help of this model we want to create awareness for this major upcoming problem of global warming we are trying to convey that our Earth is crying please stop air pollution please save our Earth and minimize this problem otherwise it will dominate us and take our lives Thank You

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