Global Warming: Welcome to our New Normal !

last night I was up half the night as
the who were were being lifted up out of the
ice as the ice it yet we get three inches of ice now
all around the boat and and it got down to two degrees we could
not hold the temperature in our little bedroom which you know
where got you the couple the like to electric heaters
running and we cannot hold the temperature about 55 last night or both maybe it was even in the high 40s low
50s and solution I like under the you know
feather comforter call around each other tribe for body
heat and both cats there two or three cats came in atwood typically don’t like each other don’t
hang out with each other right on top of us and right on top of each other i mean it
was like it was a to cat night and but it was it’s interesting because everybody in
the marina we were all talking about this over the last week or so he when it
gets down to 0 fahrenheit we never seen that before I mean it nobody alive today as ever
seen 0-for-9 Washington DC and nobody is ever lived in this marina has ever seen
0 for Android and even though my boats 30 years old
it’s never seen 0-for-9 so we were really concerned you know well the docs
hold up will the will the billable the holes you know get damaged willed their water
pipes freeze wilbur you know what how bad is it gonna get
are we can exceed the power capacity at the doc and all that was my big concern was all
night I kept I kept be listening to make sure that a
the water was running so that you know it didn’t freeze up and be that the electric fans ron has the power does go down there typically a
couple times a day for a few minutes at a time because
there’s this ground fault interrupters whenever anybody plug something new into
their boat it blows the whole doc and then
everybody’s gotta run out to the thing at reset the Breakers and and but when it goes so when I go and when it
goes down it’s like that but gets so cold so fast and we have but we’ve we bought apps these two by two foot squares love
38 this bubble wrap and we’ve got it on all the windows
taped on it’s like with insulated the the boat
but it still it’s like its sure zero degrees this is nuts but you know we met were making it
through but the the the thing is that astonishes me is that nobody is talking about and it mark my words 34 years from now you’re going to be here in this in the
press constantly because it’s going to become conventional wisdom right now it’s cutting-edge science and
so you read about the science journals but nobody’s talking about in the
mainstream media it’s also not be so I’m on the
mainstream media because the Koch brothers are making Republican lawmakers
sign pledges and things are at least the Koch
brothers front group this is caused by global warming I think it’s so ironic I was thinking
about this as I was walking up to the up to the street today freezing my butt
off it is so cold that why our building just shook that’s
amazing this is the demolition that they do next
or nom I just struck me that they the cold is the consequence %uh our burning
fossil fuels to stay warm I think the irony for that have that for
a moment we’ve we have been burning fossil fuels
since colonel Drake discovered you know the first commercial oil well
known as states in eighteen 65 in Titusville Pennsylvania from that time until now we’ve burned
three hundred and some odd nearly $400 billion tonnes I’ve fossil fuel and put that much
carbon into the atmosphere which is a mind-boggling amount and we
did a lot of it to stay warm and what that is doing is breaking down
the jet stream this river a pair that circles the at
like the Arctic Ocean that jet stream that used to keep the
cold air up in the far north that’s breaking down
cuz it’s warming up and it does have the the cold rigidity that used to
have and it’s allowing this cold air to just
spill all the way down to Florida this is going to be mark my words is
gonna be the new normal called was you know weird an exception
you can start seeing it every year every other year every third
year we’re gonna have these kinds of winters and we need to be adapting to them and
getting ready for them because this is what climate change looks like and the irony that for a hundred and fifty years the
human race has been keeping yourself warm by burning fossil fuels and as a
consequence that at least in the northern hemisphere were now being frozen because and and then the other terrible side effect of this
is that when arctic air comes all the way this far south well as a helluva lotta he’d still
trapped in the ground that he radiates out of the ground into the air that air goes back up to the Arctic
warmer now and speeds up the rate at which the
Arctic is melting which speeds up the rate at which the jet stream breaks down which speeds up the rate at which this
kinda weather becomes normal which is not a good thing it’s really amazing it’s really amazing how we are we have
terror formed our plan and I mean you know we’ve we all know
we’ve done that with agriculture and things but now we got with a client what are we gonna do next

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  • If people can see the truth theough all the lies, i have no hope for humanity.

  • people should stop breeding so that there are fewer bodies to warm.

    im serious. stop having babies. breeders are assholes. adopt instead.

  • Tom lives on a boat?

  • Your boat is sitting in the middle of an enormous heat-sink, – a river, bay, or lake. Of course you can't stay warm. I don't suppose boat hulls are insulated like house walls either. Good luck. Of course maybe you can take that little craft down to the Caribbean waters. that's something I can't do with my condo :-).

  • Last night was 3deg in NC. Never saw it so cold in central NC either. So, last night was a 3 dog (or 2 cat)  night? How about all the chem-trailing adding particulate matter to the atmosphere? Sometimes our skies look like a tic-tac-toe board when the pilots get bored. Stop loading the air with  Chem-trail particulates first.
     We've had mini-ice ages before. 1600's. The Dutch canals haven't frozen over in our lifetime, but Hans Brinker used to skate on them with his silver skates. Looks like it's mini-ice age time again. It's a natural (albeit uncomfortable) cycle

  • yall might need to get a room for the weekend if it gets too cold on the boat

  • Is Thom Hartman retarded or is the US population?!?! WAR IS PEACE TOO I SUPPOSE.! Holy sh*t are people REALLY STUPID enough to buy these OBVIOUS LIES???_ God help us if people continue to buy these lies! Al gore said by now SNOW STORMS WOUL BE A THING OF THE PAST, Thom you lying piece of crap!

  • Great points on climate, Thom!  

  • It's better to say: Climate Change… or climate weirding. I think Naomi Klein coined the term climate weirding. It means extreme temps in the winter and summer.

  • Greetings from +8C Russia! What a world we live in…

  • So, is the earth getting hotter or colder or both, or neither?

  • "Sniff…sniff…I can't stay warm on my yacht…sob…sob." What a hypocritical, fatuous little pencil-necked gasbag. Global warming causes record cold temperatures? What's this genius's next claim – that Helen Keller flew one of the planes that hit the WTC on 9/11?

  • What an idiot.  It got so warm it is cold.  There is no end the the human caused GW lunacy.

  • Sounds like just another localised weather event, nothing new about that. Today, increased media coverage just makes them appear more frequent nowadays and often produces hype which makes them sound unusual, much like the toxic anthropogenic global warming hype.

  • ► More on the Polar Vortex:

  • Just wait until Trump's Global Warming comes back with a vengeance next summer.

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