Go on to make a difference – College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Bangor University

in the words of Sir David Attenborough we are facing the man-made disaster of global scale climate change habitat loss pollution and falling insect numbers threatened the collapse of civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world plastic pollution in every River and ocean contaminate our food and kill hundreds of thousands of sea birds and animals every year greenhouse gas emissions are rising in the last 30 years we’ve lost rainforest areas the size of South Africa which are vital for trapping and storing excess carbon but it doesn’t have to be like this with white knowledge we can make a difference with the voice research we can plan another future for our planet and at Bangor University you can play your part in doing just that by studying the potential of waves and tides for offshore renewable energy aboard our university research vessel by researching honeybee behavior and habitat restoration techniques at our university farm and reintroducing native species to improve pollination by using Internet connected devices to guide action on air pollution and emissions nitrate levels soil quality and solar energy that’s why I chose to study at school of ocean sciences of Natural Sciences of computer science and electronic engineering at buying a university in North Wales discover more about living and learning between the sea and the mountains register for Nova open days today and go on to make a difference you

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