Green Tech Future | Environmental Education in Schools

We live in a time when confusion abounds. Clean is an often misused term. Climate change is denounced as a hoax. Our environmental protections are being stripped away. And education is being crushed. Nobody is creating a future for clean tech
or environmentalism in general. So we have to create that future ourselves. I’m all about better lead generation, boosting revenue, and growing your business. But there’s more to it. This is Fuelblue. Let’s face it, clean, green, sustainable
– these are not always the cheapest or easiest choices your prospects have. You and I may have a passion for the planet,
the environment, and the positive impact that clean tech can have for all. But not everybody does. Your prospects and customers need to see how
what you do can benefit their bottom line. And they need to see you as the leader in
your industry. Most of what I do here at Fuelblue is about
crafting a message that resonates with your audience, and creating content that elevates
your brand awareness. While you certainly need leads and customers
today, the continued success of your company depends on us creating a social and political
environment for the future. Your company will need future leaders, future employees, future partners, and future customers. Part of my mission has always been to work
to build that future To foster a new generation of master stewards
of our one and only planet Earth. I produce a TV show designed to teach kids
about our current environmental issues, and empower them to be a part of the solution,
right now, at home and at school. A few years ago, my team and I developed 12
original episodes of my show. Planet Bonehead is currently streaming into
classrooms across the United States and Canada through my distribution partners at Learn
360 and Safari Montage. They’re like Netflix for schools. Each episode tackles an important issue, helping
kids understand the facts without the doom and gloom normally attached to the environment. We introduce the kids to an organization that
is working to solve the problem, and give them ideas for how they can be an active part
of the solution themselves. Today, I am looking for clean tech companies
that want to make video documentaries of your own environmental activity – whether it’s
the work you do for your clients, or green initiatives within your organization. I want to showcase your issue, and your work to solve it. I can’t do this myself. I can bring my talents into the mix to create the episode, and distribute it to the Planet Bonehead audience. But the story, and the empowering actions
kids can take to become part of the solution themselves – that comes from your great work. And of course you’ll have full access to
the episode to share with your own audience. This isn’t exactly cut and dry like digital
marketing or content marketing. But I’ll tell you this. Your brand is what people think of you. And sometimes it’s the non-marketing activity
that does the most to boost your brand awareness, or your credibility within your industry. By adding your expertise to improve education,
and the national discussion around environmentalism in general, you will boost your standing in
your industry and your community. If you’re interested in learning more about
what I’m doing with Planet Bonehead, and the part you can play as an advocate for environmental
education, call me or use the form below to get in touch. Thanks for watching.

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