– All right, now you can see we’re inside. The garage door is now closed. (peaceful music) (scraping) Here’s the problem. This is seven feet. We didn’t cut it. We didn’t break anything. Now we gotta regroup. Figure out. Hopefully I don’t fall
with this camera, here. (electronic music) What’s up fishtank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you. On a Sunday, baby, how’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, I’m
gonna give you a little bit of greenhouse update. But I’m gonna do it kinda Rachel Leary. She has A Day in the Life of a Fish Pimp. This is a Day in the Life of
the Greenhouse Gimp, Dustin. As I approach the 30 days to finish mark with greenhouse 2.0. So today I’m just gonna have
you all roll around with me, and I’m gonna talk through all about the twenty different projects
that I have going on at greenhouse 2.0. As I’m trying to get that sucker finished before the end of May. First, I wanna make a
quick note for you all on how this is going down for me. From like, an emotional, if
you will woo-woo standpoint. There’s a fabulous book by my
man Seth Godin called The Dip. Here’s how the dip works. The dip works like this. It’s a big, giant dip. And I’ve talked about this before. And here’s you with your new idea. And you’re like, “Oh man! I’m so excited. I’m gonna get a new greenhouse, bro”. And you’re like, “Yeah, it’s
cool. It’s gonna be awesome. Oh my god”. Or whatever idea it is. Doesn’t have to be a greenhouse. It can be a new fish tank. New relationship. New, new whatever. Something, something you’re gonna do. Something that you, you’re
like, I’m gonna go do this. That’s the idea. And you’re all excited. And you go through the
trials and tribulations and you come down through here. Okay? And then over here is the victory. The W. The win if you will,
when it’s finally done. But you have to go through
something that sucks before it’s going to be good. Nothing good ever came easy. It’s going to be terrible
before it’s awesome. Right now, Dusty is like, right here. Okay. And I’m starting to like smile. I grind my teeth at night. I actually had to get a bite guard so I didn’t gnaw on my teeth. I was so stressed about it. I was petrified to death that my hair was falling out and going gray. I had to shave it awhile back. It’s not, thank god. But, I was freaking out. I was going through a
hard part, all right? And I want to tell you all,
that that is part of the game. If you want something, you have to go through something that sucks. That’s why I haven’t been
making as many videos. That’s why I haven’t been
making as long of videos. Because I have what’s called focus. Follow one course until successful. I have one thing I’m trying to get done. Okay? One thing. I go back to all the videos. I’ve been doing videos since 2009. That’s not a problem. Right now, we follow one
course until we’re successful and I’m gonna show you the
course that I’m on right now because I’m getting close and it’s really starting to taste good. Come with me. Let’s do it. Now you’ll notice I’m leaving the house to head to greenhouse 2.0
with this cup of coffee that’s overly feminine looking that I use. Brought it for my wife,
put a big dent in it, so now it’s mine, ’cause I’m hard on stuff,
but I’m getting out of here. Notice, before I went for a run, but now I went I took a shower. I feel like a million bucks. I’m popping in my beautiful van, that somebody actually
ran into the other day. Now I’m dressed up. I got a college shirt on. I work for myself. I can wear whatever I want. I could wear like, one
of the five thousand fishtank shirts I have. I could wear a Jungle Val
liked it from behind shirt. I could wear the quarter koi shirt. I am choosing to wear a college shirt. Why is that? It’s simple. It’s self motivation. I feel more motivated. I’m ready to work. I’m in work mode. I’m going to work. Okay, I had a boss back in the day. Love the man. He’s a mentor of mine. If you don’t know what a mentor is, a mentor is somebody who is
better at something than you, or somebody that you go to for advice. He was my old boss. I’m still friends with him. He goes, “Dustin, I
want you wearing suits”. This is back in the suit and tie rap that’s cleaner than a bar of soap selling phones days about six years ago. And he goes, “I want you
wearing suits, dude”. I’m like, “Why do you want
me wearing suits, man? You don’t make everybody else wear suits”. And he goes, “You’re
different. Be different”. And I took that to heart. And the next year, the second
year with that company, I sold a million dollars worth of phones and left all the veteran sales guys like, wondering with their heads
spinning with their pants down around their ankles ’cause the
young rookie smoked them all. So there is something
psychological about dressing up. I could dress like a bum. Now, I am wearing shorts
’cause I’m about to get into a hot greenhouse, but regardless. I’m dressed up. I’m on my commute to work. Now, it’s about couple minutes til 9:00. I have to get about 50 different
people in line right now. So time is money when it comes
to mine, take it in blood. So what I’m gonna do is this, I’m gonna make a million
different phone calls to a million different people to make sure they are getting done what I need done. And I’m hitting them up early, not late, early in the day to make sure that what I need done is going on. Here’s how it goes. Banks Engineering Nicholasville, Kentucky. Engineer’s owe me prints for the concrete, which we’re gonna talk about later, you gotta have prints to do it right. – [Phone Operator] Banks Engineering? – You gotta spend every
waking minute of your day doing something to move
you towards your direction. Yes I’m driving, I’m making a video, and a call at the same time. She’s on mute. She can’t hear that. Step one. Now I gotta call the concrete guy. Hey I wanted to give you an update, boss. I’m picking up those prints
from Banks Engineering for the concrete. The drain, Charlie put
the drain in yesterday. So we’re good to go. I know you’re doing other stuff. I just wanted to let you know, I should have everything for you. – [Concrete Man] All right, Dustin. – Appreciate you. – [Concrete Man] All right. Bye, thanks. – [Concrete Man] Bye. – Talking to this. Talking to you. All right, so. Now, what he doesn’t know,
and you’re about to know, is there’s things that he gotta redo. To Jessamine County. And in the five seconds that
the camera has been off, I got a call from my plumber. The plumber is trying to connect the lines from my toilet urinal, everything into my holding tank, but they need gravel. Luckily I’m a master at gravel
and I got 57’s out there boy. I got them 57’s, gonna pour them round that
there septic tank there we’re gonna get that thing done. We gonna get that thing fixed, gonna be taking that pisses
in that urinal, yeah. I’m just gonna be real with ya this is the part that never gets old. Turn on to old Law La Fair Road here, and we look over yonder, and we can see the greenhouse over there part way open. Roll up in here. Andrew’s already here on point, ready to rock. The big guns ready for you all. Insulation, my man here is supposedly coming down here at some point. But first things first man. Gotta open up the vents. Look at the temperature in here though. Nine o’clock, ninety
degrees, nine o’clock. Here’s the fun part about it. In the aquarium system here, there’s a thermometer somewhere. You think we can we grow plants in here? That, coming along nice. Oh, here it is. ninety degrees in here. Water temp, 75. Perfect. We’re still working on the lines work to get everything going. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Open. (heavenly music) Alright, check out this walk. While I was at Aquashella, bro. I decided to let the concrete guys go ahead and keep
moving on the concrete. So they made this wonderful walk. Come closer, this walk is amazing. It’s beautiful brush concrete. It is seven feet wide
here, five feet wide there. There’s handicap access
available right there. There’s supposed to be certain width which is a problem down
which I’m gonna talk about. I absolutely love this walk. I wasn’t here on site
when they built this walk, but I wanna show you all
something that I’m learning. The negative thing is right
here, here’s the positive. This is geenhouse 2.0. This is where greenhouse
2.1 is going to be. Notice how the sidewalk comes back here. I’m gonna have a pier just
like that one right there. It’s gonna go right about here. And then I’m gonna have another one. It’s gonna go, what I got,
three or four of them. Well, I’ll have one, two, three of them. The last one will be
right here on the end. So I made the sidewalk, knowing that I’m gonna eventually build another spot right here. So here’s the bad part. Here’s the rub. If you take this right
here, this is seven feet. A little over seven feet right here. And you lift this up. Handicap access, and
the initial pole on ramp is supposed to be, for
every, for every foot, a quarter of an inch. 1.75 inches, here’s the problem. This is seven feet. If I raise this up to level right here, this slope is (mimicking excitement sound) five and a half inches, which
is not gonna work ’cause it’s supposed to be down here,
with a very very slight slope. Now look, I wouldn’t have caught that if had a been on site. I woulda asked, probably asked Poppy and he probably would’ve caught it. This has to be ripped
up for handicap access. It’s worse. Watch this. Here’s the problem. We poured this big beautiful walk, but I’m talking to Mark yesterday, and he’s like, “Yeah man”. He’s like, “That’s not gonna work as far as pouring in the driveway.” So I was like, “Well dude,
let’s just skip it and whatever, and we can just build a little ramp here.” And I was thinking, we’d
build a ramp from here down and have a little slope that way. I hire him because he is
a subject matter expert. I was trying to gettily
fix it, if you will. And he was like, “Dude,” he goes “It ain’t gonna look right.” And I said, “What do you mean?” Step back here, I’ll show ya. I’m looking at it too close. He told me, he goes “Think
about it from a whole hundred foot long thing. They’re gonna have this
hundred feet of concrete that goes up and makes a nice
little curve against that walk and then up here you’re gonna have some shwill looking thing that goes up here. And then you drive over the walk.” So, we’re gonna rip out the
handicap access over there and we’re gonna rip out some of this when we finally pour this
entire thing in concrete. Now, let’s talk about something you all might be slightly interested in. We’re gonna talk about water. We’re not gonna talk about
water in aquariums, just yet. We’re gonna talk about where all the water on this property goes to. Water and storm water management
is a big deal apparently. Apparently, it also
costs about nine grand. Let me show you what’s going on. Over here is a drain. This is put in by my neighbor Charlie. Came out here the other day and he was actually just
carrying a bunch of rocks onto the property to get this done. Here’s the rub. There’s the drain. Everything from the
parking lot is supposed to go to that there drain. That’s not an issue. “Why are you dressed up in angry Dustin?” I’ll tell you my water fishtank people because life sometimes has winters, and I thought I was in the spring. But everything comes and things happen. And you just can’t control
the new construction. I’m dressed up and I’ve
been on point all day and I’m still on point
but I want to show you some of the drama that is involved in new construction and it goes like this. I got drop ten G’s on a
drain, to drain the property. That’s all good. See that white pipe right there. That’s where the electric line was. That was the first thing I did and I was proud of myself I
actually got it in on my own. Well, come to find out, that red line, right there that red
line and that orange line go together and over here
where I’m supposed to put this ginormous humongous
head wall at the end of that blue stake over there, is gonna sit directly on
top of the electric line. So it’s not going to work. So I’m in the, hey, I’m gonna stop and think about it stage. Well then my man, neighbor,
Charlie, who is cool as heck, was like, “Yeah, we just gotta
stop and think about it.” But he definitely found the electric line. We didn’t cut it. We didn’t break anything. Now we gotta regroup. Figure out, oh I was gonna fall
and break this camera here. This is where the head
wall is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be three feet below that. So I gotta get this thing dug way out and grade all this down. There’s my septic tank and
there’s the electric line. So, we have our wires
crossed, so to speak, crossing a wire. But, you know what, that what is not true, makes you stronger. Next time, I built the
greenhouse behind there and the other one behind there and the other one over there. It’ll be just fine. Right now, it’s tough. Now, here’s the good news. Instead or rerouting, digging
up, undoing, reinspecting, reburying the whole deal
with the electric design, we just moved this box. So now, I’ve got this massive, what is it, water output, I don’t know. It cost me about nine grand. So now everything that
runs from my parking lot, the water will run out
the back of my property. While you guys, in the five
seconds, I wasn’t on camera, my wonderful plumber guys, over here, found my internet line. To be fair, Spectrum which is not really worth anything came out. They moved internet line
from where they marked it and they didn’t mark it. So it’s not a hundred
percent they’re fault. He hit it, nicked it. Luckily he didn’t kill the internet. So actually do still have internet. But he definitely blasted the internet lines, five
seconds ago off camera. It’s not even nine-thirty yet. Go out of town, everything goes. You’re okay Rob. You’re the guy I trust with the plumbing. What happened? – [Robert] Uh nothing,
it’s just not my standard. – All right now you can see
we’re inside the garage door is now closed. This is still open. This is all just natural
daylight coming in. Shout out to my man, Meyers Spence, for the idea of doing the roof, with the skylights, whatever. You can see how I gettily
put cardboard in there because when there’s a
high wind those actually go {motor noise} make this awful sound. All right, so you all
want this to be done, over the internet, the
revolution must be televised and it must be televised
over high speed internet. So, you can see, they just
nicked the cable outside and luckily it is still running. We have a hundred twenty megs
of internet in this property. This is my tiny little office in here. It’ll work though and notice, it’s quiet. Roll in here. I do not want to sit down where
anybody has peed on a toilet seat which is why there is a urinal here. There’s a toilet here. There’s a drain in the floor
so we can easily clean up any messes that are made. Roll around here. This is the pack out area
where all the packages, Josh and Ryan, will be hanging out. Plenty of outlets, quad, quad, quad, quad. In here is the oversized Atria AC unit. So in line water, here, here. RPV valve right here. I wanted to have water out
the back of the building. I’ve got water out the back right there. And then all that hot water will run here. Like Robert said, he could of, he would have done it
differently with a ninety. But whatever, it’s here. You walk around this way. I have hot water here. What’s fun is that before
the concrete slab was laid, I ran pipes from this one
to that one, from this one to that one, from that one to this one. These are all connected. So all I gotta do is turn
the hot water on here and I can run it over to
here and I can pipe it that way or this way or that
way or whatever which way, Dusty wants to go. Now let’s talk about the
Wadsworth Control unit. I do not, again, you
have to spend the money, in your aquariums to
make it easy on yourself and you have to spend
money up front to make sure I have hot water lines ran
everywhere, in line water. You’re on demand. I’ve got this over-priced
Wadsworth unit that is yet to impress me but is yet
to really be hooked up. So what I will do is I’ll
automate all the vents and everything. So while I’m standing
here if it hits above a a certain set point and everything will open, close, what have you. So I’m excited to see how the water is gonna work. That’s where we are with the greenhouse. Oh by the way, I’m growing the heck out of some plants in here. The plant growth that we’re pulling out of here is absolutely unbelievable. We’re pretty low on
plants, right now actually. But you can see all the
swords are coming out with just massive roots on
them, new underwater growth. I’m super duper jacked
about the way everything has been growing in here. Here’s a Red Tiger Lotus. We sell a ridiculous amount
of bulb and or plants and then I’ve got a couple of stems of the Triple Red, the
Triple Red Ludwigia. That’s just totally popping. I have to give a shout out to our friends at Fluval with this. I’m gonna do a full video on this. But this is what I believe
is and SP-6 pump down here. I’ve actually got it sitting in this basin right, it’s in this basin and then I’ve got it pulling through a screen. This is the most brilliant
pump like it just {water moving} You can go up there, you can feel, kind of like, the water flow. I’m actually gonna put
that piece back on there and it sucks everything and
I absolutely love this pump. It has a thermal kill switch on it which is super important. You wouldn’t think it
would be that important. But, see how it’s kind
of whirling right here, see how it’s got that it’s got that little tornado effect right there. What happens when it gets too low and I’ve done it because when I was building this system, I actually ran this too low. It got too hot. It kicked off. Think about that for a minute. Dustin’s out of town, all of a sudden, the water level drops,
one of these breaks, something happens. I’m gonna talk more about
this just in the lab early. But the thermal kick off on it, kicks off, that way I
didn’t kill the pump. So when the water level got too low, and the pump got too
hot, it automatically, knew to kick off. I’m going to be using these pumps pretty much exclusively on this system. We’re also about to build another system and they’re what I’m using
in all three of the systems that I have. at greenhouse 1.0 today, Oh by the way, Monday, Tuesday,
and Wednesday of next week, we officially move in to this greenhouse. Yes, you’re boy D is busy. Everybody have an awesome week. I’m headed to the Aquatic
Artist Convention. Gonna have a great time. I will not be there. My daughter’s birthday
was actually yesterday. You don’t get those birthday’s back. She’s turning eight and
she’s a total sweetheart and a complete nut. Everybody make an awesome week. Next time, life.

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  • Mate they opening of the vents nearly made me hard she’s sexy baby ugh

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