Growbox® plant cocoon anti desertification plantation in Baja California Mexico

We’re here in Baja California, Mexico, where we planted in January 2016 10 Growboxx® plant cocoons with 5 Mezquites and 5 Cypress (Mezquites are var. Prospopis). We only gave water while we were planting, for the rest they never got any maintenance. Look how extremely hot it was here, this year. It’s now September 2017, only a month ago the whole area was burning. We were very lucky to find that our trees have not died. So with this video we demonstrate that no matter how hot is, you can always plant with the Growboxx® plant cocoon. This is a Prosopis. This is a Cypress. The trees have been planted with a length of about 25-30 cms. Most of them are now almost 1 meter and they look very healthy Although you can see, that the fire came up to about 2 meters of our trees. And of course there was some damage, because it was so hot, some trees even burned. Here is a Cypress that suffered. On one side it’s burned, but the other side is still green. It’s incredible how resistant the trees get. if you don’t give water artificially, but they have to find it themselves, which is the basic thing of the Groasis Technology, when we plant trees. After the planting one of the trees was attacked by a gopher. This is an animal that lives below the soil, and it eats the roots. We left the tree in order to demonstrate what happens, if that happens. Also to give more credibility to our video. This is again a Mezquite, it is almost more than 1 meter. Another Mezquite. And at last we have a beautiful Cypress. The Cypress really was very close to the fire. It’s amazing that it was so strong, that it didn’t suffer. The Growboxx® is still in good shape, and of course when it rains, it even still catches the rain. Look what happens if the tree is healthy, and survives with a good root system. This is the result of using the Growboxx® plant cocoon. It is now for sale and I hope that you are happy using it. if you want to avoid using drip irrigation. Thank you very much, this is Pieter Hoff from Baja California, Mexico.

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