GWPF TV – Extreme Weather Events & Global Warming: How Good Is The Evidence? (short version)

We’ve heard a lot about extreme events in recent years. Across the globe… … cataclysmic weather events are occurring with such regularity… … that it’s being called a new normal. But there’s nothing normal about it. Dirty energy has created a world of dirty weather. So what’s the evidence? Is extreme
weather becoming the ‘new normal’? According to some climate predictions, as our planet warms due to… …accumulating greenhouse gasses… … the number and intensity extreme weather
events will increase. Some believe it’s already happening and
that the heat waves and storms we’ve seen recently… … are occurring more often. I think what we’re seeing happening just… …in these last few years seems to be very
consistent with what the models are… … projecting for the end of the century. According to some scientists like Professor Jennifer Francis… … of Rutgers University, it’s already happening. But there are other views. Dr. Roger PielkeJr. of the University of Colorado… … says there hasn’t been a recent change
in extreme weather events. There are no upwards trends in the
number of tropical cyclones… … of which hurricanes are a subset… … drought… … in the United States or globally… … floods… … again in the United States or globally… … or tornadoes. The science of extreme events and
trends… …is among the the least complicated
you’ll find in climate science… … because phenomenon
like hurricanes are big. You don’t miss them when they
occur. And they are rare events. So there’s not a lot to count. It’s going to be many decades… … maybe centuries before we actually can
detect… … according to the IPCC definition of
detection… … a change in statistics of these events. Well you’re right, there are different views
on that. The problem is that before we had
satellite information… … it was difficult to know for sure… whether we had records of all the hurricanes that actually occurred… … because unless it hit a ship… … or there was somebody there to measure it before a satellite could see it… … then it might have gone undetected. So what’s going on? Are strong hurricanes on the increase? In 2012 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change… ….issued its report on extreme weather
events, and concluded… … that apart from warmer days and
increased extreme precipitation… … there’s no evidence of hurricanes, storms
tornadoes and floods occurring more frequently. But it seems that many are accepting
speculation as fact… … assuming that extreme events are
more common… … and linked to global warming, despite
what the science says. A way forward on this debate was to focus on… … things that it have meaning to people
in their immediate context. And extreme weather, which… … would seem to have a relationship to
broader climate change… … is the hook that’s been chosen. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods… … all are now more frequent and more
intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm
Sandy and the most severe drought in decades… … and the worst wildfires some states have
ever seen… … were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the
overwhelming judgment of science… … and act before it’s too late. On that instance President Obama was simply incorrect. Politicians say all sorts of
things. More troubling than President Obama… … getting forward on his skis is the
absolute in complete silence… … among my colleagues in the scientific
community. It seems that there’s a double standard here. That if President Obama says something
that’s incorrect, he gets a free pass. But if, say, senator james inhofe says something that’s incorrect… … he gets roundly criticized. People are noticing that the weather patterns are changing. They’re hearing scientists say more and… …more that there are these connections
between … climate change and these extreme weather
events that they’re experiencing. They can see with their very own eyes
that the Arctic sea ice… … has diminished by approximately half. People are really starting to pay
attention. The media paying attention. Even politicians are paying attention. So I think we’re maybe going to see some action now. With the global temperature of the Earth’s land and … … ocean surface showing no rise in over 16 years… … it seems that some are turning to extreme
weather events… as a more obvious manifestation global warming. The problem is that despite many treating it
as a well-established fact… … there is presently no definite evidence
for it. There was once a land where the weather
was very very strange. There were awful heat waves in some parts. And in others, terrible storms and floods. We’re in danger letting the politics of
extreme weather events lead the science, … and letting policies reflect impressions… …and not evidence.

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  • In danger of letting politics lead science? It's been happening for a long time. It's just that this time it is having a catastrophic effect.

  • 'people are starting to notice' says that daft woman. Could that be something to do with the fact that film of a tornado halfway round the planet can appear on your computer or TV screen either live or just minutes later? Could 24-hour news have something to do with the perpetual display of 'disasters' on-screen? And let's not forget the perpetual left-wing 'we're all going to die unless the state controls all' bias of the likes of the BBC.

  • Climate change denial has no place in the world today and I hope this video is not attempting to put validity towards that. While the frequency of major weather events may not be increasing as much as we are told in the press, global warming is undoubted occurring and its effects are evident in other less obvious forms. The reason politicians and the press, maybe charities even, focus on the big, obvious things is to motivate the less intelligent or rational into positive behavioural change.

  • Put simply David Whitehouse is a denier and this is a denier video thinly disguised as science.
    The GWPF is like the Heatland, uh, Heartland Institute, an arm of Koch industries and the like.
    Whitehouse himself has no compunction when it comes to misinterpreting other scientists or even slandering them.
    desmogblog. com/david-whitehouse
    Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • " the frequency of major weather events may not be increasing as much as we are told in the press, global warming is undoubted occurring and its effects are evident in other less obvious forms". this is called moving the goal posts. there has been NO increase in sea temps in last 16 years, so now the posts are movd to extreme weather and yet as she says herself, its an incomplete data set (ie: no historical records of weather). reporting more often what naturally occurs is NOT an increase.

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