Heat Waves, Wildfires, & Global Warming

either several on television that they
are the contract was a bail come on fire uh… pro-iranian hot throughout the
country my have very specific numbers for you in a second but let’s watch the news coverage we begin with the gateway that burning
up so much of the country the national weather service calls the heat historic
it’s in at bay kikwit intense heat source of the year we were on pace with
the temperatures that once saudi arabia and desert all over the country with some of the
hottest temperatures in the world solo hottest that is of the world wants
carrots aptech you know that there’s a phenomenon
called global warming could that be a partnership don’t you shoot shoot shoot shoot almost none of the news was in fact
literally on the news reports in this cycle itis retracted have mentioned global
warming at all where let’s stop right there i think
that’s going to apply the dead allies everybody saving this is affluent other
newer that are so im does my balance here’s what we do on this program weaver
you facts that because one weather event or even a stretcher
weather doesn’t necessarily mean anything about overall climate change it have terrible snow storms that
doesn’t mean the ness l air plan which is you have terrible droughts and fires
as we do now and it doesn’t necessarily mean climate change solicited the
numbers first of all humming daily high camp directors or set
it just in the month of june but the only three thousand two hundred
and fifty lessons they are pretty high number away put you in context in just a second well how that so far this year in terms
of of acres burned in the wild fires about two point one million acres per now to put that in context they did a study between nineteen
seventy two thousand three them out a wild fires lancaster my wildfires has gone up six
and a half time so now that says that he’s seventy in
that case the latest numbers were from two thousand three and says that it’s
gotten even worse obviously and today uh… it’s even brady more more records
as we speak other wildfires are increasing at a
significant east the heat is and i don’t have a seat of the embrace in fact maps without putting aside this
is a this exactly what we’re worried about
were in the middle of climate change it’s not something that happened on the
road setting right now so uh… let me quote one for each other
over peck is a professor of geoscience an atmosphere size of the university of
arizona he says quote this is what global warming looks like at the regional or personal level next yr he’d increase the odds of worse
heat waves droughts storms and a wildfire this is certainly what by in
many of the climate scientists have been warning about them pot luck with that i really like
this blueberry beginning races this is well
global warming looks like and we’re seeing it all across country
obviously legislators that already breaking temperatures in chicago
in march all over the country it right now it’s
in atlanta and national rally millis goes on now here’s another our geo scientists and
that’s uh… prissy university professor uh… michael but im are and he says
quote what we’re seeing really is a window
into what global warming really looks like it looks like he it looks like firearms that looks like this kind of
environmental disasters i said okay now that’s that guys who are
predicting this so of course they even say that word in the
middle of this book they predicted a base of the members of
the numbers to back them up by the way to get confuse about that but look let’s
take a in contacts right so we have all these writers but it turns out you know every year we break allot of records cold days and hot days so for example you my break a record
mylot for called a my break a record for a key in and georgia so that was also in fact in the last century the number of cold
records and he records or even so he didn’t really pretty lucy
train in nyc at a group in the last decade okay the so the first thing you know
this century that number moved it to little one more heat records as it was a call
reference well how we doing right now well so far uh… this year and we’re
only about through happier obviously it turns out we’ve actually broken six
thousand colder so i saw a lot of cold endure enters a
break uh… were going to be able to keep up
with that on his side forty thousand hot temperature records throughout the
country in half a year alone so now are ratios nearly seven to one is global warming happening star number certainly look like it now look this is macro stuff so whenever you see a micro event like
this and it doesn’t have to be just over a couple days he can’t even get over a
couple of years and i could swing back and in face could even out so that’s
what everybody always says especially the guys who do the global warming
tonight but we’ve shown you crap after graph on the show in the past
temperatures rising every indication rising number of extreme weather events
through the roof compared to the past and now you see these hot temperature records
which that of course lead the wildfires etcetera but when you look at a all of the in
this context and in its entirety art and history were in the middle of climate change it’s not something that’s going to have
a later it’s happening right now so when you turn on your local news and
they show you the fires in the show the record-breaking heat look an echo of a warm

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  • Just out of interest, is that a "Got ya." Understand you. Or is it a "Got ya." as in the deluded sentiment that you proved something?
    Just want to know as its hard to discern from just two words used in this way as a response to a post of a good few sentences.

  • Not the cause, but certainly adds to the extremes. More energy in the atmosphere means more rain more snow more heat more blow. Pendulous.

  • What because he said scientific theories are just theories? The common misinterpretation is that theory means guess where in reality, (I'll quote it straight from the dictionary) it means; A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena. Also it has nothing to do with liberal and conservative, the fact is america is the one place

  • where conservatives don't back global warming, I mean it's in the name conservative to conserve the traditional ways. And whats more conservative than keeping the environment and temperature at the levels they have always been at? Surely that would be conserving the environment. It's funny that America is not only destroying the environment but has destroyed the definition of conservative and socialist (which btw traditionally means those who work in the factories, run the factories).

  • It was demanded to be flat because people it seemed obvious. Most people were not privy to the observations made by Eratosthenes. So it seemed "obvious" that the earth was flat when it was not. Now in your case it seems "obvious" that global warming is caused by the earth proximity to the sun. But you are not privy to the actual observations made by experts – you are as ignorant of these as the goat herds of 200 bc were of Eratosthenes and his differing shadow length measurements.

  • There may be some truth about that but point is global warming/climate change is happening.

  • No, they aren't. I, alone, am just a sick, cynical mind, and a student of history. No revolution – in politics, culture, religion – no great change to the status quo – ever occurred without tremendous bloodshed. And unlike all others demanding great change on climate and other policies in my home of Australia, and abroad, I do not see any possible route for that change without tremendous bloodshed of those preventing it. Including, sadly, people like you, who defend the current system.

  • Arguable,possibly but more like wrong. It was Muslims scientists in the 10 and 12 century who built on the idea of empirical science put forward by Aristotle to come up with what we call the empirical method. Its true that scientists during the renassiance promoted and refined it but it was Muslims ( and you cant separate Muslims from Islam, a religion) who developed the scientific method. Bazinga

  • Thank God America has its own atmosphere and a tax will alleviate any detrimental effects of Global Warming.

  • LOL, you're absolutely correct.

    Adversus solem ne loquitor! Even the Romans had it right 2,000 years ago.

  • They can't discuss man-made climate change much because their corporate sponsors won't let them.

  • North to Alaska!

  • It better hurry up and end because the year is half over.

  • i did hear about a "frostwave" that happened throughout eastern europe earlier this year….

  • LOL you're too funny. Thats a nice fairy tale, tell me more!

  • whats funny is since i left that comment its caught up with us here. its gonna be 95 tmr and 99 on sunday 0_0

  • it's still about 70 here, where I'm heading to in 3 weeks is currently 80

  • Yep, other places are "on fire", so to speak. The Far East has seen record drought this year; so too in Africa where millions are in danger of starving. Then there's Australia where fires have become routine. And most all the deserts are growing and encroaching on inhabited land.
    And as to your other statement, wildfires, no matter what the igniting cause, occur because the land is tinder dry; and the greater the drought conditions, the more opportunity for nature or man to ignite a wildfire.

  • Yes, but in summer there's a month or two of sunshine. I want my summer!

  • And, (now get this), it gets cold in the winter.

  • I care not.

  • it was 107 here today… and no I don't live in Arizona or some hot place.

  • Aristotle has some empicism in his work but he was still heavily influenced by the Platonic notions that most facts about the world could be derived from pure thought. Were Galelio differed from all before him was the notion that a good, nice or elegant idea was utterly worthless unless it was backed up by experimental data. If an idea, no matter how elegant or dearly held didn't fit with experimental data then it needed to be rejected. This is why he was the first true scientist.

  • *shouldn't

  • Actually, China has one of the biggest government programs into researching environmentally friendly technologies.

  • China don't give a shit about pollution. They think the USA is a bunch of morons. China is the biggest polluter in the world. My cousin lives there and he can hardly breath on certain days.

  • In 2009 China overtook the U.S. in spending on renewable energy technologies. The government invested 34.6 billion into renewable energy projects.

    youtube[dot]com / watch?v=ty-0M59EcK0

  • China is not using that shit. They are just selling it to morons in the west fool!

  • Your completely ignoring Islamic Science. The greeks had some good notions but it was Muslims who developed actual science.Between Aristotle and Galileo, theres Al-Haytham. He developed the method of Observation,Problem statement,Hypothesis,Experimentation,Interpretation,Conclusion.He insisted on repeatability and replication of results.Other Muslim scholars added peer review to the process.There were Islamic scientists long before Galileo.

  • If only you listened to the astrophysicists that know AGW is NOT bullshit.

  • Up until the 1970's, fire crews and volunteers use to clean up the forests and plains. When the environmental movement started they said don't disturb nature. When these hippies got older they opined how parks were different then their childhood. Now they let debris sit and dry then wonder why wildfires get so big. The so cal fires were a result of such idiotic policies. I use to help clean forests but now just laugh at these feel good imbeciles and the stupid homeowners who live near chapparel.

  • California bohemians have been around for 100+ years. In 1910 forest fires broke out and the early environmental movement wanted to suppress fires. Decades later all that fuel built up and caused huge fires like today. There are so many stupid regulations that the cali forestry dept sits on their arse behind a computer while billions are poured into stupid smokey the bear failed fire suppression policies instead of felling trees for economic gain. Fire and thinning bring eco diversity not hinder

  • Healthy forests are actually quite humid since the trees need the humidity to grow. Forests don't grow in desert conditions.

  • Bzzzz wrong. There are humid as well as dry forests. There are lots of issues including soil, root and water networks, slope, direction of sun etc. HUGE wildfires are a direct cause of idiotic policies and fuel buildup NOT global warming. I'm a nature lover and been studying environmental science for over 15 years. There have been insect, rodent, and invasive species explosions ever since the stopping of controlled mosaic burning the native americans use to do. That brings ecological diversity!

  • Cool and damp is not always equivable to humidity. When you have too many large crowns that humidity is in the form of transevaporation. That means crowns are sucking up half the water creating more humidity and water vapor increasing the greenhouse effect. Not enough water for the animals and waterways leading to more drought. Living organisms compete for space, sun, and water. Only environmental cultists and idiotic californians' think all the plants and animals dance around the fire together.

  • A warming climate also means a longer growing season for bugs including insects that burrow into trees making them susceptible to being killed and turned into firewood on the forest floor. An invasive parasite explosion means that the normally cold seasonal weather didn't occur to kill them off. Normally cold seasonal weather that should have occurred if not for global warming.

  • Omg, im so sick of sock puppets confusing weather with climate and using it to suit their idiotic gestures. We Environmental SCIENTISTS have mentioned bad policies for years only to fall on deaf ears. Imagine a family on limited income. Does it make more rational sense to have 5 healthy offspring or 25 sickly ones. Same thing when dealing with trees and a limited resource like water. Why not just let us do our jobs and mission instead of poltical interference from marxists doing backdoor deals?!

  • Right, you're mentioning controlled burns. Congratulations, you've just released more carbon into the atmosphere by burning the wood in the trees. Great way to help combat global warming.

    What about thinning the forests? Currently there are no way to individually thin out dense areas of the forest without clear cutting the area. Methods to harvest individual trees isn't economical for the forest industry. If you clear cut then you'll have a greater problem with landslides and soil erosion.

  • I realized you can't win against the brainwashed peanut gallery. Understand, controlled fires are a good thing. It can protect old growth and enriches the soil. That leads to more biodiversity not less. Of course the inter fire agencies like the status quo, they are making a killing. There ways to fell trees and deal with soil erosion that are time consuming but preventive and more cost effecient. It also brings jobs and that dirty word…profit. Why not pay people to work instead of eco lawyers

  • I know I just think that reporters shouldn't ever give their opinions, just the facts. But hey at least TYT actually gives the names of those scientists rather then just using phrases that a news channel that shall remain nameless uses frequently: "some people say" =P and they also like to make clear on points that aren't still certain. watch?v=uXesBhYwdRo&feature=autoplay&list=UL7nnVQ2fROOg&playnext=1 < a little more relevant to this point =D

  • By reporters I mean those who report the science but don't have an understanding of/ aren't a part of that science.

  • Wait wrong link! watch?v=7nnVQ2fROOg&feature=channel&list=UL sorry about that >.<

  • Bullshit. Selective cutting is a wide-spread technicque. Where do you weinies get your particular brand of crappy information, MTV?

    If you want to control Co2, ban beer. Do you have any idea how many tons of Co2 are released into the atmosphere every year from the opening of beer cans and kegs?


  • Bug control, great. Call Orkin you half-wit.

  • The stats of rainfall in the southwest of this country don't lie. You only need to google Perth and Catchments Rainfall History and Water Resources to see what I'm talking about.

  • The muslims made some great contributions to the development of the scientific method. Not quite as great as you make out but then I'm guessing you are somewhat biased in your opinion on the matter. Also its somewhat of an error to actually label them "muslim" scientists any more than we should label Galelio a Christian scientist. Their religions were at best irrelevant and at worst a severe impediment to their work.

  • Islam at the time was a very young religion that had yet to consolidate into a ordered priesthood and orthodoxy. Christianity of the time had done so and so systematically was repressing any scientific heresy. Islam enjoyed a brief period of intellectual freedom until the religion really took hold then, as with all religions, it stifled science and the Muslim nations sank into their own religion caused dark ages from which they are only just emerging today.

  • No.It is called Islamic Science& they are called Muslim scientists because their studies were religiously motivated.The developer of the scientific method also wrote theological texts and expressly stated that that Muslims studied science as extension of revelation. That was the prevailing opinion;That creation IS revelation. You clearly are unfamiliar with Islamic history. Muhammad consolidated the government in his lifetime. He himself ordered the education of the illiterate Arabs.

  • Islam gave rise to the libraries,hospitals,schools.Islam filled the Arabs with the desire to study mathematics,chemistry,physics,optics and countless other subjects.What were the Arabs before Islam? Bedouins and tribal people. Islam gave them the structure and law to govern one of the greatest civilizations on earth that gave the world advancements in every subject.

  • They lost it all because they lost the focus that Islam demands.They became very worldly reveling in their wealth and they started losing wars,cities,the Crusaders came. When attacked The Muslim world starting closing in on itself Knowledge was lost.Ignorance prevailed until we come to the place we are today.You dont know anything about Islam and that means you dont know history.The world has forgotten who we were before the wars we lost to Christendom and the West.

  • It's not about specific years, it's about the overall trend. This is a global climate change, the effects show up in long term studies, not specific cases in small areas.

  • Nope they lost it because the pluralism and tolerance present in the early caliphate was replaced by a strict adherence to the new orthodoxy of Islam. The clerical class rose to supreme power and they then set up suppressing any ideas that might challenge that power. This is exactly what happened with Christianity in the dark ages. The reason that the Muslim world is somewhat backwards today is the same reason the west regressed in the dark ages – religion.

  • Solat Flares = Crazy Weather. Full Stop

  • That simplistic view ignores countless social dynamics.Orthodoxy has been present from the beginning. There are no new texts, and we constantly refer to the prophet and the ones closest to him. The ulema have always held"supreme power" even today.The difference between a flourishing,pluralistic Islamic society and a closed repressed one, is political and economic stability.Islam is always present but how it manifests depends on these factors.

  • During the Dark Ages,the strength of Christianity peaked yet there was no comparable thought revolution.The decline&repression of Christianity & the new ideas from the Muslim world forced Christendom to emerge from the dark ages.Successive losses,the destruction of libraries&schools led to political,economic&ultimately scientific decline in the Muslim World.When stressed Muslims turn to Islam for answers eschewing all other pursuits.To say Islam caused the decline doesnt capture the big picture

  • Well unfortunately we're living in the "age of opinion" and ever since news became a profit center we've had a flood of nothing but opinion based shows.

    People want to be entertained and/or have their beliefs reinforced, not just get facts. That "namelesss" news channel has made a ton of money pushing a viewpoint and the other cable networks took notice…

    We're way past the point of no return & all we can hope for is that some "opinion givers" are more honest with their facts than others…

  • Islam, once the clerics had establishd their strangle hold on the culture, stunted free enquiry in the same way that Christianity did in the west. Religion is based on dogma which by definition is the antithesis of scientific enquiry. In the past as in the present the more religious a society is then in general the more backwards, intolerant and generally shit it is. Look a standards of living vs levels of religion by country. Look at literacy rates vs religion. Look at crime rates vs religion.

  • Correlation is not the same as causation.People who stressed tend to be more religious.Thats not the same as religion causing the stress.Western science has set up a false dichotomy with religion that didnt exist for Muslims until it was introduced to them in recent years.Islam propelled the Arabs from backwardsness. The problem comes when Muslims do not apply critical thinking to Islam and follow leaders blindly. Many Muslims cannot distinguish today between culture,mysogyny and actual Islam.

  • Sure correlation is not the same as causation but when it correlates and there is a quite clear causal link between religion and suppression of knowledge time and time again its pretty clear.
    Muslims will never apply critical thinking to Islam because it is based on faith like all religions. Faith is the very opposite of critical thinking. Do you follow Allah blindly? Or would you question his motives and actions? If your religion dictates submission to a God then you ain't thinking critically

  • Its a fallacy that faith is the opposite of critical thinking.Islam is very pragmatic. If there is no point to something then we dont engage with it. It is not possible to know the motivations of God,its also irrelavent. Even if God were the meanest,cruelest being, it doesnt matter because it doesnt change our position w.r.t to God.The Quran appeals to both the intellect and emotion.We are ordered to seek knowledge because its a heavy text and it takes a lot of study to grapple with it.

  • Lol you're dead wrong. Faith is for the pathetic seeking a meaning in life from an archaic text written by another man.

  • The word faith means holding a belief without good reason, without evidence or despite of reasons to the contrary. It is thus, by definition, the opposite of critical thinking. The rest of what you said just confirms this. If god is cruel it does not matter you will still worship him. Now a critical thinker would say "no I refuse to worship such a cruel entity". Or would at least ask "why should I worship a cruel God?". I'd also ask why any God requires worshiping in the first place.

  • Don't worry as long as Lebron is the Heat the cold wont win

  • Islam operates on two realms, the realm of faith, the other in reason,philosphy and science.We examine the evidence put forward by the Quran using the latter realm.Based on intellect we accept the Quran is what it says it is.Then it takes us further into things we cannot measure and know.These we accept on faith.e.g We cannot know what happens after death but the Quran is accurate about what it happens in life therefore since one is true,we assume both to be true,

  • Your missing the point here.Assuming that there is a God his motivations,feelings,morality are irrelevant. .Islam is very good at explaining how tiny we are,how weak,how pathetic in the fabric of existiance. What matters is how that God relates to us.The power differential is so great that protesting is ridiculous.In other words, if all we are, is cosmic entertainment then dance monkey because you dont really have a choice in the matter.

  • The key word of course is "assuming" which is basically what faith – the opposite of critical thinking.
    Physics and cosmology does a far better job of explaining how pathetic we are and it does not caviat that sense of smallness with a comforting lie that the most important being in existence actually takes an interest in us.
    And I do have a choice in the matter, I refuse to bow to tyrant regardless of how powerful he is, I don't want to be a slave and anyone that wants me to be is evil.

  • Furthermore I would suggest you employ your critical thinking and ask why would such a powerful being want us to grovel to him? Why would he need this worship from such pathetic beings? Is he insecure or something? What kind of petty fool would want the equivelant of ants to worship him and then torture them when they don't? Does that really make sense?
    Now you could say "oh we cant know the mind of GOd" but then of course you are back to blindly accepting things i.e. no critical thinking

  • Assuming,as if were proved beyond a doubt that there was a deity,then motivations no longer matter.Thats what happens in Islam. Quran says this is my evidence that I am what I say I am. We accept or deny it based on critical thinking.Once you accept the premise there are only illusions of control,power,choice. There are wordy explanations to your questions but in the end the fact that there is a God with a mind is far important than us trying to understand the mind and motivations of that God.

  • Its amusing you think being a slave is evil.Half the Muslim world is named"slave of God"Im slave of the merciful.Its funny that you think your free when in reality man is always a slave to something.Physics and cosmology are limited to what we know now.We have a vague sense of whats going on but no idea about how much we dont know except that its a lot.Your limited to one tiny part of knowledge and completely blind to what humanity doesn't know.You put faith in there being nothing beyond that.

  • And you have been brainwashed by oil lobbyists.

  • Slavery is evil. Forcing someone to do something against their will is evil. If you want to be a slave then that's a different matter and I know many men who pay good money to dominatrixes in order to be their "slave", that's consensual "slavery" between 2 adults for fun. But as you remove consent then it becomes a evil act.
    If you have a slave fetish I'd seek out a good dominatrix, it will be more fun than religion and will probably work out cheaper in the long run!

  • We ( UK ) will make a deal with you, America. Send us some of that heatwave and we'll trade you some of our relentless rain. It's pissed down solid for the entire month of June here.

  • You cant present a subjective statement as a fact. Who defines what evil is? right and wrong? The argument is that subconsciously people want to "worship" or "serve" something. There is an innate psychological need to do so. If not with God,people fill this void, with celebrities, material things, sports, humanism.Its endless. Islam takes recognizes the natures and desires of men and directs them into "positive" channels.This is why its so successful.

  • Ok so if people want to serve something that's absolutely fine. The thing I object to is compelling people to serve on pain of eternal torture. That is evil. There is nothing "positive" about threatening impressionable young children with being tortured forever by a celestial boogy man if they don't obey. That's evil. Why is it evil? Because is causes unecessary suffering. Islam is successful because it preys on children before they can defend themselves – same as Christianity.

  • I was remiss in defining what I mean as success. Comparing the accomplishments of Islam and Christianity, the strength of the cultural identity,the potential longevity of the faiths,the quality of the religion, etc and Islam is markedly more successful.Thats a whole separate discussion.Islam and Christianity have had very different trajectories despite the similiarites between the two faiths and you do yourself a disservice by comparing the two without a clear understanding of both religions.

  • Your jumping the gun with your argument.The premise that there is a God, based on evidence examined with critical thinking must first be examined. That is the starting point ,then the issues of deistic motivation and right/wrong,unjust/just suffering follow otherwise theres no common platform for discourse.In your scenario, if there is a God, and a punishment then it would cruel NOT to warn children so you see how it is necessary to get past the first premise.

  • Ok sure you first need to prove God I agree. After which you need to demonstrate that this entity is worthy of my worship. Given when your religion says about your God I agree that he should be feared as he is clearly a psychopath but I won't worship an entity that tortures people. We should warn children about the monster if we think he is real but and maybe it would be sensible to submit. But none of this makes it right or lessens the evil of the situtation. I'm very glad its all just made up.

  • Yeah isnt that funny..? It snows and all the anti climate change skeptics come out pf hibernation but then we have some of the coldest states in the nation *ON FIRE * like Wyoming and Colorado, and they're nowhere seen again!!

  • I'm so fucking sick of you people talking about the world getting warmer. Of course it's getting warmer. You see the signs of it everywhere. Lets get passed that fact cause reiterating it over and over again gets us nowhere. Lets start talking about the causes of it so we can pinpoint them. Once we've narrowed those down we can start taking steps to counteract climate change as much as we can.

  • You're 12 years old and you made all this stuff up. I've never heard anyone say any of these things except #4(minus the Lord Rothschild part). You only make yourself look stupid by making up false points in order to bolster your own argument.

  • This is hilarious, my house in on the beach at the ocean and it is receding. LOL just childish propaganda, oh its hot everyone is going to die!

  • "Lets start talking about the causes of it so we can pinpoint them."

    You've never heard of CO2? How its presence affecs climate? And, yes, the extra atmospheric CO2 has been demonstrated to be from fossil fuels.
    All you have to do now is find a way to stop putting more CO2 into the atmosphere and ideally find some way to take out the excess.

  • I saw the ocean line was receding on our beach

  • No, over the course of my life time the ocean has receded. There is about I'd say 4 more feet of beach since I was little.

  • No it isn't on a fault line or by a volcano if that is what you mean. It is in Quintana Roo mexico, and you can't fool me with lies because I LIVE ON THE OCEAN and always have. It isn't rising it is receding, that is how I know this is a lie.

  • Ok fires and droughts are caused by man made global warming. What caused the great chicago fire of 1871? global warming? What of the other great fires of the past . Almost every city has burned over the centuries, where they caused by global warming? Oh,and by the way a few years ago we had unusually cold winter and when conservatives pointed that out they were told by liberals that they could not use current weather when predicting climate change. TYT ARE IDOIT'S WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!

  • So you took this story and came to the conclusion that TYT believes fire can only start because of global warming? Then you lit yourself on fire and said "Ha! There TYT I just burned myself into the ICU and it had nothing to do with global warming – take that science!"

    Do you even think before you type?

  • Idoit republicans, f—-dumbass repubicans. Yes it looks like you,123gwf, have the ability to have an intelligent conversation.

  • Not all fires just great fires. Can there be any doubt that if the great chicago fire happened today that TYT would not go on the air and find someway of being able to exploit this as man made.

  • What is your job on this site. Is it to police everyone? You do a good job of it. I notice any comment you don't like has a way of disappearing very quickly. Meanwhile you're contribution to this discussion is limited to things like calling me dumbass, retarded. You keep on believing in global warming. I'm sure you'll beat that thing yet.

  • Anybody who thinks global warming is a fact should go back and look at the history of the new york times.You will find that they have a long history of global cooling stories. GOOGLE IT! Type in new york times article global cooling. You will find stories going back to the 19th century about global cooling. See for yourself's.

  • Yes i'm retarded, unlike people like you who believe in the fairy tale that human's have control or affect over the weather. I have an idea, why don't you do throw someone in a volcano, maybe that would stop global warming. Or come up with an even more retarded idea like carbon tax's. Like shuffling money from the USA to India will stop global warming. Reminder after you read this don't forget you're usual liberal reflex. Make sure to feel better you hit the thumb's down.

  • The carbon tax is a complete scam and disgraceful, but you cant deny that the global climate is changing. Shuffling money around sure aint helping

  • It's called Planetary Colaps, and humans deserve to fucken die. So keep filming the cunts when the shit it's the fan, I want to see them utterly destroyed! Thank You!

  • The most decisive moment for me as a "global warming caused by humans sceptic" came a few weeks ago. Swedish public radio(they are generally very trustworthy) told about a big project by CLIMATE CHANHGE SCEPTICS to determine if it was happening and if it was caused by man. This study was far more extensive then any earlier study on that topic, in other words the best study around.(I have distrust for earlier studies) They could detetrmine that climate change IS HAPPENING and IS CAUSED BY MAN!!!


  • I know right? Al Gore created temperature and the ozone layer and carbon gas to scare people and where are these things! I can't see them! Now, I'm gonna go talk to the great invisible magician in the sky thank you very much πŸ™‚

  • did I miss him?

  • Truth? More like the Tokyo Rose of the warmers.

  • In that heat wave, St Louis, where I live! the temp reached 108. And the average daily mean was 88. That's the record high daily average.

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