Heavy Rain in Jaipur: जयपुर में शुरू हुई बारिश बाढ़ जैसे हालात जेडीए निगम की खुली पोल.

Active cyclonic systems and low air pressure areas have been forced to stay in the state in the north-eastern areas of the state. In the last two days due to torrential rains in many areas flood situation has been affected and life is affecting. There is a continuous round of moderate and light rain in many areas. The Meteorological Department has issued alerts for the next two days from nowhere in the western part of the state to the north-east of the state. In Sanganer and Jamauta Ramgarh four inches of rain has been measured. In Kishangarh Renal, 20 mm rain has been recorded in Shahpura town The residents were happy after the project was created, but the happiness was a few months away. The rainy season in the city has affected several places in part of the Drip River river project due to few hours of rain It has happened that in some places the walls and the project’s railing were damaged. There was also a major negligence in the construction of the river that there is a need to enter the river to remove debris deposited in the rive but no ramps have been made for it. Not only this, work is also going on to divert water. The rainy season lasted some late in the capital Jaipur, but the clouds again camped in the city late in the night. Again in the city again this morning, there is a possibility of rain fall in the city and with the weekend there is a possibility of Jhajjhmi rain in the city today. Due to rainy days running from last two to three days, the temperature has decreased day and night According to the local weather station, today the city is likely to remain cloudy and rain.

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  • नगर निगम और प्रशासन पर आप आरोप तो लगा देते हो लेकिन वे तकरीर तरीके से बसाई गई कॉलोनियों पर सवाल क्यों नहीं उठता लोगों को इतनी छूट है कि वे मनपसंद तरीके से कॉलोनियां बसा लेते हैं जबकि ड्रेनेज का कोई उपाय नहीं सोचता फिर जब समस्या खड़ी होती है मामला प्रशासन पर डाल दिया जाता है

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