Heavy Rain [PS4] Официальный трейлер на Русском языке [1080]

are you prepared to suffer to save your son you have five minutes to cut off the last section of one of your fingers in front of the camera if you succeed you will get your reward agent Nam and Jaden FBI my name is Scott Shelby I’m a private detective I’m investigating the case of the Oregon the killer I’d like a room Madison page 27 Dingle Ethan Mars has had psychological problems since his first son died feels responsible for his death he is haunted by visions of drowning bodies a few weeks ago after one of our usual sessions I found this on the floor it must have fallen out of his Ashin what to recite every available man to find an ancient bars to keep an eye on train station from the airport’s bus terminal I want every confidence city on his ass we know about it today’s

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