Okay Dhoni wouldn’t give me a heads up
okay fine no that’s good that’s good sorry about this hair imma growing out
my hair’s so it’s like going to like this awkward stage and these little
hairs that sound I hear really bugged me I want it for it to be sick like that I
was planning on growing it out but I kind of want to style it and kind of
just keep it short for a while at least like this length until I kind of figure
it out or master this length and then we’ll see you know my name is AJ I am
OCD so if you see me kind of like leaning over and fixing stuff it’s
because it’s like when I great when I see it I have to fix it and unless it
doesn’t work like this and it’s like I really have to analytically think like
how long does it take me and right now at this point it’s not to my best
interest to kind of figure that out so we’ll leave it a few inches late he’ll
Saturday I move out with my boyfriend so I kind of figured that our love-story
YouTube phenomenon will start today mm-hmm it’s interesting how we all have
our own like little perks and stuff you know I do want to show you around the
room right now but I must get this task done no it’s like are you guys like that
like do you guys make yourself finish a toss just because you’re OCD I do it’s
like mentally I have to check that task off if not it bothers me until it gets
done and it’s not too nice when I have a lot of tasks that are not checked off
I’m not nice all right still watching Nova it didn’t document
Albert Einstein I just like to play in the background the importance of
repetition guys it’s just saying not saying that they’re really saying didn’t
got it good anyways going back to my original intention for this video um
this is Eddie weddings and my room currently here that is our TV and here
we have a small in a drawer where we keep our on top when we basically put
our cables and stuff and on the bottom part it’s anybody’s keeper work and here
is Eddie wedding and me we think you lieutenant and we have a whiteboard right here
for those that don’t have a whiteboard I definitely recommend my boards my boards
are life as well as planners which I actually have a couple planners I have
one right here look right there so that planner here is basically just for my
personal just things just to kind of remind myself I also use it to put my
work schedule other than bad I have another one for the gym which is right
here I was actually working on the water ski one second it’s kind of rude
Einstein just kind of rude all right what would be my fault I just
like having sounds and just things in the background so weird I have to do
things simultaneously so I’m there watching
Einstein here listening to classical music and then I’m here watching and
listening to Scooby Doo yeah going back to my original story okay so let’s see
it showed you guys that that that okay so here is our handy-dandy
um magical chair and our table but that is that I’m currently working on a
project so yeah deal with that here we have the books that we read at night
Eddie weddy and I read before we go to bed and when we wake up and of course
vice please hydrate the importance of hydration okay hydrate hydrate hydrate
and here is height this is how I look by the way this is AJ hi so this is our
closet I collect radon so this is my current
collection yes that is the Ouija board right there just thought I’d kind of
clarify just who’s gonna see it look at that right there I know I must like
creep people out which is why I kind of do it really very funny
but anyways well here let’s see it’s the gym stuff any stuff can’t tell you what
that is but it’s something then here we have our things where we organize our
finances and then here is the box of all the receipts so whenever I get receipts
in me a buck to show you guys so as we get the receipt
we basically like put them in there and then on Fridays when they take care of
the finances or organize our finances that’s where I kind of just organize
them and kind of put them in order in categories and blah blah blah and they
felt technical but we’ll get into that as time progresses so let’s see here so
this is anybody’s clothes right there and that is my clothes I went through
like this whole spiritual awakening pub like a year ago where I got rid of like
all my items everything everything all my collections my Diaries my journals my
music my art my fashion my shoes and boy did I have a lot of shoes and a lot of
clothes I I just got rid of everything I gave it
away I went a bit crazy thank you redone there’s a reason why I’ve talked at this
mug right here right of course but like I said I’ll let you guys know more of my
personal life or what I’ve been going through or my past experiences as time
progresses but these are current closet yo actually let me share this with you
so here I have a couple of items so usually what I do is if I have I could
if something gets cluttered which it even happens to me I’m OCD but even gets
the best of me sometimes where it’s just I’m going through something mentally and
there reflects on my outer world so like my purse will get all cluttered and
stuff and just from one day – not even for one day to another that same day or
within an hour just depends on what’s going on mentally you know but when
things like that happen or situations like that present themselves like white
straight out do is put it on the floor put everything down and I literally just
like obey everything out like that and then as I’m like walking here I’ll get
this like okay I know where my tampons go right so I go with my tampons
and then I basically go put them you know where they go and in small steps
you kind of get a head not in in fast first there’s a quote I’m not too sure
who said that but it’s not exactly in those terms or in that way that was just
basically me saving them from my heart but if you kind of know what core that
is if you don’t mind coming in below I would like to know where I got that
because I know I read it somewhere but I read so much and I was into so many
things online and on what is it YouTube and stuff that you start becoming like
it you know and not even realize that you’re becoming like it which is why be
careful with what you listen to and what you hear and when you watch because it
definitely has a place in your mind and you tend to become what you watch where
you eat even but that’s a whole different story so that is that I
haven’t showed you guys be the restroom so let me show you guys here is our
restroom okay so we have a Buddha frame here these are our Halloween ornaments
that we’ve been kind of collecting there I am again I have my own little space
here which I love like I love so much not kidding and then anybody this place
is right here another mirror that we have by the way I love mirrors I am
obsessed over mirrors like if I could have a room filled with mirrors like I
would be totally totally happy but at some point I will not at some point it’s
already becoming if you know what I mean that is our restroom here doo doo doo
nothing too much let’s see the outside of it you see like little bunny rabbits
sometimes and lizards and it’s like so cool I love like within your nature okay
so you turn the camera around some here like our little space kind of get to
know us a bit you know I feel like you know people the most when you see their
living environment so I thought I’d share with you guys the best interest to kind of figure that
out so we’ll leave it but it is bugging me
and it’s bugging me so much guys that I really have to fix it just give me one
second all right they’re a lot better if we meet the goal of gain under
subscribers by the end of the month of December which is December 31st I’m
giving away $100 start done dog pizza love take care ciao guy

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