Hidden Meanings Behind ‘APESHIT’ – Beyoncé and Jay Z (The Carters) Video, Explained

– So, The Carters just
released their joint album, Everything is Love,
completely unannounced, and with it, came a brand new music video. – This time, they rented out
The Louvre, which, how Sway? The Louvre and its international art serve as the foundation for a ton of themes in this music video. Here are some of the symbols
that you might have missed. – While Beyonce is known for having high energy performances
throughout her videos, in Apeshit, most of her movements are actually pretty subdued. The Carters are purposely statuesque, barely moving, in front of one of the most recognizable portraits of
all time, the Mona Lisa. The Carters are literally living art, and the three faces in the frame are portrayed as legendary equals. The two live up to this
particular comparison. Art history grad student, Heidi Herrera, noted that people around the world flock to both the Mona Lisa and the Carters, just for something as
simple as a quick picture. Vulture points out that
throughout the video, the duo continues to make classical art come to life in brand new contexts. Like Beyonce dancing as
Nike, the Greek goddess of victory for you know, obvious reasons, or when she reigned with her fellow female dancers in front of The
Coronation of Napoleon. The painting depicts
Napoleon crowning his wife, Josephine, the first
empress of the French. She switches to a nude
wardrobe and lioness hair to dance in front of The
Great Sphinx of Tanis, and pulls her hair back to
wine in front of Venus de Milo. One of the most important
artistic references was when Jay-Z did his verse
in front of The Raft of Medusa. The painting shows the
aftermath of a French tragedy, where a naval boat crashed
due to poor navigation, leading to a number of deaths. Out of the 150 plus crew members, 17 decided to stay, and 15 survived. The moment captured in the painting was when the crew members
saw the rescue ship, after 13 days with little to no food. This hope, after the turmoil,
and the determination to stay, symbolizes
where Beyonce and Jay-Z are in their relationship right now. They went through hell,
but they persevered. – Now, let’s get into the cultural significance of the video. There’s one overarching theme, and that’s black excellence. First, let’s talk about the
portrait of Madame Recamier. The woman depicted in the painting was the wife of a banker
and a huge socialite. Putting black women in front of this piece signifies how black women
themselves are iconic. The styling of the women
is also significant. It’s reminiscent of French artist, Marie Benoit’s Portrait of a Black Woman. This kind of depiction of a black woman was rare for its time
period, and historians believed it was painted in
support of abolitionism. Keep in mind that The Louvre houses a lot of art from the Napoleonic era. Of course, we know Napoleon as one of the most prominent colonizers in history. It’s no accident that Jay and Bey position themselves as art, in the
midst of these colonial relics. They’ve literally colonized The Louvre, to celebrate who and what they are. This painting here, depicts a woman caressing a man with a stab wound, and it’s imitated in the video
by this black man and woman. The stab wound is representative of police brutality against blacks, which brings us to the image of black men kneeling outside of the museum, a reference to Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Black women swoop and sway
among the white marble floors as Beyonce sings, “I
can’t believe we made it.” It’s a celebration of success
in the face of oppression, and these images of black bodies in this historically white space emphasize that. – Did you see anything
we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below. – And subscribe to Insider
for more video breakdowns.

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  • WOW. I used to be a huuuuuuuuge jay z fan and Beyonce was awesome. But now I get sick to my stomach every time I see anything about them. PEOPLE ask our Lord Jesus to open your eyes to the truth and he'll show you that these two are blashimers, and satins puppets!!! it's in all there videos they arent even smart enough to hide it or they just don't care who knows. Can anyone name one time they thanked God or Jesus on stage or at a public gathering for there success or even for the birth of there children ???? They've solded there souls to the devil don't go down with them

    John 14:6 and Jesus said
    “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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  • Does anyone know why the white lady was first on the steps with blonde hair. Was Beyonce also linking her heritage? My Ancestors are Irish, Haitian, Italian and settlers of African American. We are still researching. Is the white woman there because of Beyonce heritage? This is not a hating or mean question. I really wanna know.

    Besides I Love Beyonce, wish she was my Daughter! Shes a Very smart Business Women.
    Thanx. Y'all. 🌸

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  • Simple question is why didn't they go to an African Museum ?

    But don't expect the msm to give you the truth about subliminal messages and symbols that are " colonizing the Louvre " is just psycho-bable CAUSE DANCING HALF NAKED in front of masterpieces won't change a damn thing , but only pushes false hopes and illusions.

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