High air pollution levels choke Sarajevo, Sydney landmarks

now South Korea is not alone and is
suffering the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo has been blanketed in thick
smog over the last few days with dangerous levels of air pollution
recorded across the city and also over in Australia smoke from wildfires in New
South Wales have settled over Sydney our park se-young tells us more Sarajevo is nowhere to be seen as the
capital of Bosnia has been covered in thick smog and air pollution in recent
days the local government has issued a warning to residents to avoid outdoor
activities and measuring stations around the city have recorded extremely
dangerous levels of pollution the city’s geographical circumstances make it one
of the most polluted cities in the world and the lack of regulation among
industrial polluters households and old vehicles also contribute to the problem
state officials have to deal with this issue if we can’t have healthier then
how could we have healthy life face masks have become a must for residents
when heading outside I mean it’s enough just to take a look around and you can
see how polluted it is all of my clothes stink when I come back home in Sydney
the city’s iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge have disappeared behind a
smoky haze as wildfires across New South Wales sent smoke across the east and
over the Pacific according to government data Sydney’s air quality index readings
on Tuesday were over ten times the threshold considered hazardous Sydney
has been covered in smoke and ash for more than two weeks
and while bush fires are common during Australia’s hot dry summers experts say
climate change has left bushland tinder-dry
park se-young arirang news

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