How Do We Solve Our Trash Problem?

(techno music) – Most of us don’t think
so much about trash, especially if we live in
an industrialized country where we get curb side pickup, but here are some important statistics. 32% of municipal waste is recycled, another 13% is incinerated,
and that leaves the rest, which is over 50% or 1000lbs per year, per American citizen to sit
in a landfill to decompose, or not decompose. You see most metals and
plastics can take thousands of years to break down in a landfill, and because we have future
generations on the way, and they’re going to be
generating their own waste, this is something we have to think about. Well how does the stuff
get to the landfill in the first place? There are some places that
have gotten a little creative with this, like Helsinki Finland. They’re building out a
system of pneumatic tubes, so what you do is sort your
waste and put it in various bins or chutes, and then it
flies through these tubes to screw tanks. There are other places like
Roosevelt Island, New York, that are doing the same thing, but the one in Finland
has some special features. For example, those tanks
have sensors on them, so they can alert you to
when those tanks are full, and a crew can come out and empty it out. They also can track where
the trash comes from, that’s important, it
means that they know who is generating the most garbage. Like a manufacturing plant,
and those people get charged more for collection services. But that still leaves us
with the problem of what to do with all these landfills. No we’re not going to
shoot it out into space. That doesn’t make economic sense. The environmental impact
would be terrible. You might as well pay
people a million dollars to pour a gallon of oil in the nearest river, but an idea that is getting some traction, is plasma gasification. In this process extremely
high voltage electrical current is passed between two electrodes, generating a temperature near
25,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hotter than the surface of the sun. Because this process takes place
in a no oxygen environment, there’s no actual burning going on here. Instead that energy is breaking
down the molecular bonds of the trash itself,
freeing the component atoms. They become either a
synthetic gas, or molten slag, and here’s the really awesome part. That synthetic gas can
actually be turned into fuel, that will run the plasma
waste converter itself, and if you generate enough synthetic gas, you can actually generate
enough electricity to feed back into the power grid, and what about the landfill
that’s not in a landfill. There are islands of plastic
floating in the ocean. Like one in the Pacific that’s
about the size of Texas. What do we do about those? Bacteria are really good
at getting rid of stuff, could we use that? A student in Canada back in 2008, tried to do just that,
and isolated the bacteria, and found that it could
break down plastic in about three to four months, but
whether you could make that a large scale operation
is another question. Maybe the solution is in new design. Bio-polymers, plastic not made of corn, but from bacteria with a
half-life of 18 months. We’re talking plastics that
actually biodegrade in the sea. Now the nano optimists out
there say that nanotechnology will save us. We’ll create these little
nanobots that’ll break the garbage down into it’s component atoms. Now as for me, personally I
think the best kind of trash, is no trash at all. We’ve got a question for you, how would you solve the trash problem? Leave a comment and tell us your answer, and make sure that you like this video, and subscribe to our channel
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  • Plasma gasification is the way to go, and also special landfills that collect the methane gas, and once depleted, the intert garbage will be put in the gasifier and turned to slag and gasses. This can then be used as construction material.
    Methane from garbage should be collected and used to burn the garbage itself, in special environment friendly incinerators.

  • Scandinavia (dk/no/sv) switched to incinerators because too much metal ended up being burried. Give it to them.

  • just shoot it into space duhhhh

  • its that easy

  • bad video

  • Change the food safety laws back to before the homo loving liberals changed them. Remember the glass coca cola bottles?

  • I would make it illegal to mass produce waste and make the companies who have produced it pay to clean it up.

  • Why dont they recycle the metals instead of just throwing them in the trash mountain?

  • I think coffee shops should charge 50p extra if the customer needs a cup

  • We find the solution to a problem,,, we create substance that nature can destroy it ….we get inspiration from nature itself

  • I hv an idea we will use the plastic garbage with the material of making a road then it will be stronger then usual… And also we jst through the plastic garbage to the space by rocket ?…

  • I would put the trash in a black hole in space.

  • Reducing contamination and improving sorting of waste through convenience, to involve all in the process. I found a tool on a site called bagez that I'm going to buy.

  • Stop dreaming about technologies that will magically save us and focus on creating a different culture around waste.
    We have to get responsible for our waste, and re learn to recycle and leave behind this era of "consume and throw away".

  • Just grab a beer and watch it burn

  • step 1: stop the production of the trash
    step 2: take the money from the producers of the trash
    step 3: use the money to fund removal of trash

  • Look up how to live sustainably if you want to make a change, a glass water bottle is a great place to start.

  • Burn it.

  • Is this applicable for all type of waste,like industrial and waste from hospitals

  • Produce plastics that melts in water. Save mother earth❤️

  • Yes I can solve the problem.i have great ideas. I m a student of environmental science nd I love my I have no platform to tell or show my project to the world.

  • Throw it inside vocano lol

  • ppl need to quit buying shit they don't need that might help

  • Clean up people ???

  • Transport all trash to new mexico desert. Nuke it.

  • Well i have something in my box. What if i say that there is a machine which provides you with activated charcoal, natural gas and bio oil. Machine name: FAST PYROLYSIS SYSTEM. For further clarification, do reply to [email protected]

  • How about plastics and throw to the Sun?

  • I'm scared?

  • Humanity's extinction.

  • My start up, processes waste through a 3-stage process.

  • How about we make a trash powered car that runs on trash

  • I like your idea

  • Maybe we should organize a project where plastic is used to power thousands of swimming robots which collect more and more plastic out of the oceans

  • People dont know why we have a trash can

  • 0:37 my dad holding me

  • Well how about building houses out of trash.Could slow down on manufacturing.Independent in home recycling.Use the gasses from the waste to heat and cool our homes and businesses and automobiles.Think about it.

  • You have to start using HEMP!!!! It's the solution for everything!

  • Compress the trash, and let it sink into the ocean.That way animals cant swallow the plastic and the ocean pressure will keep it there until it dissolves.

  • You can make things with your trash.

    You can return bottles for money.
    you can use waste food and some paper as fertilizer.
    You can see items such as bottle tops for arts and crafts.
    You can cut/shred your paper and plastic and sell as raw material.
    You can sell metals as raw material.
    You can sell in flea market.
    You can give unwanted items to charities and get tax deduction.

    I personally use the You tube videos that teach how to make things out of trash.

  • there is equipment that turns plastic into oil and flammable gas. it is inexpensive. A liter of gas from garbage costs a few cents. Therefore, this is not garbage but useful resources.

  • Hold up there… cross me off the list for 2012-2016 I only made 3-4 bags of garbage a year… about 10 bags total. I did not make 3,000 pounds of garbage (which is about the weight of a car… or 2). I DID IT BABY!!!

  • stop producing trash! become zero waste.

  • I think trash wouldn’t just gonna dissappear. It should be recycled over and over, and turn it into a good thing. We need a proper waste management in the philippines. That’s why maybe i could be able to help our country. Anw thanks for this info.

  • For food that is still edible after foodbanks have enough, give it to farms and zoo's. For the unedible food make compost out of it.

  • Whatever IS done, the United States will be the LAST to follow!

  • Other countries have the most pollution in the world like Africa and asai you can't help these people by bringing them into America

  • They will ruin the rivers and steams because they don't care they have already ruined their own homes

  • Launch them into the sun

  • Build a power plant by the ocean kinda like fukashima but instead of it being powered by nuclear, its powered by trash. Trash is fed into giant blast furnaces, gases go through filtration and or transformation process until it safe. the high heat generated by the system turns sea water into steam/ impurities and salt, steam powers corrosion resistant turbines, turns back into desalinated water that either power dynomos for direct electricity or crank giant water pump to route water up into a resavuar lake for back up power generation. trash is elliminated, power is obtained. fresh water is produced people survive on this planet.

  • Stop producing plastic

  • I say we take some bottles and cut our plastics into little bits and put them inside the bottle until there full and then wait for it to decompose.

  • 2019 here.
    Has this had any progress?

  • Large companies as Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, etc. That are responsible for most part of the containers we use, should be responsible to create a re usable chain for those containers in all the countries they operate. Their supply chain, should contain the responsible waste control of their containers. Goverments needs to work locally with them.

  • We should continue to educate our future the proper way to solve problems. Showing them the importance of life it self. To over come all issues we currently have around the world. Giving everyone the opportunity to be responsible and respectful to our future on earth and beyond.

  • The Plasma Gasification seems like a viable option! We would hopefully direct effort in ensuring the Slag and Syngas don’t propose an environmental threat by toxicity or something! At the moment, I’m no expert on this, we need to research this more for our selves and generations! ?

  • shot the trash into the sun

  • Throw it into outer space

  • I think one day ? aliens will come and take down all the solid waste from our globe???

  • Feed/Supply it all to a trash consuming species called 'Arjun'.Trash will attract trash after all ?

  • Are we doing the plasma gasification right now?

  • I think our modern way of wasteful living can be reversed, however people aren't willing to give up luxuries. I think for efficient ways of processing trash are necessary to sustain life for us and preserve life on our planet. Biodegradables are great but we still have a plastic crisis that needs to be taken care of.

  • we get rid of every subsidence that can not be recycled

  • Can we just take a moment to realise that our world is going to shit, and that we cant do that much about it, the only thing we are caring about is ourselves, and this trash is an important part of our lives, i think we should burn it, not in volcano, but somewhere we can filter the smoke, and it will take time, but just imagine every city having one of these places to hold the trash, I'm probably not thinking it all the way through, someone tell me if I'm wrong.

  • Now the trash in the pacific is bigger than Alaska

  • Everyone needs to stop packaging everything.

  • Throw all of it in canada revenge from da philippines

  • White trash

  • hmm maby make all well not shure but I'm shure there's a solution so how long till we find it and use it ? time is ticking earth ? time to get clean.

  • How about we burn it (the trash) instead of putting it in landfills. Also, we should only make products that a bio degradable that won't hurt nature or us.

  • Can we dump it inside inactive volcanoes or burn it in lava

  • It's all up to big industries. You think they cant implement a healthy habit like recycling? If they can get people to spend millions on their products then they can do anything.

  • No u countries were dumping trash to my hometown, fortunately it wouldn’t happen again(^-^).

  • Before you stupid peoples invent any products that time why you don't think about that products become trash then what will be the
    consequence world will be face.
    Now its take same time to remove this junk trash from the world. Its impossible.
    Now we dont have a time.
    World is going to END very fast and very soon. Only Materialistic peoples are left on the earth.
    Educated but illiterate.

  • Put it all in one big rocket & send that out into space ????

  • We should recycle a LOT more.

    All the metals and plastics that still end up in landfill could still be recycled.

  • Well, i can think of a few ways.
    *I know many types of things thrown into the trash can be recycled, but people arent willing to do the little extra work. This idea would not only help with recycling but also creating jobs for people that are willing to do this. You could have people dump the trash onto a conveyer belt or something and more people sort the trash into bins of plastics, papers, foods, etc. The foods could be used to make soil, the paper could make pencils, the list goes on.
    *Companies that make products such as hair/body wash and laundry detergent should encourage its consumers to send back the bottle in which the product came. This bottle would be refilled and restocked or sent back to that consumer. This would cut down on money spent making the bottle for the companies and reduce waste. It could also make jobs because someone would have to clean out and sanitize the bottles, right?
    *Metals could be melted again and used to make new metal products
    *Whatever cant be reused in any possible way should be burned, and the heat made from that could be used to power stuff.
    *Make it a law that everything should be made biodegradable

  • Native Americans have had the answer for a very long time. Change our way of life. Be one with our mother ?. But, have we already gone to far to turn back now? Perhaps. But, we had the answer before materialism and greed. Simple, no trash. Cherokee people know the answer.

  • energy energy energy… with plentiful cheap electric energy we can solve all of these problems

  • Dude it’s 2019 and still trashes everywhere

  • Nuke the trashed politics

  • Dont let the plastic spoil our ground. Put all those plastics on Mars ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  • Best option to solve trash problem. We have to recycle it..

  • No doubt that someone is going to use these tunes for crime somehow , like bodies or something
    Omg I have been watching too much true crime …

  • Can we just nuke all trashes?

  • Yay Finland!

  • Blow up china and indonesia

  • How about putting waste in acid that will break it down to nothing? Would that be possible? Would it be harmful? Would it be practical? Let me know plz! Ive been thinking about this for a while and I want to know peoples opinions on my method!

  • Burn trash

  • We need to be more mindful and if you see some trash on the floor outside, PICK IT UP AND THROW IT IN THE RECYCLING BIN OR THE TRASH CAN. PLEASE. we need to save this earth and ourselves.

  • First problem. “Synthetic waste converter” 2nd law of thermodynamics. It can assist in energizing this system, but that’s it. It cannot power all that and other things. If it was that easy it would already be used.

  • i don't think plastic bags are super necessary.. but in the "rush" of the day, they may pile up… could we get more serious about "trash art" .. and then use that to passively educate ? .. because personally waste management videos are sometimes overwhelming and stressful when you watch them alone, lol.

  • Can I use this video for my presentation in our school?

  • How about we should be extinct!!??

  • What do y'all think about large scale water incinerators?


    And we could just keep recycling the same water back to our incinerators…to get rid of the next load…and the next load

    I apparantly have been thinkin about this issue for at least a year…i commented a year ago…Water incinerator plants would also give ppl careers…probably much safer careers

    It would have to be a steam incinerator…with steam hot enough to vaporize the metals we won't use…which makes it easier to recycle bc then…we could just cool off the steam back into water form then reuse it for the next load

  • We should stop buying new products and take care of the things we already have.

  • See

  • Although I always see a strong connection between environmental issues and the so-called connectivity revolution 4.0, it is not so easy to find good examples on the Internet to show this.
    The video from 01:00 min to 01:40 min has a good example of the need for BIM, digital twin, IoT (IIoT to be exact), Smartgrid, Smart cities, etc, for a sanitation infrastructure project to Helsink city.

    The rest of the video also shows the innovation and cutting-edge technology needed to have a sustainable lifestyle for the next generations.

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