How Drones are Helping to Plant Trees – A Cleaner Future

(Music) Each year, there’s about 15 million acres of forest that are turned into wood products. There’ve been 300 million acres that have been deforested since the 1990s. That same 300 million acres at current planting rates cost $100 billion to replant. The reason that we started this business is to make a dent in carbon emissions, and trees far and away are our best source to do that. There are no machines currently that humans have, that can do that better and more efficiently. We think that robotics is a way to make reforestation truly scalable. (Music) Our end objective is using drones to plant tree seeds. We are paid per acre to plant tree seeds. Spray to protect them and then monitor their growth. – This is a big drone, you can call it big boy. So we have one drone, eight feet, right here, three gallons payload, imagine 15 of those all on this road right here. That’s how we see us able to address a large forestry unit, both for Spring, as well as planting in the future. – It’s a high-powered paintball gun essentially. It’s air pressure pneumatics firing a tree seed capsule into the ground. Right now, forestry companies, they spend millions recruiting the labor to go out there and plant trees. Good tree planter can replant somewhere between 800 trees a day, which is about two acres. One person with 15 drones can do the equivalent of 360 manual labor hours of tree planting or spraying in a day. We use a seed so there’s not nursery. There’s no need for a refrigerated supply chain. And it’s not an issue for us to put 80 to 200 different species into the hopper and then spray them all over the ground. It is a step function, it’s disruptive technology. We are already in beta as far as a software platform that allows one operator to manage 15 drones simultaneously. And then that takes us into a whole game changer as far as the economics of reforestation, which is what we’re super excited about. – Droneseed is the most important company working today in carbon sequestration through forestry. Do you believe that CO2 is changing the climate? If you do, then carbon sequestration has to be a part of the global climate solution. If you have an automation company that makes it orders of magnitude less expensive to plant and grow trees, that’s going to be part of the global carbon sequestration solution, it has to be. So that’s, I think the big idea for Droneseed, is could they be a foundational player in driving down the cost of saving the climate. – Replanting 300 million acres that’s been deforested since 1990, that is a major step forward in reducing carbon emissions. What you can envision for the future is that one operator managing 15 drones replanting post-wildfire, or take it globally. There’s been a lot of slash and burn agriculture, so how do you then go out and replant those in a cost-effective way? And that’s where our technology comes in. At Droneseed we’re trying not to lose the forest for the trees. Basically, I’ve got time on this planet and I wanna work on a problem that’s worth solving. And to me it absolutely makes sense to go out there and focus on the biggest thing that’s threatening humanity. If the environment’s not working, no social, political, or economic system is working. So that’s why it’s so important to get in there and plant. (Music).

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  • Hmmm when I'm 18 I'm thinking about getting this job just so you know I'm 12

  • If you have ever been truly and passionately dedicated to something in your life, your art, your job, your music, or maybe just an endeavor you wish to pursue that is yet to be manifested and brought into your present reality, then you'll have a pretty good idea of where I'm coming from.
    I have been a professional tree planter for a little over a decade and for some years prior to starting this career I was going out into the "field" to explore, without compensation at the time, the world of reforestation to better my understanding of what exactly it would take, before my mind was made up to pursue this truly unique, hard, and beautifully HUMAN task .
    My father, Daniel, who himself is a 36 year veteran of the planting community and still going strong was the progenitor that first led me into the pursuit of this "life style" based career.
    Over the years my drive and dedication to this work have only intensified and I can honestly say, I am in it for life. There are many personal views and opinions one might gain if one was to ask a tree planter why they do what they do. Why do I plant trees, one might ask. Besides the obvious connection to achieving and sustaining my livelihood as is the case in any job, there is a multitude of jobs that pay A LOT more than tree planting (ecological restoration). As wishy-washy as some may think it sounds, my personal dedication to this work is the result of my devotion to try and attain and move towards a cleaner, stronger, and ecologically healthier world through human perseverance and hard work.
    There are many facets or avenues a person who is genuinely concerned about the environment can actively pursue to achieve a beneficial change. Environmental activism in any capacity, whether political or non political, private or non private, stems first and foremost from human activism. The human spirit and drive to achieve a better world is directly at the heart of the matter.

    I have been aware for some time now, the growing technological world of drones and the vast and ever expanding application of their use. Recently I came across an article discussing drone use in the application of planting trees. I began to do some more research on the matter, perusing more articles and reading through vast amounts of responses on social media and anywhere I could get a better understanding and gauge the overall response to the articles that people had read. Overall the response to tree planting drones was quite positive and rightly so. These drones are able to plant one hundred thousand trees a day, one company claims. I can understand the appeal of how that sounds. On the other hand, some of the responses on social media said that it is a terrible idea and that all it was going to do was take jobs. This too, i can also understand. My main feeling on this matter, is that I won't lose any sleep tonight, but I will most certainly be cautious and aware of what may come tomorrow.

    My main intention of stating this is to raise awareness in regards to keeping technological advancements in check while promoting and sustaining the history and current endeavors of human based, hands on work such as tree planting in regards to the environment and the protection and reclamation of it through individual hard work and perseverance.

    I am seeking to start a foundation rooted in the education and the importance of maintaining the hands-on human attitude of environmental work and why it should fundamentally remain human.

  • I hav been think of this for years but was told it couldn't be done, I so hope this works and becomes super common-place.

  • You may count on me on your project

  • Great news but sad to see more jobs go away.

  • amazing īdea.

  • Nice but it takes away paying jobs from people. Perhaps if we give everyone £2000 a month than it wont matter if we replace all the jobs with robots.

  • That iz tight

  • Cool, they should make a varied treeseed mix just like what is already done with wildflower seedmixes.

  • 800 trees a day is literally nothing for a canadian treeplanter. Most veteran planters can plant closer to 3-4 THOUSAND trees every day.

  • Fantastic video.

  • A good planter averages 2k a day, this drone will only work on creamy land and only with seeds, what about young trees

  • Lost me at Carbon Sequestration to fight global warming. I hope this works but not for the reasons put forth in this video.

  • The only thing I saw this thing do was drip some water

  • so job loss?

  • 0:18 … map of Slovakia, not Morocco 😀

  • Drones utilizing Swarm Technology will be employed to extinguish forest fires as well.

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  • This is pretty cool to help combat large-scale deforestation but just hope it's (forestry) not another industry in which yet more people will be ultimately be replaced by robots. I also think people who work in nature can pass on a lot of wisdom about nature to others, so this would be in large part lost too.

  • Hi awesome channel ☺ Keep it up!

  • extremely underrated. this technology can massively fight climate issues by super-massive reforestation all around the globe. really this is the most underrated tech in today's age.

  • 300million acres, if my calculations are correct, is over 600 square miles.  over 600 miles, square.  That is a lot of land being re planted with trees, if they all grow.

  • I really love seeing cool tech that it's goal is to improve our lives and our planet. keep up the great work!


  • What a great program!

  • Wait can drones dig up dirt and plants saplings ?

  • amazing video ! so awesome

  • I wish I could buy a drone like that. Still couldn't find out what they cost. The guys in this video look like healthy vegans, no GMOs. However, another problem is the Chemtrail spraying.

  • Truest word " if the environment is not working no social, political or econimical system is going to work"

  • The best idea would be to plant fruit trees to feed humans and reduce carbon at the same time. Jobs would be created to go harvest the fruit.

  • Damn does anyone see the size of the drone ?? It's bigger than human

  • only 800 a day ?!

  • This is us .. the future,,

  • Hold on one cotton picking second! The graph shows one person planting 8 per day (800 tree saplings). It then shows a drone (15 drones) doing 288 per day (28800 tree seeds). 288 divided by 15 equals 19.2. So one drone can drop 1,920 seeds per day.

    A planted sapling already has a head start on a dropped seed which may or sprout. If you want a much better result, pay a human to raise the saplings in a greenhouse and let him plant it.

  • Asowme jobs !!

  • Call me I'll do it for free for lifetime

  • Wtf, how is this efficient? If all you do is drop seed from air, why not use an airplane and cover the entire forest in one day instead of small patches while constantly charging and refilling the drones?

  • i love these guys to bits and pieces <3

  • nice work

  • What about unemployment ? Farm workers and labour will suffer, only employers earn profit. May be you’re not agree because you’re employer/profit company too

  • forest soldiers goodluck and save the planet.

  • Solution to pollution! I think you just solved China's pollution problem. Sell these drones to China.

  • i am a horticulturist…. they haven't explained any project success stories! planting seeds is not the same as manually planting trees just a lot of hype! good luck to them though

  • what is the success rate of seed bombing with drones

  • xiaomi mi has done this stuff long back

  • i have think drone to cut forest 😲

  • this doesnt work

  • felicitaciones estimados amigos le saludamos desde Perú

  • I think what you're trying to do is a big step in the right direction. Keep trying.

  • Why cut trees when you know it is harmful to environment? Planting by Drone – what is the success rate?

  • Great project!

  • There's no actual footage of the drone planting a sapling. And as a first year treeplanter, I tell you, the average amount of trees planted per day per planter doubles what you're telling me.

    P.S. I can plant more trees then fifteen of your drones in 7h…

  • How do you guys stratify the seed, water the seedling

  • Wow who did this video? Absolutely irrogant ass took map of Slovakia and wrote there Morocco? Good selling strategy to be completely stupid and ignorant 😀

  • How can I order this drones from Nigeria? Am on a reforestation project that needs this tech

  • i like your project, id like to race your drone in New Zealand once a prototype is established. man vs drone(s).

  • HA, a rookie will start off by planting 800 a day.. a good planter can plant 2,000-5,000 trees a day. Im sorry, but you cant find the right microsite for the seed/tree by the air. You need someone on the ground. This idea sounds nice but in actuality, its not sensible. This is coming from British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

  • great job to give to all those able body's people living off our tax moneys. give them a small pointed spade. and a back pack with 5000 seedlings. and say fill that field will be back by nightfall to pick you up. not done. no free money that month.

  • Birds already do this facepalm

  • Lol a good tree planters averages 2500-3000 trees per day

  • Where can I get these seeds or how to prepare these seeds.

  • How they get water

  • as a seasoned tree planter, the only fact I'd like to correct is that a good seasoned tree planter can plant anywhere from 2000-4000+ trees per day.
    I planted 900 trees on my first day of planting ever.

    aside from that, I hope this product takes off.

  • Hey man as a professional tree planter in Canada – we plant about 5k a day. per person 😀

  • hope it gets going and proves a success….

  • Annoying up-talkers. "And then this one time…at band camp…"

  • They should plant hemp. It will grow faster and grow more than full fledged trees

  • This guy is awesome, keep up the good work 👍

  • Don't pat yourself on the back so quick, dropping seeds is hardly the same as planting actual trees. I very much hope your project goes well, the earth needs your success.

  • I hope your projects go well and  your success will be soon !!!

  • Keemstar got me here

  • Who else is here from keemstas tweet

  • What are you spraying?

  • How many came here after watching the WhatsApp video?

  • Where is the proof this method even works. Seems like a very long shot to me.

  • you know birds? their good at planting tree's

  • you are going to put some orangy tangys and tigers in their as well i hope?

  • he wants to sound fancy by saying carbon sequestration. Not only that dude, we wants tress because we want to protect nature.

  • Your idiot's. Clearly you nerds need to actually get your privileged lazy @sses out in the real world and actually do some work…real work. Shooting the seed into the ground ruins the seed. The ground needs to be prepared PROPERLY!!! the soil must be tested and supported with nutrients not spraying you willfully ignorant trust fund rats. Then after all the prep work is done and ONLY AFTER you don't plant seeds or seedlings dipshit you plant nursery raised 1-2 year old's. Then you have to nurture them keeping them watered, fed, trimmed and disease free. You are a prime example of next generation dumb asses who's mother's should have swallowed ya like the rest of your retarded siblings saving the rest of the world the misfortune of having to listen to this B.S..

  • This method of planting trees directly from seed is called "direct seeding". Though it is not commonly used, it has been done since the 1930s in the United States. Direct seeding from helicopters and airplanes has been tested since the 1960s, maybe earlier. This only difference here is that drones are doing it instead of manned aircraft.


  • Hi
    I hope, you are fine. I wonder if you sell these drone. And How much do they cost ?
    Best regards

  • Very good idea,..I saw the video. Very impressive when talking about the cost effectiveness. But I believe that if there is no relationship between the humans & trees,..the deforestation is still going to go on. People should be involved in planting so that deforestation comes down gradually.

  • How can one guy operate 15 drones at the same time?? Please provide evidence.

  • Human killing robots is a more effective solution…

  • why isn't this being funded by the american government, what the fuck is wrong with americans, honestly should fire everyone in government and cut the budget of the military

  • I'm buying one these with my first salary

  • Polyculture it w/ successional permaculture design planning and you're way ahead and seedball bombing for grasslands & rangelands, as well.

  • Planting grass seeds may be successful. But, i highly doubt about planting trees with drone. Besides, spraying water with drone isnt really a good idea because the rate of evaporation is much much higher than those little amount of water. Lol.

  • nobody plants seeds in the forest now, don't see why having robots do it suddenly makes it a viable idea. also "spray to protect them" sounds like they spend years spraying herbicides to help the trees have a fighting chance to grow, since they don't start as 20cm seedlings which can fight to outgrow brush.

  • please learn map first before you do anything

  • Everyone liked this

  • And THEN…..YOU NEED a shitload of CO2 and water to grow the fucking trees!!!!!…ASSHOLES!!!

  • Well, some will think I'm doing this for myself. LOL

    I'm sure there are better things to think about.

    Yet it's their thinking.

    My thinking is helping others. I do want to breathe fresh air, just the same.

    So a couple of years ago I came up with the idea of Fire Suppression Drone.

    Since that time, some have been developed, yet we need more protection and we need it NOW. So I like to do more in helping save our world.

    If you like fresh air, and what to do a small part in helping save our world, then here is a way to help.

  • 0:19 – are you sure you have learned geography? That is not map of Morocco but Slovakia :-))) BTW interesting video, anyway.

  • That is awesome.

  • What is the spray liquad made from?

  • Wouldn't it be easier to just fill a plane with seeds and dump it like cluster bombs?

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