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About half the world has internet access. That’s 3.6 billion people surfing the web. How much energy is that using? And what is our online world doing to our
planet’s climate? Hey Alexa, how much electricity do you use? “Hmm I’m not sure”
No worries, that’s what we’re here for. [OPEN] Hey! I’m Miriam, and we need to talk about your
internet habits. The internet is pretty great – this wouldn’t
be a thing without it. But getting this video and all the other bits
of the internet to you uses a lot of energy. What we call ‘the internet’ is made up
of a lot of things: wires traversing the oceans, satellites and cell-phone towers, massive
data centers sending packets of information all over, and devices. SO MANY DEVICES. Today, there’s more than 30 billion things
connected to the internet – that’s every cell phone, laptop, and tablet, but also every
credit card reader, creepy all-hearing speaker, newfangled fridge with a TV on the front,
and more things coming online every day. Every single one of these devices requires
electricity. Charging a single phone or a laptop doesn’t
use that much energy, but powering billions of internet-connected devices adds up. It’s hard to estimate exactly how much,
because things are changing too fast to even count, but in total, internet-connected devices
probably use in the neighborhood of 5% of the world’s electricity. Once you’ve got your internet portal charged
and ready to go, streaming a video or posting a pic on Instagram draws on power from data
centers distributed around the world. After devices, data centers are the internet’s
next biggest energy hog, using around 1 or 2% of the world’s total electricity. And most of this electricity comes from burning
fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. But when compared to all the other things
that produce greenhouse gases, like transportation, which causes almost a quarter of global emissions,
the internet is doing alright – in total, it contributes only around 2% of global emissions. And, compared to the speed with which more
people are coming online worldwide, and the rapid growth of connected devices, energy
use by the internet has increased pretty slowly, because our hardware, software, and data centers
have become more energy efficient. But the internet does a whole lot more than
just use energy. I mean, it’s changed nearly every aspect
of life, and being able to communicate with each other so quickly lets us do lots of things
that are good for the climate. Manufacturers and warehouses can coordinate
better with stores to avoid unnecessary shipping and reduce waste. In fact, the internet helps us avoid producing
a lot of physical things in the first place, like CDs, DVDs, newspapers, snail mail, and
textbooks. Even when we make these as sustainably as
possible, they still create more emissions than their digital counterparts. And then there’s telecommuting [Miriam’s
face on computer], which cuts down on travel. And maps on our phones, which reduce how long
we spend driving around lost. The internet can even make itself more efficient;
using artificial intelligence, Google figured out how to better cool its data centers, which
ended up using 15% less electricity. So is the overall impact of the internet on
the climate good or bad? Maybe the real answer is it’s somewhere in
the middle. Everything we do on the internet uses energy,
which, yeah, still mostly comes from burning fossil fuels – but a lot of the things we
can do because of the internet are better for the climate than their analog alternatives. So, don’t feel too bad about using the internet,
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  • How much energy would be used in farming beef alternatives? Such as farming shrimp, lobsters, other seafood, and even lesser popular choices like crickets and ants that are more commonly accepted in Asian countries?

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  • Of course, if you start using high-tech gadgets like Alexa…
    But I think the main concern is more around the incredible waste of metallic ressources and energy used to make tons of fragile electronic devices difficult to repair with a short lifespan…

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  • I can't remember the last time I used a DVD, CD, book or even had a periodical subscription. All of my devices are powered by solar on a net basis, and I send MWHs back to the grid every year (MWH = 1000KWH). Best month was 1.4MWH more going out of my meter than coming in, and that is for a total electric home, all electric powered yard tools and 2 EVs that are always charged at home.

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  • A quite large number of data centers are located in places which minimizes their impact on climate change.

    Here in Sweden we have a lot of energy coming from hydroplants in the north, a place it is already cold. This minimizes the cooling needed, as the air outside is pretty cold already. Most of the year.
    And with electricity produced on the grid coming from nuclear (40.47%), hydro (39.70%) and wind (10.15%) (in 2016 numbers from SCB) the electricity needed for cooling/ventilation/servers/other is relatively carbon free.

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  • Great video! I actually thought that internet energy consumption was higher, it's a bit of a relief to know it is just about 2%… But like some people mentioned, I'm curious how much Bitcoin/cryptocurency mining influences the overall picture.

    Another topic that would be a nice follow up is the matter of the gadgets themselves! Now only carbon emissions from extracting and processing all the materials and complex electronics, but maybe also a bit on the pollution and limitations of the resources we use (how much Lithium is still around? Should we worry about it as a limited resource? It's definitely non-renewable…)

    Keep up the good work!

  • if you are worried about emission level + pollution, but still want reliable 24/7 internet, then support nuclear. it is on 24/7 with full/near full capacity and produces emission and pollution free clean energy. the whole world can be powered cleanly and economically if we really want it. nuclear+hydro+geo is the answer to climate change, solar and wind plays a supplementary role at best.

  • Could we say that if ALL the people on the planet had internet then it would use 4% of the electricity? It's a lot, but nothing compared to the benefits to the world.

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  • Energy austerity is cancerous mindset. Nuclear power provides abundant, safe, CO2-free electric power

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  • Don't worry about electricity and pollution from it, if you use solar energy… That way you can even use a supercomputer only to watch this video without polluting the environment!

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  • HOT MESS It's Okay to be smart There's 1 time where I'm recharging my smartphone without fossil fuels : While in Norway and Sweden. Over there {where I have family and friends} their reliance on renewable energy is over 💯% . 😛 🔌📲 🌞🌨🌬 🚘

  • I mean, there are people who throw not very old electronic gadgets and buy new ones in the market. This wastes the metallic substances, which are used to make all the gadgets.

  • The problem is not Internet, but the way to produce elettricity.

  • it's possible to charge devices that connected to internet with renewable energy, but no so much for transportation vehicles

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  • Can you do a video about how much metals is there, and how long they would last for? Because just like we use more and more fossil fuels, we use more and more metal.

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  • This episode irks me a bit. Compared to the baseline data centers have some advantages on energy including that they sometimes use local generation which is more efficient.

    Almost universally computers and devices have used less energy. Look at an old flip phone. It'll probably have a 1200 mAh battery. While a new smart phone like the iPhone has a 1700 mAh battery. From a dumb phone to a ghz cpu, gpu and bright screen and not even a doubling in battery capacity.

    Technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy use 0.5 watts when transmitting at full power.

    Gaming rigs typically don't exceed 500 watts.

    You can account for ALL energy use of the Internet in terms of the energy saved by switching from CFLs to LED lighting.

  • A Hot Mess video that was optimistic and encouraging of something?? That hasn't happened since the video about neighbors helping each other.

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  • I don't think it's fair to count all devices that can be connected to the internet toward the internet's power consumption. Most of the power used by these devices doesn't contribute to it's internet connectivity, and often times, they don't even need to be connected to the internet to operate.

  • 5%, uhmmm, 5,000% of the world's electricity could be met with just safe, meltdown proof molten salt reactors.
    Please search Alvin Weinberg and the MSRE at ORNL.
    The waste problem is not really a problem! The loss of coolant issues from conventional LWRs are not a problem with MSRs, either! Make them fast reactors, and there are no long lived waste problems – at all!
    Can we really supply 10x the current world energy demands with just (non nuclear) renewables? No, unless we build a global grid consisting of hundreds of continent spanning HVDC lines and cover about 2-5% of the land with solar.

  • I have a burning question: is using the cloud actually better for the environment? Everyone tells you to go digital to save paper, but cloud backups use electricity, produce heat, and requires multiple backups in multiple data centers, which uses more electricity, produces more heat, and also requires metal. Overall is it really better to go paperless?

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    N U C L E A R I N T E R N ET S E R V E R S

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  • I certainly don't need to leave the house as often as I used to, now that I can read up on things I need at home rather than having to go to the library. And watching films in the comfort of my own home rather than driving to the cinema (yes, driving, as I live far away from the nearest cinema and public transport does not exist in the evenings). So yes, it does cut down on a lot of things… BUT I refuse to give up my habit of reading actual books. Besides, having them all sit on my shelves binds carbon, too.

  • But farming animals is using a ton of energy, water, it's making us resistant to antibiotics, makes those poor being suffer and also makes us sad and unhealthy.

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