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– My journey to NASA really started when I was in elementary school. the words climate change
and really the first time I began to understand what impact humans could have on really the world around us. My name is Liza Goldberg,
I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. And for the past four
years I’ve been working at NASA to monitor global
mangrove loss and its drivers. [In middle school,] I started
doing a science fair project in my backyard. I planted
eight red maple saplings, put eight open top experimental field warming chambers around the trees. And basically what those chambers do is they simulate climate change by trapping sunlight around
the saplings themselves. And that warms the
saplings a couple degrees. And I tried to test the carbon fluxes and how climate change would
impact the carbon exchange of red maple saplings in the future. I entered that project
into a local science fair and there there actually happened to be a judge who worked at NASA Goddard. And I think he saw how really
obsessed I was with my field, how in love I was with
environmental science. And he offered me an internship at NASA. My day starts at 4:00 in the morning. I drive to swim practice
and I swim with my team for about an hour and a half. I then run home and I get dressed really quickly and eat breakfast. Ready? Yeah. I go to school, and go through all of my classes until about noon. And at noon I actually
have the opportunity to leave school early
and go to work at NASA. And after that I’m just kind of working in my office, I write a
lot of papers, I code. After I finish at NASA it’s about usually 6:30 or 7:00 at
night, and I go home, I eat dinner, I do my
homework, and then I go to bed. I’m taking five AP classes right now. And by the time I finish high school I will have probably taken 14 or 15. Mangroves are coastal forests found around the equator, around the world. And they’re really valuable
for coastal communities in particular because
they’re able to use a lot of the natural resources that
mangroves are able to provide, like firewood, for example, for shelter. mangroves provide a lot
of coastal protection in cases of hurricanes
and extreme weather. And in some cases those
mangrove loss rates are actually higher than that of even rainforests or coral reefs, which we typically associate
with really large scale losses. In a lot of cases those losses
are due to sea level rise. So when sea levels rise, the mangroves have to migrate inland. And so our maps are able
to tell stakeholders where the sea level rise
has happened in the past so they know where it’s
likely to occur in the future. So what we’re doing now is using my maps that essentially tell
people where sea level rise is occurring and where
those settlements are. We’re able to advise the
Everglades Foundation and other stakeholders as
to the most pressing regions for conservation and
restoration in the future. – When Liza came in I think it was really a breath of fresh air because, you know, you’re really kind of thinking about the details of what you’re doing. You’re always like, oh I
have to do this little step to get my data product this much better, or to advance the science by so much. But Liza came in with like a fresh mind. And she’s like, you know, I
wanna make this global map, and this global model of
mangrove vulnerability. And the first thing that we thought was, And then she started working on it, and then she kept making progress. And I was like, oh wow, she’s
like actually gonna do it. (upbeat music) – I think when I first came into NASA I was pretty intimidated. People are, I think,
sometimes at the beginning a little bit skeptical of that
kid doing all of the science. But, I think, through talking to them, through collaborating with them, through talking to them
just like an equal, they’ve been able to kind of
reconcile that themselves. – She helps us with a lot of our problems that we have, actually. She’s probably the most
advanced person in my lab at using the software
that she uses right now. – You walk into these
huge conference halls, dozens of talks all around you, and you sit, and you listen
to these amazing scientists doing really groundbreaking work. And then it’s your turn
to go up and speak, and you start thinking to yourself, you know, what right do
I have to get up here and say what I’ve been working on. Most people are familiar
with imposter syndrome, especially for women and
girls in the sciences, but for me it’s kind of multiplied by 100. Because being the only girl in the room or being the only high
schooler in the room is difficult to kind of recognize that your opinions have value, your
research has value as well. Because we don’t have
all of the experience of college degrees and doctorates, then We haven’t been limited by what
professors have told us yet. All we know is what we’ve researched and the papers we’ve read on our own. – I think having that youth can help because it means that
you’re not limited by some of the limitations
that we as adults put in. Sometimes we forget the big picture. Like we forget what it is that we’re kind of working towards. – You’ll always find people
who will laugh at your ideas. I’ve had plenty of those people. Or kind of call it silly or crazy for you to be undertaking something, some big dream that you have. But I would say, don’t
let them get to you, don’t be intimidated by that. Because the only thing
that’s really limiting you is just your own passion and the amount of time
that you spend on it.

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  • Taking five AP classes AND interning at NASA, while also implementing a sport inbetween that, is just amazing. She's got a great head on her shoulders and a dedication you don't see too often these days. Kudos Liza! Stay strong and keep thriving! โœŠ๐Ÿป

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    But it surely will take its toll on you as you grow older.

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    If conservatives are Right and Global Warming is a Hoax, The the Earth will do just fine.

    If Conservatives are Wrong and the Earth is about to go Extinct, then sleep well knowing the Earth took out the left too!

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