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Hello friends this is Ayan and welcome you in the youtube channel Bonsai Tricks and a Lot More. Today I am going to show you how to graft a mango tree and grow mangoes in a small pot. Hindi ( Same as English ) .. First of all you have to grow a mango tree or a mango seedling from seed. Hindi ( same as English ).. This is a mango tree which is larger mango tree and growing mangoes all over the year. This is a Thailand variety mango tree . I am going to take cutting from that. Hindi ( same as English ).. Now remove all the leaves from the cutting. Hindi ( same as English ).. You always have to sterilize your tool before grafting. Hindi ( same as English ).. Now peel off some of the barks fro the cutting. Friends if you can collect cuttings from Thailand variety then then you will be able to get all around the year. It won’t be very big but you will get mangoes anyways. If you like you can grow mangoes as bonsai as well. Now, you have to peel off some of the bark from the root stock Or the plant which was grown from seed. Look, how am I doing this. And always wash your hand carefully with soap water and then with luke warm water to remove all the germs. If you cutting gets contaminated then you will never be able to get successful grafting The best time for doing grafting is winter when the climate is dry. And those people who lives in climate where winter is moist and summer is dry then you can do grafting in summer as well. Hindi ( same as English ).. You have to warp the grafted area with polythene tape I am just using a polythene sheet and I have cutted some straps. and warping the grafted area. Always be careful to remove all shoots which are coming from the below area where the grafting is made. Now you are looking the plants after 6 months. I have done this grafting in the late winter of 2017 And now in 2018 it has started to grow flowers and fruits. Hindi ( same as English ).. Now look how I am doing my bonsai work. I am going to turn my mango seedling into a mango bonsai. I will get mangoes in small pot and as well as a mango bonsai. This is my bonsai tree pot, or bonsai pot which I have made from cement. If you want to watch the video you can visit my channel Bonsai tricks and a lot more. A video on bonsai tree pot making will be available there. If you like you can check it out. Hindi ( same as English ).. Now it is the time to make bonsai soil or the soil which I am going to use to grow mangoes. This is broken brick chips or terracotta pieces. Hindi ( same as English ).. This is contact fungicide I am mainly using it to get rid of fungus. Fruit tree roots tends to get fungus very easily. Now I am mixing all these ingredients to get professional quality best bonsai soil. and it is very cheap also. If you buy bonsai soil it will cost thousands of rupees but if you can make it at home yourself then why buy? You always should make it yourself. It will be cost effective and fun to make. Hindi ( same as English ).. Now I am adding more soil. I am going to remove the plant from this nursery pot and plant in my professional bonsai pot. To get your plant out of soil you have to hold you plant very gently and tap all around the pot and slowly remove that. You can see the amazing root structure. You always have to spread roots radially outward direction Hindi ( same as English ).. If you want to watch some more interesting videos then visit my another channel ” Can You Make It? ” You will get some arts and crafts videos there like How to make rotating stool how to make PVC table etc. If you like you can check it out. Hindi ( same as English ).. Friends you have to water it thoroughly until you see clear water running out of drainage hole. Then you will have to keep your plant in semi shaded area for 4-5 days then you have to bring it slowly in full sun. If you live in very hot climate like mine then you always have to cover the plant with green net in summer. But don’t worry now, Now winter is going on So take cutting from large plant and make grafted mango bonsai plant in very small period of time. and enjoy ripe and sweet mangoes all around the year. The update of the plant will come in part two.. Probably in 2019. So, Please subscribe my channel for that. Friends, hope you enjoyed the video if yes , then like , comments and share and don’t forget to subscribe my channel for regular update. I am Ayan from Bonsai Tricks and a Lot more. Thank You. Good Bye..

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