How to Grow Lime Trees from Clippings – Easy way to grow Lime Trees

Today I’m going to take some clippings
from my lime tree. I like to take a few clippings every
year, and I basically root them and they make little lime trees of their own,
and then a year later they actually make great housewarming gifts or birthday
gifts. So let’s get started. You want to take a
branch and you want to make a slice in it at a 45-degree angle right near
some kind of a notch that seems to be the easiest way for a plan to regrow
root. So I’m going to trim this one just above
the notch. So I had this leaf with a little notch
at the bottom and i’m just going to cut it at a 45-degree angle. So I want to cut
off part of the notch and leave a little sliver of it alive and then I’m just
going to stick this in some water and i’m going to leave it there while i’m
getting everything else ready. So I got a couple more I want to
notch up here and I’m going to stick that one in the water. Then cut right
through this last little notch. Now i’m going to prepare my soil. I like to use some seed starting soil
because it’s nice and loose and it gives plenty of room for the roots to grow so.
I like to fill my containers up a little bit more than halfway with some very
fine seed starting soil after I let them down a little bit i want to be about
half full the soil next I like to add a little bit of water
to the soil this could be kind of hard to get bone
dry soil to accept water so i just kind of flood it and let the water drain out
next step is to finish preparing my each of my individual clippings I like to pull off all the leaves except
for the top two I just pinched them off right near the
stem you want to be careful not to rip into the stem why you’re doing this
because I could damage the plant then I take these top two leaves and I trim
about two-thirds of them off because i don’t want the plan to dry out too
quickly basically make a little kite out of the
leftover leaf and then I’m going to stick this back in
the container of water while I prepare the other couple of clippings so the reason you have to pinch off most
of the leaves is because plants evaporate water through their leaves and
until this planet we grow some of its roots it’s going to be desperate for
water so we want to try to contain as much of that as we can you don’t want to take off all the
leaves because that evaporating water actually helps draw water up through the
stem and that’s going to help the plants generate new routes gonna take these top
two leaves and then trim about two-thirds of them off I’m going to wind up with a little kite
shaped piece of leaf left my next step is to dip the stems in some root going
hormone so I just dip it about an inch or so in
it’s going to be pretty caked because it’s because it was wet so I’m just
going to tap it off to get to leave just a fine coating of powder on it and then
I’m going to stick that into the soil approximately an inch down you don’t want to go all the way to the
bottom of the container because you want to leave a little bit of room for the
roots to go down so I’m gonna take like trimmed up clipping it gets kind of cake
down there so I’m going to tap off the excess and then I’m going to stick it in
my soil about as far as the root growth hormone comes up next thing I’m going to
do is I’m going to create a little microclimate around each one of these
clippings essentially like take a plastic bag and I try to get as much air
as i can and then I’m just going to put it around the container it’s important to select the right size
container that will fit with whatever you’re using to cover it with but when
you put this in the Sun it will generate humidity inside of the bag and that will
help to keep the plant from drying out while it’s struggling to grow roots so
the next thing I’m going to do is cut a little slit up the corner of the bag and
that’s going to create just a little pocket of air flow which will help keep
the plant from getting moldy inside respect a little bit of the corner up I don’t want to go up too high because I
do want to hold in humidity I just want to make sure it’s not
completely suffocating in there so the next thing i’m going to
do i’m just going to put these in a little container so i could water them
without getting water all over the place and then I want to put these containers
and a nice sunny spot because that’s going to generate the humidity inside of
the backs so I want to put these in a nice sunny spa so it could take a couple of months for
these things to start generating new growth and this one is what I did over
the winter and you can see that it’s just starting to grow some leaves right
here I would keep it inside the plastic bag
until those leaves are about a half inch long and then you want to take it out so if you don’t get new growth in the
first couple of months don’t get discouraged as long as your plant stem
has a little bit of green to it it’s still alive and it still has a
chance to keep growing after about six months your plants should look something like
this and after about 1 year if it’s nice and healthy it should look like this this one needs
to be repotted soon after a few years your plants should be ready to start
growing lives they start out as little buds like this so after the flower falls off you should
be left with a little green lime looking but like this it takes a few months to
grow but eventually you got it

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