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hey guys what’s up? So today we’re going to be looking at how to jump along with looking at common mistakes riders make when starting out. jumping is a combination between pumping and the american bunny hop so before you learn how to jump, be sure you understand how to pump it is also useful to know what is happening in the air So let’s first break down the body mechanics behind jumping. so if you have watched the video on how to do the American bunny hop You will know that there are 3 movements that get you into the air The Pop
the Scoop, and the Shove The movements for jumping are the same but this time you have an incline assisting you into the air Now let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these movements The first phase of jumping is called the pop To do this, preload before the incline by crouching down and lowering your chest as your front wheel starts going up the incline shift your weight backwards and over you pedals when you back wheel reaches the base of the incline explode upwards while applying backwards pressure on your bars, and guiding the front wheel into the air as your back wheel goes up the incline. continue to explode upwards and stand tall. while rowing your bars into your lap something that might help you understand this better is thinking of your bike as a lever the backwards pressure on your bars combined with driving through you legs rotates the bike and pushes you upwards the quicker and more explosive this movement is the higher you will jump the second and third phase is called the scoop and shove when you backwheel leaves the lip curl your toes around your pedals, and scoop upwards absorbing your bike up into your body this is where running a low seat can really help while you’re scooping, shove the bike in front of you to help level off then just let your body relax and get ready for the landing as with any skill, bike set up can make things easier if possible, use a bike with an aggressive geometry that will allow you to lower your seat and maximize the range of your body movement Next use platform pedals If you find your feet coming off the pedals This is a sign that your technique needs some work Now let’s look at a few different ways you can learn to jump your bike. Here I’m using a piece of plywood and cinderblocks to create a ramp. Get a feel for the ramp by approaching it slowly and then rolling it. This will get you comfortable with the ramp and test its structural integrety. When you are comfortable, approach the ramp with more speed aim to get both wheels off the ground at the same time remember to maintain slight backwards pressure on your bars and shift your weight to your feet to guide the bike into the air. focus on landing gently with both wheels at the same time and getting comfortable absorbing the impact so after that make a line in the ground and see if you can jump past it. every time you’re successful, move the line back and repeat the process. once you have been able to jump a few feet now it’s time to work on your height to challenge yourself, use something to jump over. in this case I’m using a cone which is a little rigid and almost caused me to crash so think about using something soft, like a bag This time we’re going to use a dirt hill it is roughly two to five feet tall and has a thirty for forty five degree incline. a steep transition will make it easier to get airborne and a nice flat landing will minimize your chance of crashing and getting hurt. once again, get used to the transition by simply rolling it a few times. Once you get comfortable with the incline try to get your wheels off the ground and eventually work your way up to jumping over a small object when you have acheived that Now it is finally time to take what you’ve learned to a jump my recommendation is to start with a table top. it is the safest type of jump to learn on because the consequences for not clearing it are minimal however there are a few tricks to land smoothly. the first is the match the angle of your wheel base to the angle of the landing. and the second is to think about landing as silently as possible. that may seem silly, but it really makes a difference as with anything, there are a few common mistakes riders make when learning how to jump many clipless riders will try yanking the bike up as if they’re doing and English bunny hop you should not have to pull your back wheel up, as the take off will naturally propel your back wheel into the air. when learning how to jump with a full suspension bike your back wheel might get kicked up a bit too much sending your nose heavy you might be able to counteract that by slowing down your rebound and adding a few clicks of compression damping. So I hope that helps if you have any questions about this skill or any other skill leave your questions in the comments below I’ll have a text version of this video up on my website with some additional information that I won’t be able to fit into the video As always, my name is Phil Kmetz Thanks for playing bikes with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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