How to regenerate cactus plant( with English subtitle)

Hello Friends This is a terracotta shell of a cracker The cracker is being used I kept the shell How I am using it for tree plantation This is a broken haxo blade haxo blade The front opening is very small which is not suitable for plant growth so cutting the opening approx 1 – 1.5 inch wide The front part need to be cleaned properly I will plant a cactus plant in it Its a coconut husk The lower portion os the firecracker shell which will be used as water outlet is large. So to stop the soil from getting out is stopped with the help of the coconut husk. This coconut husk does not decompose quickly in water So I am using coconut husk This is a cactus plant it I will give a close view a small bud is there maximum cactus plant grow this type of bud now I will show you how from a cactus plant you can grow a new cactus plant this is a knife very fine knife which can cut a small portion also handle is long to have a better grip I am cutting this with knife because If I break it the inside part may get damaged. So to avoiding damage of it inner part and its skin I am cutting it out see only the attached portion is being cut off this is bonsai soil I am providing bonsai soil because The cactus will be planted in a small area So that the soil should not get hardened other wise the water capacity will decrease but cactus required less water then also some water is required any way you have to provide little water so that the water slowly can be absorbed is applied from top The bonsai soil is made in such a way that the water absorbing capacity will be there for a long time make sure that there is no gap between the soil if there is a gap then there is a chance that the plant can submerge now water is applied to the soil this will fill the gap if any before planting you have to apply water like this again little water is applied now the bud is planted 1/3 rd portion of the bud will be under the soil 2/3 part will be above soil after applying water some portion will came out when the soil become dry press the soil slightly because if the lower part is not under soil roots will not appear for roots you have to do nothing else after planting the pot firstly for 15 days 15 – 20 days have to keep in shade after that it can be kept in the sun since the soil is less you have to apply regular water Since the drainage hole is large so water logging will not be there. After 5 – 6 month The plant has grown up this will grow tall but firstly the plant will grow quickly after that the growth will decrease anyway small bud will appear from this plant also then cutting the bud you can plant it on other pot also this is how they will regenerate thank all of you for seeing my video

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