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Hi Guys! So, today I’m going to show you how I do The
Greenhouse Effect which is a great way to moisturize and grow the hair. It also does a great job at making the hair
more manageable throughout the day. So, what you’re going to need is a plastic
bag or a shower cap. A satin or a silk bonnet or you can also you
a scarf if you do not have a bonnet. And, a skully cap. And, I know you wear these during the winter
time but if you’re going to be doing The Greenhouse Effect during the summer, you’re going to
have to just bring it on out. And, you’re also going to need bobby pins
to help keep your hair in place. And, an all natural oil. You can use coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond
oil, castor oil, any oil of your choice as long as it’s all natural. So, I’m just going to take down this section
and I’m going to separate it in two. As you can see, I’ve already done most of
my hair but I just want to show you how I do The Greenhouse Effect with these last two
sections. So, what you’re going to do first is apply
your oil to your hair and I do apply a generous amount because I want to make sure each section
does get fully coated with the oil. And, I also like to focus on my ends because
they are the oldest and the driest so I do like to make sure the oil really gets on my
ends. And, it does look like I’m using a lot of
oil but for The Greenhouse Effect it’s actually a good amount. So, after I massage the oil throughout my
hair, I do like to twist my hair up so that my hair does not tangle up throughout the
night. If I were to leave it out in a fro, my hair
would just be a complete matted, tangled mess in the morning so I prefer to twist it up
so it just kind of keeps the hair in place. So, I’m going to go ahead and move on to the
next section and I’m going to do the exact same thing. Just apply the oil, a great amount of it and
just massage it through. And, I try to make sure I get the oil on just
about every strand. I know it’s a little bit difficult but that’s
why I apply a generous amount of the oil and just gently massage it through that section. And, like I mentioned earlier, you can use
any oil that you want as long as it’s all natural. It can be extra virgin olive oil, coconut
oil, almond oil. There’s so many options and I can’t even think
of anything right now but any oil of your choice as long as your hair likes it and as
long as it’s all natural. So, at this moment I’m just securing the twists
back with bobby pins just to keep them in place. And, I’m just massaging the oil in my hair
just to make sure that it is not dripping on my hairline or on my face because that
is the absolute worst. But I just massage it in and that’s pretty
much it for this section. As you can see my hair is all twisted up. It doesn’t have to be perfect because I’m
about to go to sleep which is when I like to do The Greenhouse Effect, at nighttime
for me. So, I’m just going to go ahead and apply my
plastic bag and I do prefer to use a plastic grocery bag versus a shower cap because it
does provide more space and it covers my hair quite nicely. And, as you can see I’m just smoothing out
the bag just to make sure there are no air pockets or air bubbles. I just want to make sure that the steam does
stay trapped inside of the bag. And, I’m just tying the bag and I don’t want
it to be too tight especially around the hairline. So, make sure you tuck in any pieces that
are hanging out or just on your face. You don’t want anything on your face especially
since you applied a generous amount of oil. So, you just want to tuck those pieces away
from your face but you don’t want the bag to be too tight around your hairline. So, next you want to put on your satin or
silk bonnet. And, even though you have on a plastic cap
underneath, you still want to use a satin or silk bonnet just in case anything slips
throughout the night. Your hair can still be protected with that
satin or silk bonnet. And, also too, that does help to trap in that
steam that will be there throughout the night. And, then next, you’re going to apply your
skully cap and this is the last layer so no more after this. And, I can wear this year around, I can do
the plastic bag, the bonnet and the hat year around and it does not bother me. But I know for a lot of people during the
summer months it’s just too much so if you just want to do the plastic bag and the bonnet,
that’s also fine. Ok, so that’s pretty much it. Again, I have the oil on my hair, the plastic
bag, the satin bonnet and my skully cap. And, so what I do is just go to sleep, and
the steam just does an amazing job with my hair. And, here we are the next morning and I’m
just going to take off all my layers. There goes my hat, followed by lovely bonnet
and then I’m going to go ahead and untie the plastic bag. And, yes that steam is going to make your
hair slightly damp, slightly, slightly damp. Your hair will not be dripping wet but yes,
it will be damp but you can still go ahead and style your hair as normal and do whatever
style you want to. Depending on your hair, usually within an
hour, it should be completely dry. And, as you can see I don’t have much oil
on my hands at all. You can’t really see it at all but I just
want to show you guys that your hair will not be as oily as you might think it is especially
with me applying all of that oil to my hair. And, just so you know I do like to do The
Greenhouse Effect between three and five days a week and it does amazing things for my hair. As you can see, I’m just pinning my hair up,
I decided to wear my hair in twists. And, I just laid my little baby hairs down
a little bit. That’s pretty much it guys! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you
have an amazing day! See ya!

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