Humf – 35 Humf Climbs a Mountain (full episode)

Hey you it’s a brand new day everybody’s here to laugh and play Everybody sing Humf Everybody sing Humf Wallace and Loon, Uncle Hairy too My mum and my dad are all there with me… and you! Everybody sing Humf Humf Climbs a Mountain One day, Humf was playing a game he’d made up by himself It was called, ‘far away’ Lots of toys lined up to go far away But the big orange dinosaur was always at the front Come on everybody, follow me Humf pretended the sofa was a big mountain Look out for the giant everybody And he pretended his Dad was a giant Luckily the giant didn’t do anything except work on the computer When they had all climbed over the big mountain Humf’s toys went through the jungle And across the shiny sea on a raft made of cushion Look out for the sea monster I’m not a sea monster And then the doorbell rang Hello, hello! It was Humf’s friends, Wallace and Loon Hello Humf Hello Humf what are you playing? Far away Oh, how do you play that? Don’t you know? Far away’s my favourite game Come on everybody let’s go far away Wallace! That’s the sea, the bus can’t go there! Wallace didn’t know how to play far away The sofa is the mountains And that’s the jungle and this is the sea My bus can swim Can I be the horse? But I’m going back to the mountains. Clip-clop, clip-clop No, Loon, stop The horse has to wait for the dinosaur Loon didn’t know how to play far away either Humf decided that far away was not a good game to play with your friends I don’t want to play far away anymore So he took back all his toys And put them away again What do you want to play now Humf? Nothing, I just want to play nothing I want to play something me too I don’t I’m going to play far away I’m going to climb a mountain I’m going to climb a mountain too That’s not how you play far away It’s how I play Come on Humf! Humf’s friends were having fun Humf liked having fun too But he was still feeling a little cross Let’s go down the other side of the mountain and into the cave Wait for me! So Humf climbed to the top of the mountain too And down the other side with his friends And they all went through the dark caves And then they climbed some more mountains in the sitting room And went through the jungle Help, help! Where Wallace got stuck for a minute And swam out into the shiny sea Look out for the sea monster What sea monster? That one! I’m not a sea monster Help! Run, Run! Swim I mean, swim, swim, swim! Now run! Yes, now run! And they ran all the way back to the caves under Humf’s bed to hide But the sea monster found them Hello everyone! Would any of you like to have a little snack? A sea monster snack? Yes a sea monster snack I would And then they all had a snack together and now Humf knew two ways of playing far away One that was more fun to play on your own and one that was much more fun to play with your friends Sea monster snacks are my favourite

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