I replaced the sounds in Minecraft with memes

yAh Fortnite multiple different pitched *yahh* *yahh* and Fortnite Markass Brownlee *yahh* Fortnite, Fortnite *fortnite*fortnite*aww thats hot* Aww, That’s Hot *markass brownlee in the distance* That’s Hot, Yahh, Yahh Aww, That’s How, That’s Hot *rip headphone users* who else wants to die? *markass Brownlee* Who else can hear will smith from hell? markass Brownlee, *aww thats hot* Fortnite *thats hot* Creeper *brah* WAY BACK IN MY MINE!! THAT’S ALOTTA DAMAGE Aww man OOOOOOOoooooof OOOOOOOOooooooooF 00F *screaming* *rip galaxy airpod users* You guys wanna hear Sicko Mode or Mo Bamba Sans deltarune Bruh LOLUGAE ZACKARYLADUEIHOPEUSEETHISLOL UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH sans…. undertale UUH UUH, OOF *bruh in the distance* Creeper, Creeper Aww Man, Aww Man UHH, OOF INTESTIFIES *screeching* *again rip airpod users* l0Af Oh boy THAT’S A little DAMAGE *rip all users* Hell blazers, snorefuckers then *oh* lets just jump out of it so guys we did it… we murdered T-series no more t-series Pewdipie wins So guys… …I’m being held captive XD lulz please send help

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