I Survived A Mountain Lion Attack

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  • God that sounds terrible.

  • I love cougars, but I'm also glad she's okay.

  • Big cats have a genetic predisposition to chase anything that runs. To the cat (or bear), a cyclist probably looks like a wounded lame deer – and easy pray. I'm pretty sure this scenario will repeat itself again and again in the coming years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noCWtagaDJQ

  • Amazed at her presence of mind in the midst of terror.

  • Just like the fires the lions are going to get worse much worse in the fishing game will lie their site is so inaccurate they just don't want you to know the truth how many lions are euthanized a month just like Bears they don't relocate they be liable for anything that animal did bears are coming into town all the towns we stopped hunting with dogs used to keep the animals away from the people they be skittish and the Lions to .
    why do you think your pets disappear don't worry that lion only comes to your neighborhood once a month so you'll never know or put two and two together but the fishing game knows you could say I used to help fishing game and we can figure exactly when that cat was going to be back to that neighborhood by the missing dogs and cats in the dates they were missed.
    I've seen more cats in the last couple years then I had in 20 years before that.
    I think seven different cats last year three of them that challenged me and my dogs never before have I seen this.
    Eye to eye contact make yourself look big do not run do not turn your back 90% chance not in your favor if you run maybe worse than that if you stand your ground eye to eye contact make noise it's fine do not take your eyes off of it it's not a joke these are wild animals and if their experienced cat you will be dead the minute it hits you sounds like this lady got a young one that was still learning lucky.
    they can kill any dog in a second I've seen them kill 8 very experienced tough dogs hunting dogs one go these dogs were no pets

  • 0:58 is what you came here for.

  • Congratulations on surviving. That guy deserves a medal for his assistance.

  • Damn, your face is jacked up.

  • So many mountain lions here in oregon, they like to jump as they attack ,couple weeks ago this one cat killed a hiker, i cannot bare the thought of what she went through. Very brave . Be safe my friends never go out alone carry your phone a gun if possible if going into the wilderness.

  • I survived Mountain Lions 5 times. I haven't spoken the same for more than 25 years because of the strikes from two in the same day. Other than that I'm not scared from them. Starting at about 10 or 11, I killed 3. A rattler ended one attack by biting one of the 2 in that attack. The other survived me, my son and my daughter by getting out of the car were in. Shortly before, I escaped it's bite to my throat (following a swat that sent me about 30 or 40 feet) by poking it's eyeball. With the grip I got on it's nuts while it was addressing my son's interference in it's addressing my daughter's- while keeping me pinned, I'm amazed that it was able to. Call it "dumb luck" but, I've survived 2 Grizzlies, 3 Black bear, 2 Moose, an Elk sharks and several snake incidences. Then, there's a plane collision against a mountain, another one got stuck by lightning, ones door got ripped off in a strong thunderstorm. There's a swim at Sea during a hurricane, a mission with the SEAL's "from which you'll, likely, not return," a slap on the ass by a propellor, a few "critical incedences" against Saddam Husain's terrorists, a gunfight with a Drug Kingpin and his Assistant and, a divorce!!!

  • Terrifying. I think about mountains every time I bike in our mountains here in Wyoming, which I do almost every weekend from spring to fall. We’ve never had an attack, but there will always be a first. We’ve had attacks in the nearby colorado mountains. I carry a knife right on the front of my pack, along with bear spray. People look at me like I’m crazy. And yet we have a high concentration of cats in the area, and I’ve talked to several people who have seen them while biking. I’ve heard two of them, both late at night when they do that high pitched scream. Terrifying

  • Mountain lions are the reason I never leave my apartment.

  • Brave lady and amazing story. As someone who loves mountain biking I'm wondering if she still does it or gave it up.

  • She looks a bit like Laura dern

  • I wanna fight a mountain lion sooo bad

  • This sounds like the Physical,financial,and spiritual hold the White man has had on Negroes,Hispanics and Native Americans.!!!!

  • Mountain lions only kill the weak. Thats why this girl survived.

  • "I enjoy riding in country where Mountain Lions roam"… Psychiatrist: "Anne, how long have you had this death wish for"???

  • Just imagine that you're face to face with a moutian lion
    Thank God she's alive and well

  • Damn, thats brutal

  • I used to work night shift and would get off in the morning around 5:30am and would go to whiting ranch and hike with no one around.  One day I was coming down mustard and I could hear something shadowing me. I would stop and it would stop. I always figured it was a mountain lion. this video failed to  mention that  another mountain bike rider was killed earlier that day be this same lion.

  • Thank God You Are Alive .

  • It takes a total twat to be attacked by puma

  • I’m glad your okay thank god??

  • video or it didn't happen

  • So many comments mentioning god

  • If that happened to me I'd march down to that place and put the thing down.

  • I'm so sorry you went through this! Bless your heart ,you survived and are beautiful! I live close to the Mississippi River and at flood stage deer, bear and black Panthers come around.

  • This is why I stay inside

  • This is why I stay inside

  • Then stay out of nature idiot

  • I feel sorry for her.. but just a quick question. How did people and why do they get traumatized when they were attacked?

  • What a miracle. ?♥️

  • Jesus , that’s how . He’s not done with you .

  • You survived because a man threw a rock at it.

  • A lion attacking some one or something is called nature

    Don’t hate on lions

  • She is beautiful

  • God is in our lives he protects us from everything

  • Glad she’s still alive ❤️

  • During this whole video I couldn’t even tell that she got attacked

  • She's a bad friend letting her get dragged away

  • if a cougar does that to a human, that human has some BAD soul karma

  • Now that’s a miracle

  • Incredible woman…thx for your story….

  • Debbie rocks – talk about a BFF! Edit: had to look her up – it's Debbie Nicholls and Anne Hjelle's the one who was attacked. Two strong, courageous souls. Lions are cool. Humans are freaking amazing.

  • Anne hjelle if you believe in time travel believe that someday a man from the future will go to the past when the Titanic sank and blow up the iceberg that sank it

  • She looks pretty good considering her face was ripped off

  • Beautiful woman imo. Survived a my lion attack….. you a bad girl fo sho.

  • She a legend tho….. imagine a 500lb tiger…….

  • Did anyone else see her in after the attack on Animal planet with Dave Salmoni

  • What a dumb cun$!

  • She was on untold stories of the ER

  • I remember her… this happened in the Ortega’s , (so.California) she looks great!!! I hike there often and am always scared of the snakes and mountain lions! Love to her and her family! Aloha

  • I am so happy that she made it out alive and with help of others and her friend to save her life.

  • I would have killed that cat fast. Why don't people in cat country carry guns? Weird.

  • Years ago there were a few dozen of the big cats killed each year State wide by responsible hunters, some years their was even a Bounty on them and that kept their fear of people and their numbers in check. That changed when the ignorant animal lover, which i am too, voted to no longer hurt the poor kitty. These apex predators multiplied unchecked, have eaten the easy normal prey available and now have moved in close for our pets and possibly anyone on foot at the edge of town. Once they have you by the throat, it's over, they got you, just like a box of pizza. But they voted to not harm the poor big Kitty. Re-vote, let our Fish and Wildlife dept open a season with bag limits that are closely monitored to only take a certain % of their numbers. Face it, these Cats need to be thinned out a bit. It's long over due.

  • U r really pretty and I’m glad u won the fight

  • she heald up really good i saw the video of her on untold stories of the er

  • Usually I do not have sympathy for "idiots" who get into this, but this was out of ur hands. I am so glad u r okay ❤

  • I found this after hearing about the Colorado runner killing an attacking mountain lion in self defense. Your story is incredible Anne, thank you so much for sharing! I have been stalked by mountain lions in the backcountry and can't even imagine what you went through. It's easy to see your strength shine in your gratitude for life. Cheers!

  • God saved her life from that mountains lion

  • I am a True survivor of a Cougar attack in 1996. Blind sided, never saw it coming. I had no idea it was coming and to this day could not have avoided it. Female… hungry and aggressive. About 130 pounds?? I was naïve and though it would never happen to me….. wrong. Attacked in a camp ground near Banff Alberta near midnight in my tent while camping…… I survived. Ended up marring the old girl the next year. We have three boys now and a fairly strong marriage. A few scars but I have survived.

  • Men rescued her. In wildlife there is no genderism, no feminism. Power rules. Look at the statistics, almost exclusively women and children are the victims of predatory animals. A few days ago I read the story of a man strangling a mountain lion with bare hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4xkq1m8ANc
    And then I read the story of a "man" being killed by a mountain lion but after doing some research I realized that this "man" was a transgender: https://heavy.com/news/2018/05/cougar-attacks-men-kills-one/
    A real man could have defended himself with his bare hands.

  • Thanks to "animal rights" activists, and their efforts, the mountain lion population is way out of control.

  • Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  • I'm surprised she got attacked.
    I didn't know cougars attacked their own.

    Damn mama you're sexy

  • She was in untold stories of the E.R

  • I was attacked by a mountain lion few months back. . I'm watching YouTube from in my coffin

  • Imperfections are the most attractive qualities on anyone. Without them your just another person in a crowd.

  • Come on this a big cat and who love cougar like??

  • I'd still like to let her use my face as a bicycle seat

  • Bless you and here’s to your happy future.

  • Who remembers this as an episode of Untamed and Uncut? Can anyone find that video?

  • I transcribed the original interview Anne did while she was recovering and having surgeries. Amazing story of courage and survival. I was forever moved by it then as I am now.

  • You are so beautiful. So happy you are here 🙂

  • I’ve kicked one in the head

  • The surgery actually makes you more beautiful…i mean like yeah you was beautiful but now you are gawddemn hoTTT

  • I live in north dakota which has a pretty good mountain lion population and it makes me mad because there was a mountain lion spotted in a forestry park and instead of relocating the poor thing they killed him without any attacks like dude wtf!!!?

  • Mai ek video deakh ke Anne hjlee ke bare me jaane ke liye Aaya hu

  • I am so glad that you survived!! Its good to hear your story, and make other people aware of the dangers of the forests.
    I have seen Mountain Lions on 4 separate occasions. I have heard their cries, very close to me. They sound like a woman screaming. I live in the foothills of the Ozarks, where there are a lot of wildlife. I am an outdoors, hands on female, and an avid horsewoman, for my entire life. Three times that I saw the cats, they were hot on the heels of a deer. I feel certain that the deer lost that race for their lives. The 4th encounter, was watching a Momma, with Cubs, traverse an old back road, to reach the woodbine on the other side. This instance, I watched from the safety if a vehicle.
    Riding through the Ozarks on horseback, I've heard their screams very nearby, while laying down to sleep for the night. This has happened on more than one occasion. I feel certain that the number of people, and horses, daunted any idea of an attack. I do research on all of the wildlife in my area, because I want to know everything about, what is out there, and their habits, and eating patterns. Whether they are solitary creatures, or hunt in packs. This is all very important to me. I literally live in the woods, 16 miles from town, and where my property ends, it joins with 1000s of acres of conservation land. It is a magnificent place, but it can also be dangerous. It is terrifying, what you went through!! I am do, so, glad that there were people around to help you!!! I'm just speculating, but its possible that the cat attacked you from a tree. They climb trees, and lay on limbs, to survey for prey. This also offers cover for their presence. It could be why you were attacked with no warning. I'm judt glad that you are here with us, and can tell your story. You are still quite beautiful!!! My theory on scars, (which I have many) is that each one tells a story. You have quite a profound, story, that needs to be told. God bless you, and keep you from harm!!!

  • This must’ve been so painful. I feel so sorry for her.

  • Always bring a concealed handgun when you’re in known mountain lion territory, that’s what i’ve always been told

  • Wow so cool! Not even because u have a gun ugly

  • Maybe they tried to communicate with the mountain lion, and the lion got upset because he didnt understand therefore he felt threatened in his territory and attacked?

  • Hosea 13

  • Beautiful strong woman.

  • The mountain lion back in the woods: I survived a human attack

  • I survived a mountain lion attack also

    On gta 5

  • you are still beautiful Anne. peace to you

  • Why is there soap opera music in the background?

  • Honestly your face looks great still as beautiful

  • As an Australian, I find it weird Americans are so afraid of the critters in my country. There is nothing here that even comes close to the threat mountain lions pose to everyday Americans. The only thing that comes close are the crocodiles, but they are thousands of kilometers from populated areas, whereas cougars and humans live in shared areas in North America. Baffling.

  • I remember at 12 years old watching a documentary on tv of two people who've survived wild animal attacks; This woman being one of the survivors. I remembered every detail of her story. After the attack a helicopter rushed right away to take her to the ER, the surgeons stitched her up right away. After a day visited by friends and family, she had permission to look at herself in the mirror. She went to the bathroom and started to sob. I remember how much my heart hurt for her.

    I am so happy she is still around and alive sharing her story. I not only thank the surgeons helping her recover, but to her best friend and fellow hikers/bikers being so brave and courageous in saving this beautiful woman's life. ?????❤

  • God bless you dear

  • Cougar on cougar attacks are extremely rare…

  • God bless you

  • Cougar attacks cougar

  • "Must of been so scary"

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