I2O5 Iodine(V)oxide: Carbon monoxide detector CO

Hello guys sorry for a long absence. I
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reactions with Iodine pentoxide Iodine pentoxide is a white crystalline
powder this iodine oxide is the anhydride of iodic acid, when heated to
300 degrees Celsius it decomposes into elemental iodine and oxygen as Iodine pentoxide is the anhydride of iodic acid it forms iodic acid when reacting with water Iodic acid is a strong oxidizer and,
like nitric acid, gives different reduction products depending on its
concentration, in this case you may see the formation of elemental iodine in this experiment I got carbon monoxide
by a simple intermixing of high concentration formic and sulfuric acid. One of the key properties of iodic anhydride is its ability to react with
carbon monoxide at room temperature forming elemental iodine that is easy to
see. That’s why this property of iodine pentoxide serves as the analytical method
for carbon monoxide detection look how carbon monoxide burns in air but only freshly prepared iodine
pentoxide can react at room temperature If it was storage for a long time
carbon monoxide may not react that easily in this case. To start the reaction
iodic anhydride needs to be reactivated with a drop of sulfuric acid if we stop carbon monoxide supply now
elemental iodine will stop forming as well See? Iodine is not forming anymore but
if we restart the carbon monoxide supply will see iodine forming again The main point of this video was to show
this very well-known analytic reaction of detecting carbon monoxide in the
atmosphere. But it’s Chemicalforce! So here is the compilation of interesting
chemical reactions with iodine pentoxide you’ll hardly ever see elsewhere. Iodine pentoxide oxidizes muriatic acid to chlorine gas forming orange
tetrachloroiodic acid Knowing how violent hydrazine anhydrous reacts with different oxidizers are, I tried to drip some hydrazine hydrate on
iodine pentoxide this is how the concoction of aluminum
powder and iodine pentoxide burns off. To initiate the reaction of either elemental
sulfur or sugar powder with iodine pentoxide, all you need is to touch your
mixture with a heated glass rod A drop of sulfuric acid is necessary for
reaction with coal or carbon And lithium borohydride reacts while stirring Thanks for watching, guys and sorry once again for rare releases of new videos in these latter days You have to wait but I
promise it is worth it. See you soon

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