#ICOScapes | Svartberget (Sweden) | Greenhouse gas observations

ICOS Svartberget is one of the few combined atmospheric and ecosystem stations within
the ICOS measurement network. The ICOS measurements conducted
here at the ICOS Svartberget station will improve our understanding
of the carbon cycle of boreal forest and also the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and air pollutants over this boreal region. These measurements are conducted at different levels here at the height of 35, 85 and 150 metres. These measurements, they show clearly how the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse
gases and the air pollutants change depending on whether the air masses come
from the more pristine northern regions or if they’re arriving from more densely populated areas in southern Sweden and Central Europe. The ecosystem station on the other hand measures the turbulent exchange of CO2 and water between the atmosphere and this surrounding forest. We then get the information if this forest
is a carbon sink or a carbon source. ICOS Svartberget is one of the few stations within the ICOS measurement network
that is located in the boreal region. The boreal region covers large areas
and representatives an important bio within Europe but also at the global scale. The boreal forest, therefore, also plays an important role in the global carbon cycle. It is commonly taking up CO2 from the atmosphere and currently stores about 1/3
of the terrestrial global carbon pool. Boreal forests are also an important component in international policy frameworks for climate change mitigation because they are commonly acting as sinks for atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is important to understand what controls this carbon
accumulation in this forest here but also what is the potential
response to future climate change which will then essentially alter the fate of the carbon that is currently stored in this forest.

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