“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

Transcribed by [email protected] You’re here, I’m here, because we care. Not just for today but we care passionately for the future we know that we only have the possibility of avoiding a looming climate catastrophe if people like us refuse to give up. the future of humanity is at stake. While you work to meet the challenge of climate change I beg of you don’t forget nature. The destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world. We can put solar panels on every house. We can turn every car into an electric vehicle. But as long as Sumatra burns we will have failed. So long as the Amazon’s great forests are slashed and burned So long as the protected lands of tribal people, indigenous people are allowed to be encroached upon. So long as wetlands and bog peats are destroyed. our our climate goals will remain out of reach and we will be shit out of time! If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural world, nothing else will matter. Why? Because protecting and restoring forests, mangroves, wetlands, these huge dense carbon sinks represents at least 30 percent of what needs to be done to avoid catastrophic warming. It is, at this time, the only feasible solution for absorbing carbon on a global scale simply put, if we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves. This is what we need to do. We need to include nature in every corporate, state and national climate goal. Put in place the plans, the timetables to meet those goals. Invest in mangroves and tropical forests In the same way, invest in renewable energy. work to end the destruction of these ecosystems. commit to the effort, in the next decade, to secure them for the future. Pursue research in reforestation like we pursue research in carbon capture and storage. Set of goal, to cut costs and increase scale dramatically. Empower indigenous communities to use their knowledge, their history, their imaginations, our science, to save their heritage and their lands. Respect and ensure their rights. Stop, for God’s sake, the denigration of science stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest. They know who they are, we know who they are. we are all ,rich or poor, powerful or powerless, we will all suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction and we are facing what is quickly becoming the greatest moral crisis of our time that those least responsible will bear the greatest costs. so never forget who you’re fighting for it’s the fisherman in Colombia. The fisherman in Somalia, who wonders where their next catch is coming from and wonders why that government can’t protect them from factory fishing from across the world. It’s the mother in the Philippines who’s worried that the next big storm is gonna rip her infant out of her arms. People in California who are fleeing from unprecedented fires People on the East Coast are facing the worst storms in in recorded history It’s our own country, our own community our own families. This is the core truth. if we are to survive on this planet, the only home any of us will ever know, for our climate, for our security, for our future, we need nature. Now more than ever. Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature. Let’s turn off our phones. Let’s roll up our sleeves and… Lets kick this monsters ass. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION AND JOIN US DONATION LINK BELOW

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  • Urgh this retardation being forced into my feed ? you know you’re fighting the man when the man is in full support of what you’re doing ?

  • Eventually humans will become extinct, and the earth will return to balance.

  • Extinction is natural.

  • Vote Democrats 100% 2020.
    Eliminate Republicans who are lobbied by the fossil fuel industries.

  • Solar spots anyone?

  • And yet for all the truth spoken, words don't get the job done but action does.

  • We have one and a half year to stop. Please. I'm 14 and I'm seeing my future get destroyed. I don't know what I'm supposed to do and this is so depressing. Everyone needs to see this video. I want to have a life. A proper life

  • This is a natural process. Humans can do nothing about it. That is not to say humans are benevolent, we are horrible monsters to fellow humans and animals. The catastrophes are happening because our minds has become so corrupted. We deserve this. Only rising our conscious level can save us. The planet know how to survive.

  • We don't need nature, we ARE nature. We need a fundamental change on how we perceive who or what we are.

  • MACRO powers have been the norm for a few thousand years. We have to STOP MACRO powers. We need as a whole group of animal to return to village life. Its either this or we won't make it because MACRO power doesn't change fast enough. The people at the top of these power structures don't care enough. 
    Village life is the only way, mark my words.

  • Thank you Mr. Harrison Ford, but stop thinking people are fools, even if there are a lot of people on the net who eat everything we can tell them. Without ever checking for themselves.
    The people who watch your video are not responsible for anything that happens in Brazil and the Amazon. These fires are caused by money-hungry bastards, or by poor resource seekers. This is the responsibility of the crap that governs the world's largest countries and their billionaires, such as the United States, which easily accuses others of being arsonists while they have destroyed tons of trees in the North of the American continent for bitumen oil. But there's no Harrison Ford to bring her back? All this under Obama! The American and even world powers must stop laughing at us by shifting the responsibility for climate change back to the people. While they have made the choice themselves these powers!!! Scalar waves have come out of films and books as well as laboratories to be used against the future of this planet, so that it resembles the fantasy of the elites. So go back to your movies and explain the rest of the scenario. Without making us responsible for its writing. Thank you! Stéph.

  • Preach it Solo ?

  • Why doesn’t ford address the Rockefeller sludge family? We’re still burning fossil fuels. How does Harrison Ford travel? With fossil fuels. These liberal actors are hypocrites. The average man is just using what were handed. Every time a researcher comes up with a cleaner and a better mileage transport he’s either bought out or killed.

  • People have to go out to the streets so that the Governs listen, that we want Nature to stay alive and that we also want to be alive and to make it grow better than ever, Let's go for it.

  • Exactly.
    And the “Monsters ass” that needs kicking, that Harrison refers to, is called “Venal Self Serving Greed”.

  • Framing the problem as a question which asks humans to protect nature in order to protect human and other species survival, ignores the obvious counter argument that nature and species other than humans will do better without our impact on its being. Appealing to strictly emotional catastrophising doesn't allow for anyone to argue that the question is wrong. Which would isolate the real problem to solve from those who are motivated to "do something about it."

    So could XR reframe this away from (stereo typed and stigmatised) hippy dippy rhetoric and towards the more accurate truth that the elites of society care nothing for general population survival as only the rich will be able to afford to leave the planet to live on space stations (hypothetically)?

    If we want to address human survival we have to address consumerist culture and its consequences for human survival as a result of excessive waste and limited resource use and distribution.

    Getting the attention of global leaders by rallying public participation is a good start but it is global culture that has to change. Right down to the individual. The individual matters, not just the collective. Fighting ourselves is only going to declare war on the value of people as individuals. The devaluing of people as individuals is the governments game to keep everyone well behaved and complicit in their servitude to the culture which is threatening our existence.

    XR has great momentum, don't waste it.

  • Destroy capitalism! Save the planet

  • Gaddangitt when i was knee high we was planting trees ,still planting em thats 50+ years ago , still cant see the forest for the dang trees ?

  • Missing the word "vegan" here. At least The New York Times has understood:
    No, you don't need to go vegan to save our civilization, just understand that vegans are right and drastically reduce the meat, processed meat and dairy consumption depending where you are coming from.
    As pointed out in the article over 90% of land use for soy and grain is to grow animal feed. Land that's been gained from deforestation like in the Amazon.

  • Iminant time is here

  • every time more fires and floods and hurricanes occur, the media calls them "unprecedented".
    NO. everybody fucking knew this was coming. Almost everything we know about climate change, we've known since the late 1970s.

  • It wouldn't matter if Trump really was as good as his supporters think he is. If he doesn't believe in climate change, or worse, does believe in it and still actively ignores it, he is unfit for office. Any leader that doesn't have this, AN EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT, as their top priority is unfit for office.

  • Ok grandpa

  • "Don't believe what you hear or see" Donald Trump

  • It’s obvious why he wants to protect nature.
    If nature gets destroyed, he can’t go to any lost temple to get gold prices.


  • When he says lets turn off our phones; he lost 70% of people that were listening.

  • Thank God someone is saying it.

  • Thank you Mr. Harrison Ford

  • Save the planet!!

  • LOL "The future of Humanity is at stake" so we humans can live longer and still kill the planet but slowly , 3 TRILLION trees gone because of us , billions of birds killed by us , billions of pigs cows and chickens killed each years because of US , Let Humanity DIE , we are parasites on the world

  • Amen Amen Amen! ?????????❤️❤️??? Beautiful Beautiful SPEECH ????


  • Vote for candidates with a passion for renewing and protecting nature. Learn about the smaller local elections. Remember that the Amazon is burning because their new president has given the okay. Listen to Dr Jones.

  • https://youtu.be/zo93M_6Xl50 try Ecosia the search engine that plants trees for every search

  • may the force be with you planet

  • Hey Harrison… talk about how geoengineering to control weather systems worldwide is happening… talk about how DEW weapons are being used to destroy communities like Paradise, CA, Slave Lake, Alberta and others… and start the forest fires that are blamed for all this destruction. Talk about how the globalists plan of Agenda 21 is actually an extinction plan for humanity!!!

  • the runt that burnt the amazon was right behind trump.

  • For the climate truth
    Check out Tony Heller
    Here on YouTube.

  • You can yell and shout all you want but that does not address the root cause of destruction.


  • Oh no they've sucked in Han Solo as well… This is a fucking FARCE, people. Do what Han Solo didn't do – RESEARCH, think for yourself, check things out before you swallow their narrative. Read up on the IPCC, the Hockey Stick graph and ask yourself – does a real scientific crisis require politics and lies to advance it…?

  • "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    John F Kennedy

  • Why does he care? Ust kill it off allready, as he allways said about his roles.

  • The natural disasters are meant to happen. In fact, all of this was meant to happen and there is nothing we can or shall do to stop it. Everything will be fine.

  • And there's nothing that pisses of westerners more than to hear "their animals found under African skies" are facing extinction…..if anything let the numbers of those Africans decline as per the agenda not those poor animals.

  • I agree with everything he is saying, but multi millionaires lecturing people on carbon footprints when they contribute more than your average town. Lead by example & sell a few planes & spread your wealth to help! Talk is cheap.

  • Hero in the big screen, hero in real Life ?

  • Restoring nature by planting more trees is a thought that paints a pretty image, but we will have to do more. We will have to give up some of our luxuries of this age that cause CO2 emissions so that we can decrease the warming of our planet and therefore diminish the catastrophic effects that climate change will have. Even if we restored all of the forests that has been burned and cut down it would not be enough, though of course planting more trees will certainly help and push us in the right direction. But the change that has to happen within our society is unavoidable. It's our carbon emissions that are poisoning nature, and we can try to restore nature but as long as we allow the poison to remain it will keep cutting back on that progress.
    Our release of CO2 in the atmosphere is also one of the culprits causing deforestation, not just humans cutting down trees. That is because CO2 is responsible for increased heat and weather changes which lead to having more dry fuel to burn (grass and other dry plants that light easily), frequent lightning strikes that start fires, and dry, windy weather that fans the flames.
    It's pretty easy to point the finger in another direction and blame our problems on someone/something else than us, weather it be deforestation, people from less developed countries that have a high reproduction rate, the rich and so on, while we still contribute to the problem ourselves. We must keep in mind that we all play a part in the climate changing, no matter if we are making a bigger or a smaller contribution than someone/something else. What if the finger was pointed at us? What are we doing? Are we doing what we can to decrease our carbon footprint? Are we advocating about climate change, protesting and voting for politicians that want to see a change? Most people don't, and it is not necessarily because of lack of interest, but mostly because of lack of information on how to do so. We still have 11 years to lessen the damage of climate change and to me, if Greta Thunberg and specific scientists are hopeful about us being able to cut down on our emissions, than I am. It is not to late to act and start doing the things necessary to have a better future, even though it will undoubtedly be tough.

  • i don't usually get emotional but this did

  • Homo sapiens are extremely adaptable, however the species we rely on for our food supplies are not. We may be able to adapt our technology to compensate, but it may not be in time. Even if it is in time, what other repercussions will we face? We, as a species, are simply a cog in a giant machine, and yet we are still so arrogant as to believe we are what the machine was built for. I guarantee you that after humans have gone extinct, nature WILL find a way to bring about new life on this planet, and it will evolve into more complex life forms. Perhaps those life forms will surpass us, perhaps not.

  • The goddess will heal herself, we are a mear nat in creatipn.

  • Now people say now they said and now they'll say again eventually cheap words the whole lot of it people aren't going to lift a finger until we're at the brink of destruction and by then it won't matter.

  • We're here by the Grace of God you poor little rich celebrity man.

  • What's the "monster's ass" you say, poor rich little celebrity man, you say we should kick? Is it a scapegoat of your choosing, or your controllers?

  • I thought Han Solo died

  • So HF tells why the planet is screwed. Ironic a capitalist American the very sharp end of the problem. There are no people more responsible more complicit in the destruction of Mother Nature than Americans. Save your breath HF. You represent everything wrong with Capitalism and its rapacious need for destruction. Oh and… to late hero.

  • I'm so glad Harrison Ford is using his platform to speak out. His baritone voice and recognizable face serve as great tools to bring attention to climate change.

    Btw, the video of the orangutan fighting the bulldozer was absolutely chilling.

  • God promises a new Earth where righteousness will be forever… forever is a very long time.

  • The people that pay your bills are largely responsible for this mess Harrison. Why do much of us as a people let greed, apathy and carelessness rule our lives instead of the other option? Many listen to the fear mongering and lies from our media and let the Godless oligarchies, elitists and multinational corporations dictate how we live our lives. How truly responsible are the masses for letting these controlling powers be what they are today? Why do a large majority let an entertainment industry distract us, disinform us and lead us down the path of destruction? While I will endeavour to do everything in my power to care for our planet I do not see human kind changing their filthy habits. They just don't care!

  • Darling I agree Complete from Thailand

  • I am for saving the environment. Who isn't. Let's start it now. Let all the rich people stop using airplanes. Let's convince everyone not to use touch screen phones because those things use up rare earth minerals that can't be replenished when gone. Lets stop heating our homes during winter because heating use up a lot of energy. We can talk about this all day but we need solutions and not rhetorics. It is easy to point fingers on those who don't think like the way you think. Share the solutions and stop the blame game. Let's have more positivity.

  • Protecting nature from us.

  • Carbon capture and storage already exist: TREES
    So try planting tress from now on, and encourage others to do so.( of course many are living in urban areas and can't do that, but those who can should consider)

  • If you care why don’t you stop flying around in your private jet burning thousands of pounds of jet fuel into the atmosphere? Hypocrite.

  • Grown up men wearing make up schooling us behind a panel with the word GLOBAL written on it. Beautiful images and great editing, music, inspirational writing delivered by a professional actor pretending to care for fishermen in Somalia.

    Its worth destroying the planet if this kills all that bullshit propaganda in the process

    Fuck you Han Solo !!!!

  • In this planet humanity is like an termite that destroy the firmness and beauty of that wood .Time past by earth will destroy if we don't do anything to restore its beauty

  • Use Ecosia browser and go vegan

  • Why famous people always avoid mentioning animal agriculture?

  • I'm sure there are more steps we can take, but here are just a few.

    — One, politicians work for the people and should not be tempted by personal gain. Thus profiting from business, be it through lobbyists or other methods, while being in politics, should be highly illegal. — Two, government needs to stop wasting resources, fighting pointless causes and focus on real problems. — Three, earth's finite resources should be strictly regulated and never be used strictly for profit. — Four, corporate use of renewable resources (in the broadest sense of the word) should never outpace natures ability to renew these resources. — Five, the education system needs to change, it's been designed to make you conform, it destroys creativity and free thinking, while never teaching about many of the basic things that are fundamental to life and the world we live in (it's archaic and outdated). — Six, the rich should pay their fair share, this means capital gain should be fully taxed.

  • Capitalism is unsustainable.

  • "Stop giving power to those who don't believe in science" They believe in science when it benefits them.. and their shareholders… and their bought out politicians.. Right now, in America, both parties are bought out by corporate interests in profits, not people. CNN is being owned by the DNC not to have any true climate debates.. The past plans of putting carrots in front of corporations noses to do good things for the climate in hopes of making profits are past. It does no good. They don't care. It's time we reward those who truly are invested in people, in nature, in hope. It's time they have a reckoning that affects them profoundly.

  • This needs to be on top trending.

  • "And when it is said to them, "Do not cause corruption on the earth," they say, "We are but reformers."
    Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive [it] not.
    Quran chapter 2 Verses 11-12

  • If everyone would be vegan the world would be way better off. 51% of all greenhouse gases are caused by animal agriculture. Cars are nothing compared to that…

  • Everyone share this everywhere

  • Talk is cheap … boots to the pavement is what's needed …. every human on the planet …. otherwise … well, who knows?
    What kind of hell will you leave for the next generation?
    What kind of hell will you leave to the next generation when you realize the next generation is YOU!

  • I believe we need to teach our children about how to world works and how to live off the land and eat. Then we can get money to help others more effectively. Building a selfless future is the key to creating magic and restore hope in action. That’s just my opinion.

  • Lets stop being on our phones and look at the world around us for once. At least leave the phone for 5 days!

  • Capitalism is a death cult, and it will result in the extinction of life on this earth if we do not repent of its doctrines and dogma. We must worship the 'God of Life' that gave us this beautiful habitat we called EARTH. Nature is our Mother not Mary! We need It to live. ??

  • The Amazon is burning and that will ruin life for everybody on the Earth. We have to wake up and save our lives by saving the Earth for all of the creatures and human that live here. No where else life exists. This planet is our only Habitat. We MUST save it from destruction.

  • Thank you Harrison Ford. You have always been one of my favorite people. Way to be the stand up guy you are

  • Please check out the movie, The Biggest Little Farm.

  • Says the guy that emits more carbon than thousands of average citizens , celebritiy elite hypocrisy .we do need to clean up the planet but when people like Harrison Ford spew their paid lies makes one wonder who they work for

  • You know its sad cause we wont do anything about it.

  • one hell of a speech

  • Good video but that sappy violin makes the video almost seem like a parody of itself. We know it's sad.

  • Harrison Ford giving an actual fuck about something?
    Ok, this is serious.

  • People ARE nature. What is our role in it going to be?

  • White people will die first, as the planet gets hot. Tell them that and see if it lights a fire under their butts.

  • to everyone thrown into existential crisis over this video and to everyone who wants to make a difference remember your actions do matter and they can help or hurt

    as he said we must protect nature and everyone can help that. for starters don't buy anything with palm oil or else more animals will be pushed out of their home to make room for plantations

    and I hate when going here because most people tune out when diet is brought up. but many sources indicate half or more of our carbon footprint is linked to our diets. as hard as it is to admit and act on eating meat is highly inefficient and destructive to the planet. if we're could all go vegetarian/vegan most of the year and only eat meat on birthdays/ holidays the impact would be profound.

    it's easy to justify not changing our diet. I did it for 20 years. but if we stopped deluding ourselves and acted in a day to day manner like that we can still save the planet


  • Even more terrifying than anything the apocolypse may bring is seeing the things that a room full of geniuses can't put an end to, but one intellectual could have prevented.

  • Yeah, I love the drama. If we put solar panels on every house, we will have already overcome socioeconomic and cultural obstacles, making inroads towards the other problems. Our goals need to include building our activist communities by learning and sharing about citizen, community, and NGO accomplishments. I was a food co-op member in NYC, and bought some Patagonia pants, as well as shopping at various health food stores to buy organic foods. My food co-op was buying wind power. You?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHdcpxmJ6vg

    This is just to show how simply bad it is.

  • Some people work to warne the world but the world doesnt listen. Its our destiny to go down.

  • Change the problems before future changes…

  • Ja dann, Krawall und Remmidemmi. Anders geht es nicht.

  • If we do nothing we will become nothing?????

  • I have 4000 plants planted?????

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