Implications of U.S.-China Collaborations on Global Health Issues

Recently, a lot of attention on the United States and China’s collaboration on global health has been focusing on the efforts to stop the synthetic opioid problems. The United States and China has actually been working together for many years on global health, including the China CDC and U.S. CDC has collaborated over two decades on the infectious disease control, especially on HIV and influenza. NIH and China’s Natural Science Foundation has also worked together to try to find funding to fund the research that is targeting cancer and noncommunicable diseases. I think the U.S. and China’s collaboration is critical at this moment, especially when the two countries are facing many of these similar and very daunting problems, such as pandemic and mass migration, as well as the climate change-induced problems. The United States and China can have many initiatives to work together in the future. For example, they can work together, they can collaborate, on building the capacity for global health by initiating programs for scholars and student exchanges. They can also work together to address the synthetic drug issues by looking at the successful case from China on tobacco control as well as the influenza surveillance.

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