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  • It is amazing how quickly Inhofe had information at his fingertips to discredit Chris Field's poor performance in his congressional testimony.

  • The Inhofe press office should be ashamed and embarrassed by this…viewers are unable to determine if he is stupid (Oklahoma heat and drought is the worst in the nation) or evil (the Senator has received half million dollars from the oil, gas and coal industries)

    Astounding. Thanks to the Inhofe Press office for posting this – already this is an important record of astounding stupidity/professional ignorance. He abrogates all responsibility as leader. How does he protect citizens?

  • BTW – ANY single weather event has EVERYTHING to do with climate.

    If you have a dollar, it is not your bank account – but it represents a small fraction of your bank account (hopefully). Weather is a small piece of climate. Climate is made up of weather events. It is really sad that Inhofe has to read scripts of incorrect science… it is against common sense.

  • History is filled with dramas of high priests and powerbrokers trying to control science. The Church tried to command the Sun to revolve around the Earth, the Soviets tried to dictate their own brand of genetics, Senator Inhofe continues as another mis-spokesman for false science. Inhofe is bag-boy for the carbon fuel industry, a modern priest, politburo-crat brandishing science misinformation – he does real damage to our future. He may be a nice guy – he is just dangerously deluded.

  • That would presuppose Rethugs *had* the ability to feel embarrassment: they long ago ceded that emotion to the oil corps who own them.

  • Wow – he actually said this on Aug 1, 2012? Not that he has any credibility left to anyone paying actual attention, but a transcript of this speech – with its comments about the IPCC and Climategate – is alone sufficient to utterly discredit him. This is truly shameful stuff. His deceptions are just so brazen, I don't know whether to be disgusted or, in a jaded kinda way, impressed.
    People in Oklahoma must be really stupid.

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