InSite Salmonella Species Environmental Test Instructional Demo

This instructional video will demonstrate the proper use of InSite Salmonella, Hygiena’s
environmental salmonella test. In this video we will cover: Product details,
and how to properly collect a sample, activate the test device, and interpret results.
InSite Salmonella is a screening test for Salmonella species on food contact surfaces
and other processing equipment after cleaning. The sample collection device’s pre-moistened
swab bud and large foam sampler ensures maximum sample collection for accurate results.
In Hygiena’s patented Snap-Valve is a pre-measured proprietary medium that provides consistent
results with minimal handling. Colorimetric results are available through
the results viewing window in 24-48 hours. Results are easy-to-interpret with the swab
label color chart. InSite Salmonella should be stored at 2 – 8
degrees Celsius. Check the expiration date on the bag and swab label before use.
The materials you will need include: a Hygiena InSite test device, an incubator capable of
37⁰C and a timer of your choice. Now let’s get started.
InSite is a two step test. The first step is collection and pre-enrichment
You may choose to write the test location or time of the test on the label for easy
identification. Remove the swab from the tube.
Swab a 12x12in or 30x30cm square area in a criss-cross pattern swabbing the area with
even coverage. Apply sufficient pressure in the swab shaft
To maximize sample collection and improve the accuracy of test results.
Be sure not to touch the swab shaft when collecting sample. Touching the swab shaft contaminates
the test and may produce inaccurate results. Rotate the swab tip while swabbing to ensure
maximum sample collection. Replace the swab in the tube. Do not activate
the test. Incubate the unactivated device for 6 hours
at 37 degrees Celsius. For alternative pre-enrichment times, refer to the complete instructions
downloadable at The second step Is activation and selective
enrichment Remove Insite salmonella from the incubator.
The easiest way to activate InSite is to hold the device in your fist and use the thumb
and forefinger to break the snap-valve by bending the bulb forward and backward.
Next, squeeze the bulb 3-4 times to expel all liquid into the tube.
Gently massage the bottom of the tube by squeezing the tube 3 times.
Then gently shake for 3 seconds. This will help release cells from the swab and displace
air bubbles. Incubate the test device at 37⁰C for 18-42
hrs. Positive results can be read as early as 24 hours. Results cannot be considered
negative until a total incubation time of 48 hours after sample collection.
To view results, hold the device upright and compare the color of the medium in the viewing
window to the color chart on the tube label. If the color of the media changes from purple
to bright yellow within 24-48 hrs, the sample is considered presumptive positive for Salmonella.
It is important to interpret color change of the medium only and disregard color influence
from the foam swab. Only bright yellow medium should be interpreted as a positive result
for Salmonella presence. To properly dispose of the test, devices should
be disinfected by autoclaving, incinerating, or by soaking in 20% bleach for 1 hour. InSite
may then be discarded in the trash. InSite Salmonella may also be discarded at a biohazard
waste disposal facility. This concludes our Hygiena instructional video.
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