Introducing Environmental Science

Hello everybody! And welcome to Environmental
Science. In this class we are going to talk big-picture Biology. We are moving well past
DNA, and cells. Past tissues, organs, and organisms. Even past individual populations
and communities. We are going to take everything you have learned about those things and add
them all up to pick apart the amazing interactions between organisms and their environment. And
not just their environment, our environment. You see, we are part of the environment, and
we leave our footprint on it in so many ways. And some of our footprints, unfortunately,
last longer than others! This class will take on the task of looking
at how humans, our civilizations, and the living world get along. In order to do that,
we will have to step outside of biology a bit here and there. We are going to bring
in a bit of chemistry, physics, sociology, economics and even some politics to paint
an incredible picture of what is going on in the world around us. As environmental scientists,
we have three goals. They are, one, to learn how the natural world work. That is where
the biology, physics, and chemistry come in… two, understand how we as humans interact
with the environment. Still science. And three, determine how our societal choices affect,
sorry two and three, the environment. That is where we are going to need to brush up
on our social studies. This is why it is so important that Environmental
Science is an interdisciplinary field. Biology alone, or physics, or social studies, or chemistry
can’t tell us enough to figure out how the choices that humans make affect the environment
around us. We need to look at all of those fields, understand what they have to offer,
and use our critical thinking skills to apply them to environmental problems that are affecting
our world today. This video should help you answer the first
two critical questions. Rewatch it if you need to. The second two questions will be
answered in the next video “Story of Stuff.” While you are watching the video, think of
at least three ways that consumerism affects the environment, and think about if you disagree
or agree with the claims that are made in the video. In addition, try and think about
all the different subjects that you might need, all the different school subjects, to
solve the problems mentioned in the story of stuff. Good luck, and enjoy the video!

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