Introducing the EL-USB-CO Carbon Monoxide Level Data Logger

The EL-USB-CO is a stand-alone data
logger capable of acquiring carbon monoxide levels from 0 to a thousand parts-per-million. With an included lithium-ion battery, the logger can sample intervals from once
every ten seconds for three and a half days, to a sample every five minutes for three
and a half months. The included Easy-Log software allows you to configure the EL-USB-CO via a USB port and upload data for
analysis using the Easy-Log USB Graph Utility. Note that the EL-USB-CO is a measuring
device designed to record carbon monoxide levels for later analysis. It’s not a safety warning device and
should not be used in this capacity. EL-USB Loggers use LEDs to indicate
when data is being recorded or when an alarm level has been breached. Some EL-USB Loggers include a LCD
display, while others do not. Those with a LCD display include a push-button that can be used to cycle through
minimum and maximum values, or to start recording. EL-USB Loggers include a plastic cap to
protect the USB connector, a rubber gasket helps keep out dust and
moisture. To install or replace the battery, simply
press the “release” tab with a small screwdriver and slide the case back to expose the
battery compartment. Most EL-USB series loggers also include
a bracket for mounting. For more on setup and configuration, click the ‘Details’ tab on the product page.

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