Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem?

One of the most persistent claims in the climate
debate is that global warming leads to more extreme weather. This is a common concern
expressed by those who fear a dangerously warming planet. President Barack Obama did
so eloquently in his 2013 State of the Union Address when he talked about “the devastating
impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms.” Many others have
offered similar sentiments. Global warming is a problem that needs to
be addressed, but exaggeration doesn’t help. It often distracts us from simple, cheaper
and smarter solutions. To find those solutions, let’s address the three horsemen of the
climate apocalypse to which President Obama referred.
Historical analysis of wildfires around the world shows that since 1950 their numbers
have decreased globally by 15%. Estimates published in the Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences shows that even with global warming, the level of wildfires will continue
to decline until midcentury and won’t resume on the level of 1950 — the worst for fire
— before the end of the century. Claiming that droughts are a consequence of
global warming is also wrong. The world has not seen a general increase in drought. A
study published in Nature in March 2014 shows globally that there has been little change
in drought over the past 60 years. The U.N. Climate Panel in 2012 concluded:
“Some regions of the world have experienced more intense and longer droughts, in particular
in southern Europe and West Africa, but in some regions droughts have become less frequent,
less intense, or shorter, for example, in central North America and northwestern Australia.”
And finally, the third horseman: hurricanes. Global hurricane activity today, measured
by total energy, hasn’t been lower since the 1970s.
While it is likely that we will see somewhat stronger (but fewer) storms as climate change
continues, damages will be lower because we’ll be better adapted. A March 2012 Nature study
shows that the global damage cost from hurricanes will be 0.02% of gross domestic product by
2100 — down 50% from today’s 0.04%. Let me make this clear: this does not mean
that climate change isn’t an issue. It means that exaggerating the threat concentrates
resources in the wrong areas. Consider hurricanes (though similar points
hold for wildfire and drought). If the aim is to reduce storm damage, then first focus
on resilience — better building codes and better enforcement of those codes. Ending
subsidies for hurricane insurance to discourage building in vulnerable zones would also help,
as would investing in better infrastructure (from stronger levees to higher-capacity sewers).
These solutions are quick and comparatively cheap. Most important, they would diminish
future hurricane damage, whether climate-induced or not. Had New York and New Jersey focused
resources on building sea walls and adding storm doors to the subway system and making
simple fixes like porous pavements, Hurricane Sandy would have caused much less damage. In the long run, the world needs to cut carbon dioxide because it causes global warming.
But if the main effort to cut emissions is through subsidies for chic renewables like
wind and solar power, virtually no good will be achieved — at very high cost.
The cost of climate policies just for the European Union — intended to reduce emissions
by 2020 to 20% below 1990 levels — are estimated at about $250 billion annually, or about $20
trillion over the century. And the benefits, when estimated using a standard climate model,
will reduce temperatures only by an immeasurable one-tenth of a degree Fahrenheit by the end
of the century. Even in 2040, under its most optimistic scenario,
the International Energy Agency estimates that just 2.2% of the world’s energy will
come from wind and solar. As is the case today, almost 80% will still come from fossil fuels.
As long as green energy is more expensive than fossil fuels, growing consumer markets
like those in China and India will continue mostly to be powered by them.
Solar, wind, and other renewables are still inefficient because they require subsidies
of more than $120 billion a year. And even in 2040, they won’t be efficient. The International
Energy Agency estimates they will still require more than $200 billion dollars annually.
Instead of pouring money into subsidies for existing, inefficient wind and solar energy,
we’d be far better off supporting research and development of green energy technologies
to make them cheaper, faster. When innovation eventually makes green energy
as cheap or cheaper than fossil fuel energy, everyone will use it, including China and
India. Until then, let’s cool the fear mongering and make practical decisions that will help
people now. I’m Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen
Consensus Center.

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  • lol wind energy is already close to 2% of global energy production and growing like crazy because it's the cheapest form of energy. Unless you believe there's a global conspiracy to build expensive and inefficient energy.

  • I'd rank global population doubling every 62 years and US spending driving us into unsustainable debt within 30 years to be much more pressing problems than 1.3 degrees F temperature increase over a century.

  • +PragerU I just want to point out again that Trump as elected and a decade long drought ended in California and I believe we are having one of our coolest summers in recent history.

  • Global climate change is cyclical and beyond man's control. Regional climate change based on human growth in an area can hardly be controlled unless you control the expansion of humans. Air and water quality can be greatly controlled and should be for quality of life.

  • Yes because rise sea level mean most of the world cities which are by the sea will start to sink, so don't complain if your house is flooded.

  • Only symptomatic treatment would not create long term impacts

  • Our biggest problem is greedy Politicians, in league with vested interests in big business. Please explain how emptying my wallet via climate taxes can possibly affect the mechanics of the natural world of climate. It cannot and they know that. Rises in CO2 level lags behind any warming. It doesn't initiate warming. In reality, higher levels of CO2 has led to better crop yields to feed a rising population. Renewables will only be viable if the world population is a tenth of what it is now and the less developed areas stay that way.

  • weather is becoming increasingly random and its not because of global warming because its not a gradual trend it just suddenly changes randomly : global warming is not a threat to anyone born before the 21st century because they will all be dead before CO2 emissions have a significant effect on the climate as appeared to how the weather is becoming increasingly more random at a random pattern

  • Let's talk about plastic in the ocean,amazon forest and the corral reefs that are almost all dead all over the world.
    PS: Les damage-tell this to Puerto Rico.

  • Iceland is run on just hydroelectric and thermal power

  • You are drastically underestimating how "easy" it is to build new sewers roads and walls around the ocean. You're talking about 50 years worth of infrastructure construction without the funding to do it.

  • Economist talks about climate change :))))))

  • Things people believe are more devastating than climate change:
    -cultural appropriation
    -people going into the bathroom of the wrong sex
    -same-sex marriage
    -kneeling for the National Anthem

  • I don't really see how the title goes with the video.

  • Yes. Next question.

  • Barrack was a punk. Every word out of his mouth was a lie.

  • Conservatives not believing in solar power and wind energy is part of the reason why I consider myself center-right instead of fully right-wing politically

  • Houston boi coming in two years after this video was posted. Hurricane Harvey and Irma would like to say hello.

  • Blame it on the Sun getting hotter, bigger and brighter. Our star is getting old and it could be our death one day. Global Warming is hooey and I dont believe it. Sorry tree huggers, youre bogus.

  • this account needs to preface all their videos and stop being shady conservatives. seriously this is just republican propaganda. the only reason i found this channel is because i got a stupid advertisement about a woman becoming a free thinker by becoming pro choice and pro gun. i believe in free speech of course. but at least make it clear that this is just rewording the republican/conservative agenda in a sneakier way.

  • CO2 has no impact on the Climate and global warming is a hoax.

  • 1/10 Fahrenheit is 1/20th Celsius;
    using the most common SI(System International) units for temperature makes the increase seem even smaller.
    "Benefits of $20Trillion Euro spent to reduce CO2 is 1/20th degree Celsius using standard climate models."
    $20T/743million Europeans = $123Euro, as a European,
    I would want my $123 Euro back for the literally imperceptible change of 1/20 Celsius.

  • There is no debating that the universe was created in 6 days 6000 years ago.

  • How on earth can you say Global Warming is Climate Change?
    They are two separate natural unstoppable disasters that will eventually happen.
    Global Warming happens after every ice age but, because we are still not out of our last ice age, it has not started yet.
    for the last 10 yeas NASA as been taking photographs of the North Pole and has documented a 60% increase of ice. In the Plateau regions of the Antarctic it has not been warmer then -20 degrees Celsius and only on the coastal areas you may find 0 degrees Celsius or maybe even 1 or 2 degrees Celsius in the high summer time. In the dark ages it was possible to grow wine in most parts of the United Kingdom but, because of a temperature drop since the dark ages, this is no longer possible. Also if Global Warming would be happening and the Sea level is rising, why is this not noticeable at all Ports world wide? I am also sure that the first country who would vanish is the Netherlands and then the United Kingdom. If that is the case and this disaster is on its way, how come the financial industry is still giving out 30-40 year Mortgages to people in the United Kingdom or the Netherlands or North Germany or The southern part of the United States of America? Because its a scam and the Banks know it is. They know in 10 years time that very expensive house in Cornwall will still be there. In the 1970s most scientists said that in about 50 – 60 years time we should experience a small ice age created by the greenhouse effect. Now the main reason why the politicians of western Society are so keen on pushing for Global Warming is to slow down economic Growth in third world countries. Could you imagine what would happen to the western co-operations, the super companies like Nestle if India or Bolivia would be economically stable? This can not happen and they will do anything to stop it. One main way is to pay politicians to support their cause and create International Laws to stop third world countries from growing out of poverty. If any country would ignore the new laws passed through without their say so, we would simply intervene with military action in the name of freedom and to save the world after we use depleted uranium to destroy their army like in Iraq. Ok so maybe WWF have shown clips of large amounts of ice breaking away and they will continue that to get your money but, have you ever thought about how high must the North and South Pole must be if it constantly snows there and or its solid. Snow falls onto land and piles up. Pressure of that large amount starts to push the snow or ice out towards the coast. Saltwater and a slight higher temperature starts to melt the ice and WWF film this and sell it everyone as disastrous. I did not want to point fingers at WWF but, they are the first ones that came through my mind.

    Climate Change is also a natural disaster that is not stoppable by mankind. This is caused by the Magnetic Field and the movement of the Magnetic North. As you may of heard before, our planet is surrounded by a Magnetic Field that protects us from a lot of harmful things like Ultra Violet Rays from the sun and radioactive cosmic dust to name two. Our atmosphere is approximately 550KM thick (does not just stop, it thins out) and consists of four layers during the day (D, E, F1 & F2) and only one layer at night. (D, E disappear and F1 & F2 merge together) There are three types of Norths we use and the first one is the True North. This is where Santa and his Elves make the Christmas Presents. The second one being the Grid North. This is used on a proper map where you have little squares that mark 1KM² or 2KM² and are called Grid Squares. You just cant put a Grid over something that is round, somewhere it would be off. Finally we have the Magnetic North and this one is moving from west to east. Anyone who can read a proper map knows about the GMA (Grid Magnetic Angle) and that if you want to walk on a bearing from a map, you need to add the GMA on to the Mils or Degrees of your compass. That Magnetic North moving and the South staying where it is, is causing the Magnetic Field in the north-western Hemisphere to stretch and in the east-western side to bunch up. The stretching of the Magnetic Field is causing it to weaken off and that is why there is a large increase of Hurricanes, Tornados and extreme Lightning Storms happening around the United States of America. We also have seen abnormal behavior within animals like Fish and Birds that rely on the Magnetic Field for navigation. Sooner or later we with have a change in the position of our planet and we then may experience todays climate in Italy, in Germany. I am sure everyone knows that the Antarctic was not always covered in snow.

    Now what I will say is that we are responsible for a lot of bad things. We chop down our source of oxygen, we poison our oceans with plastic and our drinking water with chemicals and yes the Ozone Hole (in the E Layer of our atmosphere) is us as well however, it has been shrinking. We are also responsible for our beaches disappearing but, that has nothing to do with water level rising, its more a thing about building things and needing sand to do so however, that’s a different topic. So please relax and concentrate on the good things in life. Do something good, help someone in need and forget all this political bullcrap. Thanks for reading.

  • It is crucial to remember and/or recognize the actual MISSION of the IPCC: "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization for the purpose of assessing “the scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change."

    Those last four words are where the rubber meets the road. No natural causes are relevant to their mission and they do not consider natural components at all. How can it be scientifically assessed while ignoring all natural contributions? Anyone who knows anything about the earth must recognize that humans have only contributed VERY VERY RECENTLY and yet, climate changes have been happening since the beginning.

  • Solar panels for electricity on your home are worthless, i read someons comment saying he gets a paycheck for the electric company from having solar panels, but wait how much were those solar panels to begin with? 10k 15k nope 25k, so lets do the math and then do some rational thinking. 25k how long will it be until you start to save money? If the paycheck that one guy is getting back is lets say 100 dollars, how lomg would it be until you actually profit? Well lets see 100 a month, equals 1,200 yearly so multiply 1,200$ times 20 years ohh lets see its 24k ok so after 20 years of using your solar panel would there be actual profit well thats awesome!!! 🙂


  • Wanna know a seacret to low air polution? REPLANTING! Here in Finland we replant everything after the cuttin down of forests. That's why we have one of the lowest air polution levels in the world. If you cut the forest for wood replant the trees after the job is done. And don't harvest forests where you don't need to.

  • this channel is a joke

  • I think supporters of Donald Trump opens this channel.

  • Climate change the biggest problem …….lol, lol, lol ……. the world population has grown by almost 5 billion since the mid sixties …… and is still growing by at least 80million a year as we speak ……. i.e. if we cannot slow down this insanity pretty soon we may be roughly 14 billion by the year 2100 …….. basic math dictates that with 14 billion of our species on this planet we will have even more and bigger other problems to deal with than climate change ……..

  • World about overpopulation like people in Africa don’t have clean drinking water because we ran out of water

  • PragerU has been generously funded by two of the richest men in the United States, billionaire brothers Dan and Farris Wilks, who made their fortunes in fracking.

  • The Left: It's NOT global warming!!! It is "climate change"! Me: What is the premise of climate change? The Left: rising global temperatures. Me: You mean global warming? The Left: yes.

  • U guys are great….loved your videos…

  • Climate change is constant and the real problem we are facing is Islamic terror and take over of the U.S.

  • For solar energy to be efficient, the following questions must be answered:

    1. How much is the eletricity bill before installing solar infrastructure?
    2. Which are your most consuming appliances before the change?
    3. Will you change any of those appliances after going "solar"?
    4. Does the government provides any form of tax cuts or subsides for solar energy in your State?
    5. Does theprice you pay for solar infrastructure is adjusted to the expected inflation of the period between purchase and return of investment?
    6. Which is the estimated life service of the solar equipment?
    7. Which is the manufacturer estimated decrease in efficiency during life of service?

  • 33-50% of energy should come from the atom. We should also get as much energy from geothermal and hydropower as possible. With regards to wildfire, prescribed fires, building structures out of non combustible materials, and making defensible space would help.

  • If you want the best explanation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, here it is:

  • More of those pesky facts that the rhetoric producers ignore at everyone's expense. Thanks for the reality check!

  • You can’t use global statistics because some places are more effected by climate change than others. Show me statistics from California and other places with mass fires and droughts.

  • I would argue that climate change is the most serious issue facing the world today, besides Conservatism.

  • Our biggest problem today is another World War. If that happens, it could mean the end of humanity.

  • Irma huracane be like "hold my beer"

  • There is only one cause of most all of mans problems. All other problems are caused by this one single problem. It is OVERPOPULATION. That causes all the other problems.

  • Don't forget about the big number of animals and nature dying. The damage to humans, whilst important to acknowledge, is only half.

  • GDP is also increased sir. How can less percentage means less damage?

  • "Had New York.. focused… on building sea walls and… porous pavements, Hurricane Sandy would have caused much less damage." Official estimate is 3 to 8 feet of sea level rise sometime in the next 80 years. That's a sea wall around the entire East Coast of the U.S. This 'simple' solution will cost trillions of dollars and we need to start building it now, because the energy needed to cause that level of rise has already been trapped in the ocean system. That is not (imho) something that can now be avoided.

  • People aren’t excepting climate change that’s been pushed by the left for like six years, the ideas are getting out there because of the Internet and how wrong the people on the left I’ve been about climate change the whole time. Most serious people on the right never thought nothing was going on we just knew Democrats were lying about it. Politicizing at least exaggerating it. We still don’t believe in catastrophic man-made climate change or inconvenient truth

  • Before the left start saying politicians know it’s real and big businesses know it’s real they’re just lying to make money, that’s all I need to know that I’m right and they’re wrong. Whenever other thing you believe is wrong!like you voted for Bernie Sanders and abortion is cool, stupid stuff, and thinking black people are oppressed in America these are all equally factual as your definition of climate change, that’s all the reason I need to disagree with you.

  • I wonder what he’d think of hurricane Irma and Harvey

  • I liked because prageru didn’t put on a climate change denier for this episode.

  • Lefty libtards are born impractical.. just look at these comments? They defend their wrong notions through personal annecdotes and deflect to other issues..

  • I'm sorry, but he's being a little disingenuous. Climate science doesn't predict that the globe will have more droughts. It predicts that warming will cause more evaporation which will increase total precipitation.
    But shifting weather patterns will redistribute where the rain is falling, leading to more and ore severe droughts as we're seeing in places like Southern California and heavier rains, and flooding like we see in the Pacific NW.
    His claims that carbon emissions are best dealt with by waiting for green energy to become cheaper than fossil fuels is a non-starter since he already discounts all the green energy technology we have now while far right politicians fight tooth and nail to prevent the development of any competition to their big energy donors.
    So sure, CO2 is a problem. But let's not do anything about it until something completely new falls from the sky like Manna from Heaven!

  • So…. We're already screwed. Time to start investing in space technology.

  • Our globe has been undergoing "climate change" for 2 billion years!! If we stopped using the haarp project and chem trails to manipulate the weather we'd be fine. Co2 provides vegetation and trees what they need so that they can respirate Oxygen!! The people who are pushing this garbage are the ones who jet away to these climate meetings in planes that expel a lot more exhaust pollutants than cars do. Elite hypocrites trying to extricate money from the taxpayers!

  • Quantum energy is free, but our government has 5,000 patents locked up and unavailable due to private corp. interests. If they ever released them, our lives would be considerably easier and we wouldn't be enslaved by the the intnl. banking cartels!

  • NO NO NO AND NO. If democrats are so worried about GLOBEL warming. Then why don't they try and stop the world's 22 active volcanos They put out more pollution than humans do in year in one day. THE planet was warming and cooling long before humans were. here. Humans do have some impact but it is miniscule compared to natural disasters.

  • Nice video, there might be some flaws (possibly) but overall good thoughts and well said

  • wasn't the earth all tropical at one point?

  • Worth considering is global greening

  • PagerU isn't even a university….

  • Noticed that libral trolls immediately go strait to attacking the one speaking but have absolutely nothing to debate why you feel he's wrong ! My first observation is you think with your ;feelings ; and not with critical thinking skills and facts , and it's just not with this topic it's with everything and is why you riot and burn down your own college just because you can't handle the truth ! It's really sad but Libralism is a self inflicted mental disorder and the only cure is to get out of Trimble libral group think and actually listen to people who are not acting on behalf of a political agenda like radical libral acidemia does !

  • I think the Permian mass extinction never happened, Venus is not hot and the rebels of the Arab Spring were force fed too much bread that they rebelled.

  • how does this guy get his hair blond on top and then slightly dark below? Must be that Nordic hair style magic.
    Or — just a Nordic toupee?

  • Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem? No, climate deniers are a bigger problem.

  • The article posted on the bottom of the video is from wikipedia and not to be trusted

  • About energy, how about cold fusion?

  • Well, Climate change might not be our biggest problem, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t find better ways to replace non renewable energy sources.

  • Obama was the Lair-in-Chief when it comes to climate change. Once this hoax is exposed all these creeps will say "I know all the time!"

  • Bjorn Lomborg's climate sceptic think tank to close
    Copenhagen Consensus Centre, directed by the high profile opponent of tackling global warming, is to close in July after the Danish government cut its funding


  • Notice the lack of citations

  • As a Dane, I can safely say that Bjørn Lomborg long since has become the laughing stock of his native country: It's well-known around here by now that whenever he opens his mouth, what follows are oversimplifications, cherry pics, misrepresentations and outright lies by omission. I guess that's why he's mostly active abroad nowadays

  • It's 2018 now… do you feel like a douche yet? Or should we wait another couple of years?

  • Lol these sound like the allies speaking about Hitler to then be surprise when the Germans blitzed France and Poland even though they could see he was preparing the German war machine

  • Many liberal people hating facts about how to handle economics and the outcome of spending less for more output.

  • Hey Prager …… tell us about all the big oil money you receive! Or did you conveniently forget about it? Dodged any drafts lately? Pay any taxes lately? Ever get accredited? Prager U…Trump U…whats the difference?

  • It snowed in Hawaii and didn’t snow in New England this year, and that’s apparently because of the polar vortex which was caused by climate change. Where I lived it was a good 10 degrees colder than it usually is at the same time.

    I don’t even know what’s going on these days.

  • I dunno droughts, crop failure, hurricanes like we never seen, acidic levels rising in the ocean killing 70% of ocean sea life. But nah we need that oil money instead cause you wouldn't wanna make your fracking billionaires friends unhappy would you prager.

  • All those complaining in the comments section that this argument is incorrect or pedantic, I have a general knowledge test for you.

    1, What is the leading green house gas in the atmosphere and what is it's concentration in parts per million?
    2, What is the current percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the total of all green house gases?
    3, What is the standard deviation in reference to time when Al Gore attempted to make a comparison between Carbon Dioxide core ice samples and the temperature record?
    4, How much did Al Gore claim the global temperature had risen from the 1940's to the year 2000?
    5, What was the temperature trend as recorded since the invention of the modern thermometer (roughly in the 17th century) and how does that compare to the current temperature trends?
    6, How many temperature reading stations are there on the continent of Antarctica?
    7, Has polar ice in the Antarctic been increasing or decreasing in mass over the past few decades?
    8, What is the optimal Carbon Dioxide level for plant photosynthesis?
    9, What is another name for the Plystecine Ice Age?
    10, Who was Thomas Gold and how could his theory, if proven correct, radically change our understanding of renewable energy resources?

    See the first comment for the correct answers

    If you can answer all those questions correctly and you still think anthroprogenic climate change is a credible and immediate threat you either seriously need to rethink your position, or take an intro to logic class because someone obviously forgot to teach you how to think rationally.

    In addition, this channel was started as part of a non profit organization by noted journalist Dennis Prager in order to challenge the "unhealthy effect intellectually and morally" of the American higher education system. The fact that it's putting a rather significant dent in the strangle hold that bias leftist media has over information on important topics is also rather commendable. I've done a lot of fact checking and determined that on balance they are extremely accurate and balanced, as good journalism should be.

  • I completely agree with his assessment on infrastructure. I moved to Houston Texas ten days before Hurricane Harvey hit. At the time I was staying at my brother's house in the suburb of Clear Lake. The Clear Lake City planner made sure that the city's storm drainage system could handle nearly double what was required by state law. As a result we never needed to evacuate and only a handful of homes flooded even though whole neighborhoods further inland were being evacuated. That's some pretty compelling evidence to me.

  • Best comedy channel on YouTube

  • I’d say being bribed by fracking companies to downplay climate change and promote unrenewable energy is a worse problem right now

  • This channel is an utter joke, and obviously pedals unscientific nonsense because it's funded by coal barons. Allow a real scientists to refute the nonsense propagated by this channel:

  • I am for alternative energy and for the fact that humans are a significant contributors to global warming and climate change, but I am also for removing the subsidies for energy sources including alternative energy, but also for fossil fuels too. Then put those subsidies on research for alternative energy focused on lowering its cost so we can afford to invent the affordable alternative energy.

  • Man made climate change isn’t real you cuckservatives.

  • hahahaa bark obama

  • Jordan brought me here

  • That's Bark Hussein Obama to you!

  • I've watched 4 PragerU videos about climate change and they don't seem to agree. He just said, "in the long run, the world needs to cut carbon dioxide because it causes global warming." In another video, another guy said there was no correlation between CO2 and global warming.

    I believe that pollution is bad. Whether or not we will suffer drastic consequences inflicted upon us by nature if we do not cut carbon emissions is something that should not be relevant in politics as science should be the sole informer of this issue. Either way, I don't like seeing trash in the environment, or mass animal extinction. I think we need to be nice to the environment because we are part of it too. Everything is connected as I've been told. I don't have all the answers myself (I don't think many people do) but I wish the spread of misinformation about this topic and so many others to stop. It is just creating widespread panic and hindering our progress towards a better future.


  • The biggest problems of all are lying politicians and media.

  • The claims about renewable are so misguided. In the UK wind is cheaper than fossil and requires no subsidies. We have already had a nu ber of days this year where we burned no coal at all. This guy has a track record of cherry picking data to suit his agenda which is clearly anti progress and alarmist about all the wrong things. Please go and listen to real scientists quoting real non-POLITICAL data.

  • Not surprising Obama lied to us about everything, that's what he excelled at!

  • maybe the wildfires have decreased cause we cut down all the trees that they would’ve burnt

  • Same brednie

  • You are funded by big oil companies. Environmental problems are not left or right. It’s crisis point by science. This is shameful side stepping and obscuring the crisis.

  • Mmmm no we should just fight sexism and inequality as our planet becomes a Venus stan. Exaggerating climate change is not a bad thing. If it aids to resolving it, I don't care if the world descends into anarchy. We can't live without the planet but the planet can surely live without us.

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