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To everyone who posts IG stories about their mountain climb “soul searching” make sure you’re responsible. A lot of you are still littering up the mountains.
I see your trash. No. Of course not. No. Ofcourse not. It’s not a freaking– who the hell said it’s a hoax? It’s not a hoax because it’s scientifically proven. I believe it’s real but I feel like some people refute it because they don’t personally feel the effects. I think that it’s real because throughout the years I’ve personally observed a lot of changes in our climate. Recently with Typhoon Tisoy we were the only country to get hit. That was the only Typhoon in
that season and it wasn’t even rainy season anymore. When I was younger usually the rainy season lasted from June to August or September. But now I observed that
summer lasts until June to July. I’ve noticed stronger typhoons. I’m from Tacloban and
we were the first to get hit by typhoons. My family tells me that
typhoons weren’t that strong in the past. It feels like it gets hotter every year. Recently it has been getting colder than ever. Maybe it’s just me but it’s getting hotter than ever colder than ever. Literally the temperature and
the climate in general has been going haywire. Climate change is felt
not only in the changes in weather. The agricultural sector can also
attest to it because of the droughts and the water crisis. How can you say that it’s not real when so many problems have been arising because of climate change. Yes, I am. Pretty much, yeah. No. No. But I am aware of what carbon footprint is. Personally I don’t think
I know what my carbon footprint is. I think I have an idea based on my daily activities. I do so many things in life so I feel like I’m leaving a big carbon footprint but I don’t really think about it. I guess I leave footprints
when I use Grab or when I use plastic straws. The best thing that I currently do is
usually commute, but that’s actually a challenge now. I ride the UV Express so
that basically has carbon emissions. I bike to work.
So everyday from Monday to Friday, I would
bring my bike to and from Marcos Highway to Libis. Which isn’t that bad? People think that’s a
huge distance but think of it this way, If I bring a car it’s going to
take me an hour and a half to probably two hours. But then when I take my bike, it’s only 30 minutes. From the moment we’re born to the day we die we naturally have a carbon footprint and it’s a challenge to reduce that
just by trying to limit what you do in your life. But I can say that my
carbon footprint is pretty average. You really see the difference when you try alternative things to help reduce your carbon footprint. Just try different things
and hopefully it would help. It’s all about the desire to help
or the desire to try to improve yourself for everyone’s sake. Yes. Yeah! I love trees. Yes, if it’s on a national scale. I don’t know. It can only do so much. Recently the Amazon Forest
was purposely burned down to the point that it may be irreversible. One of my advocacies is for reforestation There has been a decline in the Philippines’
forest cover throughout the years. I believe that if we take
reforestation and preserving forests seriously we can mitigate the effects of
natural disasters that routinely plague the country. Adding trees or even planting trees and putting it inside urban development, it helps a lot. I spend most of the time
riding my bike baking under the hot sun until I reach sections with
tree cover and it just uplifts me. I realized that the breeze is pretty cool,
we just don’t have enough shade. I think that tree cover
would encourage people to walk or bike and in turn reduce
congestion on the roads and emissions. The Philippines would benefit greatly if
reforestation is consistently planned and executed. Oh I love the GCash app. Yeah, I actually participate now with the save the forest thing. The one were you… yeah. Wow bro, it’s like Tamagotchi but with trees. Oh it’s like a game! Oh! My green energy is at 4-digits! I have 1,470 points. Can you see it? This is a pretty good initiative.
I’d probably use GCash. People have been telling me to use it for a while now. Actually my first impression is that this is great. They were able to link the
cashless lifestyle to saving the environment. So basically what you do has a
physical manifestation at a certain point. It’s not just talking about saving the Earth, you’re actually contributing a tree. Which in turn could save the Earth. It’s so clever! You’re going cashless and at the same you’re earning green points. It’s creating awareness and at the same time Helping the environment while we’re learning. It takes little effort but you’re actually helping. It’s your individual social responsibility. You’re doing things for yourself while being able to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Talking about the climate can be very technical and It can be very boring to some people because they have other things to worry about. For GCash to turn it into some sort of game,
to “gamify” it is a very interesting step forward. It can be the first step towards
learning about climate change or planting trees. I honestly feel really happy about it
because at least it’s a digital step. Around, I guess 80 or 90 percent of Filipinos within urban areas have this so that hits a lot of groups. That’s a lot of groups. So I think this is a more tangible way. And this is actually really good. Yes. For sure. Oh yeah definitely. Individual human activities has had a huge impact on climate change. For example, littering blocks our drains and cause heavy floods in certain areas especially now that we’re experiencing stronger typhoons. And I think that also relates to our discipline as individuals when it comes to proper waste disposal. It’s a grey question? There’s the corporate area
and there’s the individual area. On the individual area you can only do so much. But the thing is what you do is very small [compared] to what
the corporate area can actually affect. Actually the biggest contributor to emissions is the transportation sector at least for the Philippines. And in terms of waste it’s household waste. All of those fall under personal carbon footprint. With you being in control of
how you choose your transportation you’re choice on higher
emission options of transport is on you. Even with small changes that we commit to has a positive snowball effect in the long run. There are some things that
you can do on the individual level. It’s not gonna be that much, but then it’s gonna be something. I hope not. No and Yes something like that. I think there is hope to make an impact,
to change the course. There are plenty of efforts not
just in the government sector but also in private companies. For example they’re transitioning into energy efficiecy. There are new methods coming out of brilliant minds that are just not being implemented as much and it’s a matter of discomfort. Are politicians or are the people who run the world comfortable with taking risks? What people can do? Like what Imentioned a while ago, lifestyle change. Like choosing to bring your own containers
or bags is a small step but it can make a big impact just because the biggest waste contributor in the Philippines is personal or household wastes. So even if you prevent just
one bottle from going to waste while it makes a small impact,
at least you did something to contribute. To everyone who posts IG stories about their mountain climb “soul searching” make sure you’re responsible. I see a lot of Luzon mountains
now just littered with trash. I know the LGUs are trying to do their best to help clean up the mountains or the places But a lot of you are still littering up the mountains.
I see your trash. This has been a long standing problem and everyone has been informed about it. But it seems that nothing is being done about it.
So in that sense it kind of feels like it’s too late. But I think since our generation is next in line to the higher-up positions maybe we can change the ‘business as usual’ of companies and governments. I think there is hope but we just need to try. We can do it if we all just band together. We’re leaving this planet in what 70 years? 80 years? Hopefully this can be enjoyed by the future generations. A saying we had in one of our projects was ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.’ So yeah. Instead of dwelling on past failures we
should just do what we can now. Solutions? There are some coming but we can do more. and GCash Forest is like a really good step and I hope we can more of these in the future.

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  • Very nice content!

  • Props to the Rec•Create team for this informative content and creating awareness on this problem that we have now 😉

  • Another meaningful, knowledgable and informative content of re.create goodjob!

  • Global Warming is a real phenomenon that impacts human beings like never before in our history, and its deniers are only after the profits, not the long term consequences. But we can't save the Earth. We can only save ourselves. As I learned from Michael Crichton and George Carlin, we humans will come and go and live and die, and Earth will barely notice. It's been around for 5 billion years, and compared to humanity's 100 thousand year old existence, we are but a blink of an eye to Earth's lifetime. Give it a few million years and humans, along with its garbage, will be buried and forgotten.

    Earth will be fine. It's the humans that are fucked.

  • The question is, Is it too late to save the Earth? For me probably yes, and no coz how many animal nearly in extinction like koalas and many more one of the example is in Australia Bushfire. Billion of Animals suffer in smoke and fire and because of that they feel that they trap and being stress for the environment that animals lived. Some of the people has a attitude that they don't care in our environment which is bad and they don't know how to segregate their waste in proper area they reason is "Okay lang yan na magkalat kasi madami namang kalat e" this is so sad because kapag gumawa ka ng small steps to save the earth as much as possible the small steps its become a big steps and big changes. For me I just realize that why we need the straw, straw is not necessary and also unrecyclable material bacause of the size. How many animals, and plants suffer for our being greedy and bad for our Mother Earth😞 As of now I used my Bamboo and Metal straws to eliminate plastic material. I wish this year we have a open mind to how we save the earth and be peaceful mind. And then actually maybe it not too late to save the earth because their are some fundraising campaign how we save the earth like Mr.Beast he has a fundraising that we donate how much money how we can donate but the target is 20M Dollars it's big and actually other people thinks that this is not impossible and after a months to continuously donate some money and Yes! Mr.Beast and We achieve that fundraising and also GcashForest helps our environment to revive our earth to environmental issue.

    Pang 78 viewers ako hehehe😊

  • Never a more relevant time to have this video. Great job guys keep up the great work! Would love to be a part of one of your videos someday!

  • Sad lifee poo. Di ako annalo.

  • This is so timely to remind everyone to be more responsible in saving the earth by planting more trees, use alternatives in minimizing waste, and etc.

  • 2020 best video so far

  • It makes me sad that the very planet we all live in is slowly 'dying'. I believe in the Gaia hypothesis but, that doesn't mean we humans should just let Earth heal itself (yes it can) but we shouldn't forget our responsibilities. Humans! Through our collective effort we can somehow minimize the effects of climate change or global warming! 💚

    Edit: sorry for some grammar errors but, i hope you get my point. 😊

  • Can people explain to me bakit may Christians akong nakikita sa FB claiming na Climate Change is a hoax? Ano exact point nila why as Christians wag daw dapat maniwala sa Climate Change?

  • In planting trees, we should only plant NATIVE TREES of the Philippines

  • Having kids is nice but then I remember there’s climate change…..

  • Kelangan tong magviral

  • kung hoax man yung climate change, it doesn't mean na di na natin kailangang maalarma. let us take care of the earth, wag na nating hintaying umabot pa tayo sa point na wala na talagang choice para alagaan ang mundo. sana mas marami pang videong tulad ng ganito ang ikalat sa social media, para maalarma ang lahat😪

  • It shouldn't be, we don't have a choice but to save the one and only planet we can live in. Too late is never late if that's the only choice you have.

  • Well, for starters, kahit anong disiplina ang subukang i-impose sa mga ordinaryong tao, hanggat nariyan ang mga naglalakihang korporasyon at kapitalista na patuloy ine-exploit ang natural resources to gain profit, talagang mapapahamak tayo. Kaya kailangan panagutin na yan sila hanggat maaga pa hehe

  • Use Forest and Ecosia too.

  • ive read this once that planting trees wont even save our mother earth no more bec of how damaged our ozone layer is, and we are fucked

  • kudos to gcash

  • but you do understand that the internet and technology that we use for gcash and YouTube and everything harm the environment ryt

  • Our electricity is being produced by coals and it emmits a lot of carbon and coal ash (that is actually radioactive).
    So why do we keep on harping on coal powerplants? Cuz we need a BASE LOAD POWER PLANT (a power that is readily available AT ALL TIMES) and there are 2 types of base load pp -that is COAL and NUCLEAR.
    And talking about ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS, NUCLEAR POWERPLANTS are more healthier to our environment compare to COAL POWERPLANTS cuz the waste from nuclear pp is being treated before being buried. Coal ash is what we can get by coal pp and that is more radioactive than nuclear waste. This is all facts, ppl.

    So help me spreading the information. This can help our environment!

  • 11:16 who is she?? Crush ko sya 😄

  • Wow walang troll dito, walang may nagdislike.

  • Guys, animal agriculture talaga is the leading cause of deforestation. Andaming pinuputol na puno just to grow their food (e.g. soybeans). Imagine andaming animals na kailangan pakainin just to feed us. So sana we lessen or better yet stop eating meat. Never stop educating yourselves on topics like this. Sana may maabutan pang maayos na mundo yung mga magiging anak natin. We have the power to change the world through our everyday decisions. Kaya sana we try to be more conscious of what we eat. <3

  • 71% of global carbon emissions came from just 100 companies. pretty sure taking out those 100 companies would leave a more significant impact on averting climate crisis instead of doing a total overhaul of our consumption habits.

  • really? 10 f**** percent.

  • "I see your trash"
    "I see you're trash"


  • Personally, I think that the Earth have the ability to naturally mend itself until it reaches again its equilibrium. However, it will be at the expense of a significant loss (ie. human life). So, I guess people need to be more environmentally conscious to slow down the end of humanity. 😛

  • i participated in Mr. Beast challenge too because i don't believe climate change is irreversible. the moment we stop believing we can't do it, that's the end.
    thanks for reminding me about the carbon footprint.

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