Is it Too Late to Solve Climate Change?

We can’t just sweep climate change under the
rug. But what if we swept it 7000 ft under ground? You know if you visit a hot night club in
Miami, you might see some international models dancing to some bass heavy techno music. But
in the near future you might just see fish. You see, that’s because south Florida is particularly
vulnerable to sea level rising due to climate change. But you mention climate change to
some people and they throw their hands up in the air and say it’s just too big of a
problem. This would require too much governmental cooperation across countries that rarely can
coordinate on anything, let alone something as big as climate change. But don’t lose hope, I mean we’ve done it
before. Sort of. Do you remember the hole in the ozone layer? This was created mostly through the use of
things like chlorofluorocarbons, a component found in aerosol cans used in products like
hairspray. But thanks to the Montreal Protocol, 197 countries agreed to phase out CFCs, and
the ozone layer has replenished. We expect it to be back at 1950’s levels by 2080. But the problem is, unless you’re a hair metal
band from the 1980s, you’re probably not as dependent upon hair spray as we are on carbon
emitting fossil fuels. Reducing their use is a long way off. But
maybe we can reduce how much of it we release back into the atmosphere. One option is to separate out the carbon dioxide
before you burn the fossil fuel. Now this would be done at a large processing plant
that emits a lot of carbon. You take the carbon and you pump it through pipelines down into
the Earth’s crust, to a layer of porous rocks. The carbon actually seeps into the spaces
in these rocks and then a level of non-porous rocks above acts as a seal, keeping the carbon
from escaping and moving back to the Earth’s surface. But what happens if our climate situation
becomes more desperate really soon? We may have to look at more extreme measures like
geoengineering. Now this is something we already do on a limited
basis. We use it to reduce fog near airports, or limit the size of hail. But in this expanded
version we would be using sulfate aerosols. This is essentially the same stuff that gets
ejected into the atmosphere after a volcanic eruption. We would take it into the stratosphere
with special aircraft to disperse it. These particles reflect sunlight, so the sun’s light
gets reflected before it can be captured in the Earth’s atmosphere by greenhouse gases. Sounds great right? Perfect solution. Hang on a second, there’s a little drawback.
You see this could cause….can you guess? Depletion of the ozone layer. We’re back to
square one. It’s like taking one pill to go to sleep, and another pill to wake up. Now as anyone in medicine can tell you, it’s
always better to treat the underlying cause than the symptoms. But in this case, that
means pouring more money and resources into renewable energy like solar, wind, or biomass. So, is it possible? Well, people used to think this was a good
hairstyle. So I suppose anything’s possible. And we’ve got a question for you. What concerns
you most about climate change? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed
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  • For starters, we could get rid of the monetary system that perpetuates financial profit over healthy planet and population.

  • Here in India, I can feel the climate change. Increased atmospheric temperature along with heat index makes things unbearable. Countries at the tropics particularly ones that surrounded by ocean than the countries at temperate and near polar zones.

  • Great info as always.. 😀 I think droughts are more likely to happen so that will affect the developing countries and the sea levels will rise affecting cities like Miami…

  • hey mr are you heisenberg ? 😀

  • That people can't understand it so they just proclaim that it doesn't exist.

  • We need to get electric cars on the road fast. Get rid of conventional and cars and build usable mass transit systems.

  • watching this reminds me of Earth 2100.

  • This is actually only true for sea ice…land Ice has shrunk considerably in the Artic and this has caused a fresh water increase, meaning that the seas in the artic freeze at higher temperatures

  • But then again we can't mass produce that amount of electricity without burning fossil fuels… 🙁

  • At least it reduces our need of fossil fuels, not all of the energy for the grid originates from oil.

  • Global warming is bullshit. The earth has been going through these cycles of warming and cooling for as long as records have been kept. As of just recently satellite photos show that the polar ice caps have increased around 60 percent.

  • What concerns me about cimate change?..


  • The planet will be just fine. It's people you should worry about.

    And these people are innovative. They'll invent ways to keep themselves alive. They just need to convince everyone that there is a problem and humans are generating their own demise; what a cosmic twist of fate that is.

  • Because of people.the planet will be fucked

  • @fwthinking….. what will happen to the acidity of the ocean when you pumb so much CO2 into the water…? remember the ocean is increasing in PH value because of its excessive intake of CO2…!!!

  • ehehehhehe…CO2….wake up…

  • more chemtrail….to kill the children…cause the vaccines are going well but we need to kill much more…

  • I fear for the health of people, plants, and animals. All the non-living and living things on earth. I fear for the future of earth as we know it

  • The Earth always restores itself after these sorts of events, it's organisms like us that get wiped out. Personally I'm more concerned with people getting flooded or experiencing drought than the Earth itself.

  • For us in the Pacific – we are loosing our islands as sea-level rises… 🙁
    Its quite a sad case … and there is already moves for moving people of islands.

  • ummm. the vey fact that the WORLD MIGHT END!!!!

  • Former canadian minister of defense, Paul Hellyer said that it's time to disclosure ''clean energies'' and to make extraterrestrial contact to solve the climate changes…

  • My biggest concern is our politicians' inability to do anything about it…

  • the most effective way is to kill at least half of the population on the earth or don't give birth for the next 50 years

  • Hey what about thermal power? It creates a ton o energy and will never deplete since it used the movement AND heat from the earths core

  • Worthless video

  • What is the relation of video with the header "Is it too late to solve climate change" ? Nothing! Video has nothing to give answer. But I can give answer. Yes, it is too late. Climate will change and become worse for humans. We can not stop worsening. If we act reasonably and responsibly, we may reduce the speed of worsening and in the future we may limit it. But now we are doing opposite, acting like selfish, irresponsible idiots and I don't know any selfish irresponsible idiot who has ever solved any difficult problem. 

  • The big problem is people.  There are so many poor people who shouldn't exist.  We need a solution for getting rid of people.  If nothing is done, people will multiply until they reach the limit.  Then there will be billions of people starving and eating each other.  I hear about charities that feed the poor, but they never advertise a solution to the problem.  In fact, they're probably creating a bigger problem.

  • One of the most frequent counter responses I see is not that it is too large a problem, but that the problem doesn't exist. Good luck finding a solution.

  • The fact that skiing might not be a problem bothers me big time.

  • It's already too late.
    The rich and the greedy have ruined this world.

  • Everybody must turn to electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, etc.

  • the pollution affecting my health and warmer air making storms worse.

  • snow pisses me off

  • What concerns me most about climate change?? The fact that some people in power don't believe in it, and do not want to "waste" money on trying to solve it

  • I have a request to all sane people,please don't respond to global warming deniers comments..That's what they want,a debate where none exists to confuse the public.

  • My biggest worry is water rise because of glaciers melting sea level is rising approximately  3.5 millimeters each year meaning 100 years from now manhattan will be under water

  • scientist have already solved this with ant-mater

  • Anyone here seen that Solar Roadways video? I think the solution requested might have been found.

  • The biggest problem is peoples attitudes. People need to realise what a huge problem it is and start making changes. It is the poorest people who suffer most from the global warming, even though that are the ones who have contributed the least to it.

  • for the future, "The greatest thing we have to fear is fear itself", but wait, the majority of people understands it, it seems like, so they can't fear it, so isn't the greatest threat is the fact that we don't fear the future and if we don't fear it we won't try to understand it and we will walk blindly into it not knowing what is to come,

  • The things set in motion are going to take hundreds of years to reverse. And not all of them can be reversed, like mass extinctions.

    However, we can try out best to lessen this as much as possible. And we must try to lessen this as much as possible. The fewer species that go extinct, the better. And we are headed towards a mass extinction event.

  • A big technology fan here. And I know I'm kind of busting the technological conversation here, BUT I should say that it is a mistake to view Climate Change JUST as a technological issue. It is a social issue, customers don't demand greener products, businesses don't produce them, and Govs don't cooperate. The basic and most fundamental step to solve climate change is GETTING PEOPLE TO CARE. And that requires education, more specifically, SOCIAL AND MORAL EDUCATION.

  • We still can prevent coming disaster. We yet. do have time. We must act now, before we rich point of no return..I have a practical plan and  would like to  invite you  to participate, to move this project forward..  We together can do a lot for our planet.. To see more details please visit YouTube posting under “allygroup1” 

  • My worry is people not giving crape

  • what bothers me most about climate change? that people will not react rationally to their lifestyles being altered by the restrictions the changing environment will put on them. we could very well be heading for another dark age.

  • There will be no techno fix for this, there's just too much CO2 to remove now- multi gigatons- and lots more going in every day.  The public is totally clueless and doesn't understand what's going on, just read the posts on these sites. It's a slow moving catastrophe  and the reality is it ultimately means DOOM for our descendants and most animals.  

  • its too late already and mankind has proved over and over we can not resole our difference. Now we need to plan for how to live with what we have done.

  • The melting of ice glaciers that could raise sea levels three feet by 2100

  • I'm already starting to feel climate change here in California it's winter and was 87 degrees were in a super drought and it's gonna get really hot in the summer so maybe there's going to be a wild fire here idk

  • i love humanity what they are creating for the planet is beautiful and i hope that all these project will cometo the surface soon enought.

  • Why don't people use an airballoon and suck down the carbon dioxyde using huge ventilator fan that can draw it into container than we will have carbon dioxyde Inside box to use and no more oxygen problem.

  • you use a giant gas filterwith it of course.

  • google Allan Savory, he has the only save low tech answare

  • Please people stop saying its to late. Look at Denmark. They're making so much of the energy with renewables. So much they're having extra energy. It's possible. You have to start small. Go to your town halls and make sure your town/city is using crazy nasty ways to create energy. Get rid of nuclear plants they are so dangerous I live by the Indian point nuclear plant and my dad used to be security there. Nuclear plants are terrible and dangerous. Let's use renewable energy and our future will be great! And another thing don't have kids! Adopt!Stop brining kids into this planet when you can help one who already is! Please people we need to all work together to ensure a great future for us and the next generations! It'll be bad in our future but nothing compared to our grandkids kids If we continue doing nothing about it. But have faith the Paris climate talks was a HUGE step. Almost every single country on this planet has recognized that climate change is a real and they're trying help

  • PSA FOR EVERYONE…the first law of thermodynamics makes almost all REACTIVE solutions to climate change non-feasible. You should have learned this in high school, it will always take more energy to do something than you get out of it. This is now an issue of population and our lifestyles. Trust me, our world is going to look a lot different very soon.

  • I KNOW HOW, Tell the capital of industry to stop cutting down all the dam trees,,,that would help

  • What worries me most about climate change is the inability for animals and plants to adapt to higher/lower tempuratures

  • I am concerned about global-warming, because I think the lack of food will produce planetary hunger, and socio-political collapse in a global scale, people will start killing each other, and it will most likely happen while I am still young. Also, whats the meaning of life if we end up causing our own extinction? It is pretty depressing.

  • What concerns me about climate change is the rise of sea levels, animals with calcium shells and arctic animals

  • we live at the end think about it..
    there's 7 b of us making so much co2. we can't stop now until we all die and stop using cars and other factories ..

  • I say 5 or maybe even 10 more years and that's it. the world will recycle maybe that's what kept happening the mass extinctions . I hope not but the world is too small to hold us all 7 b is a lot of people .

  • people will never change they can't it's too hard now. we got exposed to good things easier things faster life. we can't go now back and ride on horses. until it hits us all hard and a lot of people die . then it will be like hunger games. we are pushing it to the limit until we see we can't do it then we will live like bictches pretty much trying to survive of a cookie or something

  • I'm not too worried for myself since i'm 65 yo. I have very little doubt that my progeny will suffer both by heavy handed, and poorly directed climate legislation and true climate change which, by my perception of what the Climate Scientists have been warning us about, is already a done deal for a long time to come with exponential feedback loops related to methane, C02, the jet air streams, polar ice melt, sea level rise, ocean acidification and thermohaline circulation. Some predict extinction of the human species as early as 2030.

  • Lol 3:26 powered by toyota

  • Inevitable mass extinction due to the inaction and ignorance of my generation now. But that's further on, worst case scenario. What FRUSTRATES me the most is the casual attitude about climate change and the flat out denial and purposeful misinformation of some. I've been paying a great deal of attention gathering information on it for quite some time and… I've heard people refer to it like a "slow moving threat" For me, based on what I know/ understand. Plus the fact that I'm not a scientist. Climate change. Climate COLLAPSE. Is a f*cking oncoming train. We only have this moment to respond. And we are losing it. That's what pisses me off the most. That, and it was not even ( expletive) mentioned in the campaign/ media circus. (I'm not even going to go off on my political perspectives here)
    Our collective lazy inaction is … I can hardly take it. There is some progress but very little in… So I'm going to college this year. Try my hand at having people listen. It's all I can think of to do. I'm so angry and I'm trying to channel that the right way and not let it get to me. To be honest I feel at such a loss about this. I'm 27 and I don't have a car and I've never driven. That was a personal choice I made from the beginning years ago. Boycotting oil in a small way and not further contributing to growing the carbon count. I may return to this later with a better thought out response.

  • our extinction is inevitable whether it is our fault or not.

  • What concerns do I have about Climate change…. The collapse of civilization and the modern world by food shortages and mass refugee crisis.

  • Well, you didn't answer if it is too late or not.

  • The only thing I hate the most about climate change is colder weather on east coast, us with more cold related deaths due to sea level rise and many other hot weathers in many other parts of the ?

  • But it is possible enough to stop climate change

  • Let it happen we cannot stop it. When the poles melt Antartica will be green again as it was in the past. Human population levels will be reduced and forests will regrow to lock up carbon again. It's a Human population check..

  • Had we understood the science of his teachings, instead of the story,  we would have realized he was correct. We never needed to invent anything that manipulated the natural elements of nature. We could work with nature as in solar power, or wind;  however, when we manipulate the elements, we have with nature rather then manipulate nature, because nature has already given us all we ever needed,  powerful plants for healing, ( as an example) and that is what he meant when he said 'Your daily bread has been given'…..

  • If humans wanted to avoid climate change, then they should have stayed in the Stone Age. Simple as that really,
    And certainly the industrial revolution should never have occurred. All this concern about the climate is a classic
    Case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, but not only the horse has long since bolted, we have not even
    Shut the door yet. If we continue to use fossil fuels, humans are doomed and if we stop using them humans are doomed as
    Well, it is a classic catch 22 situation. With more and more people added to the world every single minute of the year
    And with fewer and fewer resources as they are depleted to support them, the end of civilization is 100 percent inevitable
    And it is only when this will occur, and it is surprising it has not occurred already. Man has never been a rational species,
    And he still spends far more on the military and wars, and on nuclear weapons than has ever been spent on environmental
    Protection. Sooner or later we shall wipe ourselves out and that is now 100 percent unavoidable. I don’t like this any more
    Than anyone else but we need to be realistic. Since it is too late now, people should have no more children at all.

  • Time to take another look at that ozone repair. The latest science indicates that you might want to find another example.

  • Mankind has pride to destroy life, pathetic. Regulate and plant hemp

  • Us humans are terrible things sometimes it sucks but the good people have to do something but in America polititions dont listen

  • What about the methane from cow poop, farts, and burps from every single cow around the world? How will we reduce the methane from cattle/calf ranches and dairy farms everywhere? And how will we stop the highest oxygen producer the rainforest in South America from being cut down for these cows to graze?

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