Jared Leto Talks Mountains and Makeup

So let me ask you what
dangerous thing you’re up to now because the last time you were here,
which is a while ago by the way, you were jumping off boats,
you were climbing mountains.>>Yes.>>We have a-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>You couldn’t see how high that was, he was on a boat that was
like three stories tall and that looks very dangerous like you could
hit the, yeah look how high that is. I can’t believe you jumped from up there. And then those rocks that,
it was like, that’s really close. How did you-
>>Look at the form though, the form.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] I assume you cleared those rocks.>>Yeah, barely.>>Now look at that.>>This was actually yesterday.>>No it was not.>>No, it was the day before yesterday.>>Where?>>It was in Yosemite. And I was climbing called
the East Buttress of El Cap.>>Yes.
>>[LAUGH]>>It’s true, it’s not a joke.>>How tall is the East Butt, that’s tall.>>Yeah.
>>You’re pretty high up there.>>Yeah.
I was with a couple of guys who are some of the best climbers in the world,
it’s a really incredible thing to do.>>Yeah, I bet,
to go with climbers like that. Now that onesie that you’re
wearing right there. I saw a picture of that. And-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>So you don’t blend in? [APPLAUSE]
>>Why the applause for my onesie.>>The applause is because it’s very cool.>>[LAUGH]
>>I think, I don’t know why they applauded.>>[LAUGH]
>>I think it’s cuz it’s whatever you’re wearing, it’s adorable.>>If I do wear that I make sure it’s like
a thousand miles from anyone to not offend anyone’s, you know, sensibilities so.>>No that’s, where was that?>>That was in Joshua Tree.>>Okay. And so you climb in a onesie usually?>>[LAUGH]
>>No, no, usually not but that was a very special day in the desert. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>I think we all know what that means.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s when something like that is appropriate.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>So let’s talk about Suicide Squad. Congratulations, what another great choice
to do this movie, it sounds really cool. Tell everybody what it’s about.>>Suicide Squad is about a bunch of
homicidal maniacs having a really good time.>>[LAUGHING]
just your regular popcorn movie. But I got the call and
was invited to play The Joker, which was terrifying and
exciting and an honor. Yeah, look at that handsome man.>>Look at that.>>And it was really the most fun
I’ve ever had on a film in my life.>>Really?
>>Yeah. I had a blast. It was a real honor to get
asked to play the part and these characters are so special to people
and I have a lot of respect for that. It was just a really,
really great opportunity.>>And you always, you really go for it. When you take on a role,
you transform physically. So you cut your hair really, really short. Cuz your hair was long,
it had gotten really long.>>Yeah.
>>Takes a long time to get that long, and then you say, I’m just cutting it off. And then you dyed it green? And then you wore braces.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you shaved your eyebrows, look at that.>>Yeah, I think that I’m probably the
only actor in Hollywood who shaved their eyebrows and
wore lipstick back to back in two films. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, from Dallas Buyers Club.>>Dallas Buyers Club yeah.>>So,
when they have to have your eyebrows, have you noticed that
they grew back thicker?>>Well, these are prosthetics.>>No.
They actually they started to grow back slower and slower. So, I got a little scared but
they did come back and it’s gonna be strange to
make a film with eyebrows.>>With eyebrows again?>>Yeah. And without lipstick. I’m going to feel kind of naked.>>[LAUGH] It’ll be very strange for you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I know how picky you are when it comes to acting because you love making
music and your band is amazing. So this must have been really cool to get
away from music for a little while, but when are we going to hear new music?>>I’m actually, I was in the studio today and I’m going
back to the studio right after this. We’re working on a new album and we hope
it’s going to be out really, really soon.>>And then you’ll come her and
play it for us?>>I would absolutely love to.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th. We’ll be right back, Jared Leto.

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