Jumbo Cornrows on Natural Hair into a Bun

Welcome Back Curlfriends! So today we’re going to be creating these
Cornrows into a Bun. When braiding your natural hair, you want
to start off on stretched hair. So whether you do a twist out, braid out or
blow dry your hair, you want to start off on really stretched hair that way it’s super
easy to manipulate. So I achieved this twist out using my Shea
Moisture Repair Cream. I’m just going to separate each curl to make
it nice and voluminous that way I can run my detangling comb through it when I need
to part off my sections. So now that that’s complete we can go ahead
and start our parting. You want to grab a rat tail comb especially
if you’re doing this hairstyle solo like I am and you don’t have any help. You can use your nose as a guideline as to
where the middle of your head is. Use the tail of the comb to create that nice
straight parting. Now it’s not going to be perfect obviously
because you’re doing this alone. But it’s going to get the job done. I’m just using these Goody Hair Elastics to
separate my hair into two separate sections. You’ll have the left side and the right side. You can begin with whichever side you guys
want to. I’m starting off with my left section. I’m going to split that section into two smaller
sub-sections. So you’re pretty much have that middle part
and two braids on either side. I’m using this leave-in. You can also use a water mist just to dampen
the hair to get your product reactivated before you add on your styling gel of choice. Because I did a twist out, my hair is pretty
much moisturized already and it will not interfere with my gel. You’re just going to begin braiding. One quick tip to avoid gel buildup, especially
with braids like these, is to add gel as you need it throughout the braids. If you have any loose hairs that you need
to tame, you can leave that for the end and go ahead and grab your gel and a comb and
sleek down those edges at the very end. So I’m just going to continue braiding and
like I said, I’m just going to create two braids on either side. Then we can get into the last bit of styling. So just repeat the same steps. We’re going to section, leave-in or water
to reactivate your moisturizer, add in your gel, smooth down your edges and go ahead and
create that cornrow braid. This is an awesome protective style especially
for those of you that have thinning edges. Or if you’re just tired of dealing with your
natural hair every single day. It’s the perfect go-to protective style. It’ll last you between 3-7 days depending
on how much gel you add in to your hair and how quickly your hair gets dirty. If you’d like to keep this style a bit longer
make sure to wash your hair prior to putting in these braids, that way your hair is nice
and clean and it can last a tad bit longer. So our braids are complete. This is the perfect time to go ahead and tame
down our edges, any fly aways. Make everything look really nice and sleek. You can use a comb or even a bristle brush
to smooth down these edges. If you want a really nice sleek look, you
can add in a silk scarf or bonnet to your edges for about 10-15 minutes to lay them
down nice and flat. Last but not least, is our finishing spray. You want to go for an oil based sheen spray,
that way you have that nice shine and luster added to your style. For daily maintenance you want to add in an
oil to your scalp and pretty much just use your fingers to run it through your scalp
that way you keep your hair nice and fresh. No dry flakes! Here is the final results. You could totally walk out the house with
these 4 cornrows or you could take it a step further, add even more moisture to your protective
style by putting your hair into a low bun. This was a braided bun, but I wanted more
of a voluminous bun. So I took down this braid. So it’s pretty much like a braid out. My hair is really nice and fluffy. I just put it back into a bun. So you can see, it has a lot more volume,
a lot more body and it looks so much more cute. This is the final results. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Enjoy you’re protective style. Protective styling does not have to be boring
or basic. You could totally glam it up. So I hope you guys enjoyed this. Be sure to checkout my how to braid video. As well as my “Cornrows with extensions” video
and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Love you guys!

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