Kerui KR-GD13 Digital Carbon Monoxide Gas Meter Review

Hey guys, welcome to Meterics, today we’ll
be having a look at the Kerui Carbon Monoxide meter. This is the KR-GD13 model to be exact
so this is you’re simple yet advanced carbon monoxide meter. First thing we’re going to
do is plug it in to the mains. The reason why I started with plugging it in is the fact that it has a 3 minute countdown.We’ll quickly talk about the meter. This meter is simple
yet advanced because of what it can do and basically how you set it up. If you want to
use it simply as a CO meter or a CO alarm all you need to do is plug it into the mains
and also make sure it’s hooked up to a 9v battery just in case the power goes out. It’ll
keep on detecting for CO and once those levels reach an alarming point then the alarm goes
off. The second way is you can hook it up to your gas system and when the alarm goes
off it automatically engages valves and it turns off the system so it prevents anyone
from having to go in and turn the system off themselves. So this is a very simple yet advanced
meter at the same time. It’s pretty simple and very standard all you can see is an
LCD screen and a Red flashing LED light up top and a single button which says ‘Push to
test’ and the button does exactly that. You push it to test the meter and it’ll let you
know if the meter is functioning ok and if everything is connected fine because its
a very simple meter, all it does is it’ll simply keep having a flashing LED light on
the LCD screen just to let you know that the meter is there, other than that, you’ll forget
it exists so it’s a very good meter because it does just that, what it’s supposed to do.
so we’ll quickly wait. Great now you can see that it’s finished the 3 minutes and so
it’s actually functioning now and its now detecting CO levels and once those levels
reach an alarming point then the alarm will go off. So basically, this is what you will have
once you’ve plugged in the meter, very quiet, nothing less goes on just a flashing light.
what we’ll do is push the test button just to get a glimpse and a bit of an idea of what
it actually does so that’s it. That’s all it does basically the meter is fine and everything is ok, once
those alarms go off then you know that CO levels are quite high and you need to exit
the premises and get some fresh air. Next time we’ll be doing another video where we’ll
test this with CO just to see what exactly happens when it defects CO, how high, what will it
do? will it display the reading in ppm or what will it do? I guess we’ll have to find
out next time.Hope to see you again here. Cheers!

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