Lahn Succession Aakman Grinding 전승 란 아크만 사냥하기 (ENG Sub)

I upload this video for my subscriber.
(usually do gathering but suddenly went Aakman for 3 days) I took off my necklace to adjust AP
254/258/360+ Kutum Most frequently used combo
Pendulum Cleaver-Dismemberment-Bleeding Hearts-Salp’uri or Cymbidium-Nether Flower killed remaining mobs with Cymbidium or Blade Dance. and used Primrose Sprint-gliding or Furious Chase as a gap closer. It took long time to pull mobs, and the AoE was not large. Mobility and damage dealing were good though.
Hope you guys enjoy the video! 2026 (15min) ->8100+ (1h)

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