Learn English & Explore Environmental Issues – Green Leadership

The reason why I chose the Green Leadership Program is because after the Tokyo earthquake and tsunami I developed an interest in environmental program. We learn about environment, ecosystem, biodiversity and leadership. And what we have to do to preserve the environment, because one day the natural resources will be gone. We can share idea from different countries. This was a very good opportunity to reflect
on myself. We discuss about what we can do to help the environment. I will use this knowledge in the future. I’d like to keep taking actions. For example, to reuse, reduce, recycle, and
turn off the lights. I will try to spread this idea with my friends and my family.
We should teach people to preserve the nature, and the ecosystem in general. What makes great leaders great is the ability to keep doing. What we can do is small, but if we compile
the small things, we can change the world.

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