Learn English Vocabulary, Advanced, Environmental Issues (L6.1)

Hello, and welcome to another vocabulary
practice video. Let’s learn some nouns. “Acid rain”: rain containing a high
level of acid that can damage the environment. It is caused by pollution in
the air. “Carbon dioxide”: a gas without colour or smell, produced when we breathe
out or when substances containing carbon are burnt. These are also called “carbon
emissions”. The fact that the earth is getting hotter because of carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere is called “the greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is the process in which heat is unable to escape from the atmosphere and causes
the temperature of the earth to rise. This is what we call “global warming”. Acid rain and carbon dioxide are both pollutants. “Pollutant”: a substance that is harmful to
the environment. For example, the dumping of chemical pollutants in the world’s
oceans has been a serious environmental issue for many decades. And, of course, we can talk about water and air pollutants. “Exhaust fumes”: gases that are ejected
from an engine as waste products. These gases release extremely small pieces of
matter that are called “particles”. Particles, in this case, are throttling
microbes or microorganisms that travel in the air. ‘Fertilizer”: a chemical
substance added to soil in order to help plants grow. In order to protect their
plants, farmers often use pesticides. “Pesticide”: a chemical used for killing
insects, especially those that damage crops. Pesticides, however, may turn into
sediments which destroy the nutrients the plants should get from the soil. A factory that processes chemicals, or that
produces power in general, is called a “plant”. For example, a “nuclear plant”, and
a “power” or “processing plant”. “Mega-farm”: a farm containing very large numbers
of livestock, kept in intensive conditions. It is often argued that mega-farms can lead to over-cultivated land or denuded over-grazed land, which
reminds us of the concept of “desertification”: the process by which
land becomes so dry that it cannot be used for farming. Here, you could also
learn the terms “semi-arid” or “arid area”. The term “arid area” describes a place
which is very dry, without many plants because of the lack of rain. “Deforestation”: deforestation is the
process of removing the trees from an area of land via, for example, timber
logging. Deforestation can cause soil erosion, which is the process by which
soil is gradually removed by the rain or wind. Time for you to repeat. acid rain acid
rain carbon dioxide carbon dioxide carbon emissions carbon emissions the
greenhouse effect the greenhouse effect pollutant pollutant exhaust fumes
exhaust fumes particles particles throttling microbes throttling microbes fertilizer fertilizer pesticide pesticide sediment sediment industrial plants industrial plants mega
farm mega farm over-cultivated land over- cultivated land denuded over-grazed
denuded over-grazed land desertification desertification arid area arid area
deforestation deforestation See you next time. Thanks for watching!

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