Light Pollution Rap (Behind The Scenes)

♪First thing first that’s Sirius. Brightest
Star, yea it’s pretty luminous. Easy to see in any hemis’. Depending on where you live,
they other stars vanished ♪ Coma Niddy: This was a song that I originally
wrote because I was inspired when I went on my trip to NASA to do the Black Hole Rap.
I met Amber Straughn who is one of NASA’s Astrophysicists working on the James Webb
Space Telescope. When I asked her how did she become inspired to become an Astrophysicist,
her story inspired me because it wasn’t I was expecting. She said she grew up on a farm
but because she was on a farm there wasn’t as much light pollution as there is in the
cities. So when she saw the night sky, she saw like my t-shirt basically! ♫ Mad lights, too bright, we erased that.
Like the Milky Way is sad, we replaced that. Just a few dim stars and that’s pretty whack.
On light pollution, you can go and blame that! ♫ Coma Niddy: So light pollution happens when
too much light is interfering with the night sky. You have light coming down from the stars.
You also have a tremendous amount of light going up into the sky. Sabrina: And so we have to cut those street
lights off. Street lamps. Street lights. (speaks with country accent) *Just fix everything.
Save money, so we can see the stars, like you’re in the country. I just spoke country
myself.* You can’t put this in there can you? ♫ Light Pollution is out of control. I can’t
see anything when I look through my telescope. ♫ Coma Niddy: Everybody in the world should
own some sort of telescope to look at the night sky. That is a world where people have
embraced science! I originally wrote this song to another song
called Dynamite by Taio Cruz. And he says “A-yo, gotta let go.” I heard “Ayo Galileo!”
And I was like oh that’s cool we have a song that mentions Galileo?! Cuz he says you know
Iook up in the…I don’t even remember how the song goes but that’s all thought about.
It was Galileo! And I was like oh this is so cool. But when I looked up the lyrics it
wasn’t. So I decided to make that about Light Pollution but then I realized that song is
like old like 2009 2007? So I wanted to do something a bit more recent. ♫ Now who-that who-that Won’t do-that do-that.
All about that Space thought you knew-that knew-that. I’m the N-I-D-D-Y and I’m on the
call. Ending Light Pollution once and for all! ♪ I want to do a questions video. So if you
have any questions that you want to ask about science, about me, about Sabrina, feel free
to leave it in the comments. We’ll do the first ask Coma Niddy video. Because really want to hear back from you
all. You’ve been watching my videos for like years or months or if this is your first video,
I want you to be a part of this community. Making science awesome, making it fun. Taking
science and like pop culture and just like mashing them together. And yea I got a few more songs coming out
we’re going to do a parody of Wiggle by Jason Derulo it’s about Planetary Wobble. We’re
doing a Taylor Swift parody to the song Blank Space and we have a few more. So it’s going
to be fun and we’re going to keep those parodies coming. And if you have any ideas for songs,
let me know. I’m all ears. Sabrina: Thanks for watching! Bye!

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  • I can't see any stars in the sky!!! 🙁 can't see anything when I look through my telescope!!!

  • What inspired you to start this channel?

  • love your science rap vids, thank you!

  • I don't own a telescope 🙁 I should get one, but my apartment hasn't got a view at the sky. It's facing north and it's surrounded by other tall buildings.

  • Greetings Sir Niddy!

    I love seeing what happens behind the scenes and how much you put into these awesome videos!

    Here's three things I'm curious about: 

    1)  Sabrina Peña is a great addition to the recent songs.  How did she become as involved as she is?  Was it a situation where she has always been a colleague of yours in other endeavors and got interested in the music?  Has she been a long time personal friend you brought in?  (Some students in my class who have been watching the videos fro the last year or so were wondering.)

    2)  Pseudoscience is all around us.  I think there's three categories:  "Fun" pseudoscience that is mostly harmless (but I still dislike), such as horoscopes and palm readers.  There's "Adult" pseudoscience that is much more subtle and better at hiding its unverified claims, such as diet fads and homeopathic remedies.  Then, there's "Dangerous" pseudoscience, which truly does risk the lives of animals and sometimes people.  If you could eradicate a "dangerous" pseudoscience, which single one would be at the top of your list?

    3)  Did you pick up the new Wu Tang album yet, "A Better Tomorrow"? 

  • Thanks for all the comments and questions.

    For those of you who haven't submitted your questions yet for the first Ask Coma Niddy, there's still time.

    You can submit your questions here or the following:

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  • Coma Niddy, a super SUPER super year for you all !!!!

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