Light Pollution (Science Rap)

[Coma Niddy]
First things first, that’s Sirius (Sirius) Brightest star, yea it’s pretty luminous
(luminous) Easy to see in any hemis
Depending on where you live the other stars vanished (right, right)
Wish we had a sky like this (huh?) With a view of Dracco and Cepheus (yeah)
Pleiades, Betelgeuse, Scorpius If you saw them too, bet you’d want to be
scientist Mad lights, too bright, we erased that (huh)
Like the Milky Way is sad, we replaced that (what?)
Just a few dim stars and that’s pretty whack On Light Pollution you can go and blame that [Sabrina]
Light Pollution Is out of control
I can’t see anything When I look through my telescope
Light Pollution Stars barely glow
All we get is Darkness Instead of a Stellar Show [Coma Niddy]
Orion is dying, Ursa Minor hiding Leo is crying, Pegasus not flying
Is it ironic? Brightest areas the darkest So many charges, check the energy department
Running these lights, electric bills so high We’re just wasting light, if it’s up in
the sky But they can be modified, so they can be more
precise And then slowly over time, we can take back
the night Now who-dat who-dat
Who won’t do-that do-that All about that space, thought you knew-that
knew-that I’m the N-I-D-D-Y, and l’m on the call
Ending Light Pollution once and for all Hey everybody. Coma Niddy here and thanks
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