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  • Our event [email protected] Family Festival is "Plastic Bottle Free" event! Thank you.

  • The deterioration of the atmosphere and climate, the reduction of the photosynthesis (carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen production), desertification, scarcity of water regeneration, thinning of the Ozone band and Oxygen band, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, increased acidity of the oceans and melting of glaciers and the poles, walk hand in hand and are directly proportional to the disappearance of rainforests.

  • I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader and we collected 11,500 plastic bags from Grades K-5 in just 3 weeks! That's a lot of trash! It filled my mini van up 4 times. I took it to be recycled. Think how much plastic that is across the nation. We have to stop being a nation of convenience. It is ruining the planet as we know it. Convenience is making our nation more unhealthy. We need to remember to use canvas totes and reusable water bottles.

  • Excellent short video–no words needed. Just action.

  • From the Propaganda Ministry at the EPA. Thanks for wasting the taxes I pay.

  • @WoodyPfister – waste is in the eye of the beholder. I haven't seen one of these since the 1970s, and given how much benefit the EPA provides (our rivers are no longer on fire! Woot!) they are long overdue.

  • Karmafication – I have never drank dinosaur piss! I prefer Mickey's Fine Malt Liqour.

  • Thanks very much for sharing it!

  • Thanks for all the great work you do EPA. Quite often when I investigate environmental issues at work, I find myself referring to and sourcing materials you've published. Your organization is helpful even to non-Americans like me.

  • help clean our earth!!

  • lets celebrate with some vegan food!

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    For this years Earth day
    Lets plant a few

  • The economy is in worse shape now than ever. I grew up in rural America. When I was a kid, we had a garden and grew most of our own vegetables and fruit. Our family ate a home cooked meal on real plates every night. Supermarkets used paper bags. Eating out was only on special occasions. We played outside instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer. This generation of children are heavier and less active. Our nation needs to get back to the basics.

  • I keep on hearing about this fraud, that nothing is wrong with the earth, that the melting of the ice is pure speculation….except I saw it first hand in Argentina with their glaciar. I have seen first hand what the excesive cutting of trees have done in Brazil to the land. What e-mail? I could not care less about Al Gore but is he so attached to the issue that if he fails then the whole climate thing goes out the window?

  • Ladylordess, you're making assumptions that simply don't hold up to scientific scrutiny. Literally thousands of scientists who study the atmosphere tell us it's warming and that human activity is the cause. This isn't guesswork. The ozone hole, the global spread of radiation after the Japanese earthquake, the spread of air pollution from China across the Pacific: all examples of how people affect the planet's ecosystem. You can't assume it away, and it has nothing to do with Gore.

  • What is ludicrous is to think that our civilaztion has no measurable effect on earth.

  • Awesome! We collected plastic bags to make crochet into blankets for homeless people.

  • Awesome!!! well done and brilliantly catch the eye of the beholder

  • Hi everyone, pls help contribute to this project – it's on hit with this video! Very cool.!/SoManyBottles1

  • Please watch the video "If I wanted America to fail". this is all BS government waste.

  • Sir, I was just ponting out the obvious, you have no arguments, you are a typical hater,criticize and criticize but offer nothing; just want to show that you have hairy balls.

  • Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack Music? I love it.

  • Killer Tracks Album "Twenty Something Songs disc 2" Song Title "So Cold" by Ben Clocks Glad you liked it!

  • Apparently 7 people believe that there is not enough plastic trash in the world.

  • I refuse (pardon the pun) to pick up other people's trash. Let the convicted criminals do it. Fine people – serious fines plus community service – for littering.

  • It's thoughts like this that let those piles of trash grow. Fines do not teach people, teaching those people does and teaching your children.

  • You have a much higher opinion of your fellow citizens than I do.

  • Very well done! Gets my award! A big smile!

  • America lags far behind other countries in recycling and sustainability awareness. This video is a step in the right direction, but seems like it was made thirty years ago in Canada or Germany. Environmental stewardship is a way of life for all citizens in many countries, where taxes pay for city-wide recycling programs. American consumer culture encourages convenient consumption with no thought given to waste or personal accountability. Picking up after yourself is everybody's responsibility.

  • 2013 the year of DOERS……

  • I like it!

  • Great video, I wish more people would spent more time doing the small things
    like picking up their trash. But insteaded they spent alot of time taking away our rights to enjoy the outdoors. I pick up other peoples trash everyday, and I recycle what I
    can. Reason is if I did not my street in front of our apartment would look like the city dump.It's really sad that people think that your trash on the ground is okey.(It's not)

  • Why is it in California when you take your recyclables to cash in they won't take them unless they have the words CRV on the bottle. It's ridiculous the bottles are the same thing, just this small change would encourage more to recycle and have a greater impact on the environment.

  • Very nice.

  • Best environmental video ever – according to me. Plastic, what a menace!

  • This is a very well done presentation. Thank you. Sharing.

  • Several plants were harmed in the making of this video 😀

  • We can all make a difference and help protect our environment. Watch our Emmy Award winning video and take a moment to look beneath the surface.

  • @U.S. Environmental Protection Agency We would like to show this video at an upcoming tradeshow, giving you credit of course, please advise whom we should reach out to for permission.

    Thank you!

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