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  • follow the dollars, studies are funded by government, scientist are paid for a result of fake , bogyman global warming, only thing real is a unnecessary carbon tax on the people,the carbon tax grab must go, also teach ndp, pc,and liberals a lesson, we want a government for the people ,, vote PPC

  • Scheer was very Prime ministerial – never answer a question.

  • Scheer Looks a bit shaky on indigenous issues.

  • Mass migration leads to harm on one of the last great untouched wildernesses alive!

  • "we shouldn't take aboriginals to jail" Time to start given them more land back!!

  • Canada needs a leader with a spine. Vote for Mad Max!

  • Moderator, "Every party has a case to make" So, include Maxime Bernier of the PPC!

  • Andray Domise who works for MacClean’s said he hopes that PPC members crash on their way home. Wrote to MacClean’s twice never got a reply.,

  • Scheer is incredibly dangerous for Canada. Unequivocal support for Israel, noncooperation with international community re. Climate change, decrease social spending, increase military spending. Everything that we Canadians DON’T want

  • Elizabeth May was the strongest on this showing
    Solid as usual
    Wish to see more May and I hope she will be our PM. With Jagmeet as leader of opposition!
    Love NDP and Singh too but as a physician I don’t appreciate the NDP narrative on doctors vs workers and play us physicians as the evil sharks in the health care system. Although health is provincial the ideology bothers me a bit.
    Best of luck to us voters! ABC anyone but conservatives!

  • Well it's pretty clear that Bernier won this debate in a landslide. All crooks and nutbars.

  • What's a horrible debate. What are the moderators there for?

  • Sheer called the election an auction in his final statement. Lol. Freudian slip ?


  • Had to be the most useless debate I have ever seen from the cheesey high school set to the incompetent moderator.

  • Bernier will bring some life into the debates.

  • It's time for election reform in this country. We as Canadians need more options.

  • "You cant accept a minimum pay packet, and still pick food stuffs from the Food Bank."

  • "Budge It Nudge It Flip Flop, but you're still left crying the mourning after it died."

  • Singh crossed the floor and said Help the people get ahead?


  • Sheer is so rude. Always interupting. Says alot about him.
    Try doing your job when you have dental pain and infection. Try doing your job well when you are the working poor and desperately need glasses. Try working when you cant afford the things you need to be healthy.
    The new conservative governments in Ontario and Alberta have and are cutting the services of the mist vulnerable including low income workers. They do not care about these people. They do reward the wealthy. They belueve only the wealthy deserve help. Most conservative goverments are penny wise and pound foolish. Wasteful… remember the skypalace in Alberta. Its typical. Want people doing there best… heath is number one. Education is for everyone not just those with money. Sheer is giving a fzlse impression.

  • Sheer made it hard to hear the debate. The moderator needed to shut that down at the start. Really volitile manipulative language and a lot of deception from Sheer…UN Indiginoyus rights does give First Nation the right ti choise yes or no… and protects that. Sheer avlids that and wrobgly tells us only his way will ensure agreement. This says it all.
    May is a bulldog and accurate, informed and sharp. Wow. Mr. Singh is honest and refreshing.

  • This debate was a farce without Bernier involved, Canada's great democracy strikes again. I wouldn't listen to a debate with these morons, big waste of time. Bye bye in October Trudeau!!

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