Make a Polar Ice Environment Fast in Blender- Quick and Dirty

hey this is Kev from blender binge back
with one more quick and dirty tutorial because y’all like it admit it it’s
addictive let’s play climate change this time for shots like this the environment
is everything go and check everything on for evey if you don’t like the effect of
something turn it off I don’t care it’s all good go to the world shader area and
plug in an environment texture into the world output or the background shader it
doesn’t matter I don’t care then load in a good HDR I just search the web they’re
everywhere now but get one with a nice sky and a flat horizon just just trust
me it’s gonna be easier later next make the ocean by adding in a plane and
making it huge then add in a texture coordinate node in a mapping node set
the out from the texture coordinate to object and scale the sky down on the
z-axis if you want you can also drop the Z location down to to get rid of the
trees like I do here this all goes away if you chose a better HDRI than I did
the whole whatever next make the ocean reflective if you followed what I did in
the beginning of the render settings yours will look better next go to
preferences and enable the ant landscape add-on it’s free and free like blender
and this video choose add mesh landscape and there you have a start of an iceberg
click in the movie change this one to Mesa and give it some subdivisions to
make it more better position your camera duplicate the mesas or add new ones and
throw them around the ocean make more landscapes
this one is canyons scale it down on the z axis to make some icebergs and push it
slightly under the water make lots more icebergs and scatter them around more
and more and more add an RGB curves node to the HDRI image if you want to or you
can do that later in the render settings I’m not the boss of you please spin the
background you’ll love doing it maybe add a bump map with some noise to the
ocean and just adjust the shader to your liking give an icy material to the
icebergs and use subsurface scattering if you want it to have that cool
blueness to it animate your camera and render it out if you have questions I do
try to help everyone hit me up in the comments I like cool people like you
thanks see in the next video bye

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