Marist Pre-College: Environmental Science

VOICEOVER: Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you have an interest in science and learning about natural environments? If so, I would like
to invite you to explore your world at the Marist Summer Pre-College
Environmental Science Program. Pre-College students will spend two weeks of their summer experiencing college life, living in the Marist residence halls, and
meeting other high school students from around the world. All while going to
class and earning three transferable college credits – It was like, the first day we got here, everybody just clicked, and it was– its really nice to meet eleven new people, and become so close so fast. Everything we’ve learned is so exciting. There’s so many trips we go on Its really been just a great overall experience so far. VOICEOVER: You will live and learn
on our beautiful campus located on the banks of the Hudson River. Not only does
the Hudson River provide a beautiful background for our campus, it is also a
living breathing laboratory! – If you’re interested environmental science, you have the perfect laboratory right on campus. The Hudson River is a historic
River. It played an important role in environmental law and environmental
history, but it’s also an interesting ecological zone because it’s an estuary,
and has tides, it has some interesting habitats, and it’s also part of a network
of water quality monitors. VOICEOVER: In hands-on field programs, students will be able to take full advantage of this environment. Students will enjoy a sail aboard the
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, America’s environmental flagship, and conduct personal research of the natural world at a local environmental studies
Research Center. Students will visit the Poughkeepsie farm project to learn more
about the sustainable agriculture in the surrounding community. You will take a
canoe trip to the local Tivoli Bays Research Reserve. Students in the program will get to experience science firsthand and learn about topics such as
biodiversity issues, environmental management strategies, and global climate challenges. Students will work with Marist’s esteemed faculty, as well as meet industry professionals and top research scientists. If you are interested in the
natural world, and getting to know the Hudson Valley firsthand, there is no
better place to start than our environmental science program. We invite
you to apply today, and enjoy all that Marist and the Summer Pre-College
programs have to offer.

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