Matt Petersen: Reducing Air Pollution in India

[TEXT: Reducing Air Pollution in India] [TEXT: A conversation in New Delhi with Matt Petersen
Chief Sustainability Officer, Los Angeles, California] [TEXT: What can everyday people do to help reduce air pollution?] [Matt Petersen:] Any society, any community, any individual, you just return to the old mantra of reduce — reduce the amount of stuff you use,
reduce the amount of waste you create; reuse — which in a lot of cultures there is a strong penchant to do —
reuse materials; and then recycle. That’s really the approach in terms of a personal effort. I think the final thing is, once you have awareness, is what are you going to do with it? How do you call upon your public officials to do something? How do you create some organizing in your own community to make your neighborhood better — to plant trees, to clean up the waste, to figure out how to set up a recycling system. Tthese are things that citizens can do, what I like to call
citizen entrepreneurs — people who take responsibility for a corner of their world and begin to make it a better place. And it could be as small as starting in their own home, to their kid’s school, to their neighborhood. [TEXT: Climate Partners for a Clean & Prosperous Future] [TEXT: To get access to more exclusive content from Matt Petersen’s
program, sign up with your email at] [TEXT: Produced by the U.S. Department of State]

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